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@rosebrier LOL! I’m sorry

Jeez I guess this is a good time to take a break from hiking


@xmagnolia Yeah. Or going uphill heh

…I had been trying to straighten feet when hiking & he thinks that was probably a bad idea. (He’s a runner & also walks like a duck)

Jeff spent like an hour counseling me on my foot issues & studying photos of boot lugs. I do walk a bit like a duck!!


What’s in my bag from the drugstore? Aleve; another knee brace & ankle compression bandage; glucosamine; baggies and…


Oh that’ll make me feel better


I wouldn’t want to climb or touch this


Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin’ Gallery


Gatlinburg is a trip


Wheel of Death


@underoak That’s def happening to me & I had giant man-feet already! Normally mens 9, current ones are 9.5 but toes are ramming on downhills

Hobbled to @NOCGatlinburg for counseling on foot & knee pain. I gotta get the swelling down & go back in a day or 2. Boots are def too small

@fraisebaguette My Inreach satellite thing makes a map of progress but I’m keeping that just for eyes of family & Jeff, abundance of caution

@fraisebaguette Started March 22nd at Springer, left off at Russell Field Shelter (mile 179.6 on the AT). Dunno how to map this w/out laptop

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