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I just noticed my iPhone 6+ is bent as shit

@llaurappark give it

@pkmonaghan Born in Texas? Double whammy

They’re tear-gassing protesters while Obama explains how ppl can act constructively… well… not by protesting, I guess


@copaceticxo Queen Bee! Right?

This Masquerade: via @YouTube

I drugged my piano teacher & forced him to hear this song all the way to the end…

Kumari… uh…


Cool story about moving Ben’s house the other night…

Strip mining in Minecraft


RIP Kerry Smith, owner of the Right Bank, a cool old bar I used to play at in 90s Williamsburg. He created a great scene. I miss those days.

@solarflightowl Hey happy birthday John! I just remembered

@harryvandurme Sorry, Drag City doesn’t put music on there, no money in it. U can prolly find it for free somewhere if you’d rather not buy

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