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Gettin stoned on catnip

@Phineas oooooooh ok

I dreamed I had 48 pot plants

Jane, who really really loves me to pieces, addressed our Xmas card to Jeff and Alice

Lots of people, when they get it wrong, wanna call me Emma. I don’t know why that leaps to mind

My piano teacher wants me to work on playing rootless chords in the left hand, noodling w/ the right. But that’s impossible

Smelley cracks me up. Asked me how to save his grandma’s fraying granny-square blankets. He thought they were knitted


Merry Christmas!

“Toyland”, as heard on @comedyminusone‘s WPRB Xmas marathon (still running now!). Thank you @JamesDering for music!ā€¦

@comedyminusone Well, I’ve heard it a few times already ;-) Thanks for playing!!

I wish I hadn’t slept thru that, I was gonna RT. I will post it to soundcloud later. Coffeetime

@comedyminusone @JamesDering I just woke up ::sob::

@comedyminusone the playlist is borked, fyi

@noiseandlight backatcha, good christmases!!

@noiseandlight I laughed, I cried. Goddamn. (Twitter won’t let me DM you but that’s fine)

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