EZ practice hat

Yay, I learned two-color knitting!

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Pea hat

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How to knit

So I’m re-learning how to knit; I’m working on a scarf for the first time since I was like sixteen. Just the garter stitch — I can’t do the faster Continental method yet, I’ll figure that out tomorrow thanks to this terrific video series I found on YouTube! Maybe I shouldn’t have bought black yarn for my very first project… kinda hard to see what I’m doing. My logic was, I wouldn’t have to worry about getting the thing dirty while I flailed around working on it. But anyway, it’s not so bad. I got like four inches done in the last 24 hours — 50 stitches, maybe 12 or 13 rows. It’s going to be a pretty wide and long scarf, if I actually finish it. :-)

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Me and my Kindle

You probably know this about me already, but I am a gadget person. And I recently got my hands on a few shiny things I’d been lusting after for awhile. I thought, now that I’ve lived with them for some time, I should do a little writeup on how they’re working out for me. My preciouses are: the Amazon Kindle electronic reader; the Roth Motorboard electric scooter, and the Eee PC mini-laptop. I’ll start with the Kindle and then maybe write about the others in another post. Or not, who cares? Google is your friend. And they’re all great products, I recommend them all. :-)

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Sometimes it’s not their fault

Sometimes it's not their fault

TwitterTools tweaks

I just started (again) using the TwitterTools plugin for WordPress to post individual tweets directly to my blog. Problem is, I wasn’t happy with the way the tweets were being displayed — raw and unstyled, and with no linkback to the status page on Twitter. When you use the post-to-digest feature it does have the linkback, and it’s easy to style because you can target the enclosing list element. So I wanted to copy those two features over for the individual tweet-to-blog posts. So I hacked that plugin into shape! I’ll post the steps I took in case it comes in handy for someone else.

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Saturday at Jodie’s

  • Tina at Jodie'sOh please, let me come in?The purple cup

Hey dude, be cool and stay in school!

Be cool and stay in school!

I found this bookmark in an old book I bought in the early 90s when I lived in New York. So funny. I’m using it now for the CSS book I’m reading… he’s definitely encouraging me to BE COOL and keep at it. I’m 3/4 of the way through now! That’s about the farthest I’ve ever gotten in any computer book. I’m learning so much so fast, and with this dude’s help I’m determined to make it to the end!

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Learning (more) CSS

Awhile back I started thinking I ought to sharpen my skills in web design. At first I thought I should learn PHP, so I started a book on that, but abandoned it when I realized I really needed to backtrack a bit. So I started one on Javascript and guess what, I abandoned that one too for being just an eensy bit over my head. I knew I had to shore up my knowledge of HTML and CSS, which sucks because that’s supposedly what I know best! I’ve been using HTML for frickin’ 15 years but I’m self-taught, and only ever really learned what I had to.

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Gravatars are go!

This site is now Gravatar enabled, so all y’all can have your cute lil’ picture next to your cute lil’ comment wherever you go. Go get yours now, it’s soooo easy! And feel free post a comment to try it out.

(If any of you OLDtimers need a copy of your OLD icon from the OLD days of my OLD site, gimme a holler. I still have ’em.)

Moved to WordPress

I’ve changed blogging platforms, from the very great and unimpeachable ExpressionEngine to the also-great and more popular (probably because it’s free) WordPress. Some things are broken at the moment, like the old RSS feeds. And there are some features missing that are probably going to stay missing, like the old membership system. I’ll get the links working again soon at any rate. Well, hope you like it! I sure am having fun playing with it. I’m going to start including daily Twitter digests in my blog so it won’t be so quiet around here. (And you can post comments to them as well, unlike on Twitter.) Anyone can comment, and once you get a comment approved you’ll be unmoderated from there on out. (Provided you behave yourself. ;-)

Scintillating Scotoma now on Google Groups!

Okay, so… here’s the deal y’all. The phrase "scintillating scotoma" is now outranking my own damn name in Google search queries leading to this site.  Which means migraine auras are more famous than I am, and we ABSOLUTELY can’t have that, can we?  Just kidding.  It’s not a bad thing, it just means our little group has grown to magnificent proportions, so much so that it’s probably outgrown its living quarters.  Time to give it a home of its own.  So… I hope this isn’t totally lame of me, but please say hello to the new Google Group I just created, with the brilliant and original name "Scintillating Scotoma"!  http://groups.google.com/group/scintillating-scotoma

It’s totally empty right now. But once I get my shit together, I’ll post an archive of this site’s SS-related entries and comments to a page in that group, for easy reference.  I won’t post any of y’all’s e-mail addresses, don’t worry, just the comments themselves. And if anybody doesn’t want their old comment appearing over there, just let me know and I’ll get rid of it, no prob.

It’s been deeply interesting for me to host this group over the years, and I fully intend to keep it going, just not so much *here*.  I hope y’all understand… ::sniff::

Mo’ better RSS

In the last post I talked a little about how we now have RSS* comments feeds on a per-post basis.  All but useless to anybody who doesn’t follow that one particular thread of mine that gets all the comments!!  So here’s something for the rest of y’all.  A sitewide comments feed.  It’s a master list of the most recent fifty comments, as they come in, no matter where they show up on this site.  Just like the "Recent comments…" thingy on my front page, but in RSS form, and with full comments instead of snippets.

So yeah, at this point I have almost 3000 potential feeds being served up here, I shit you not.  Three normal feeds, a comments feed, and one for each of the 2800-someodd blog entries.  Can I think up a few more?  I bet I will!

(Oh, dude… don’t tell me your life has yet to be transformed by the power of syndication!  Read this.)

Scintillating scotoma (Part 4)

Update: I’ve decided to move this conversation to a new place on Google Groups: http://groups.google.com/group/scintillating-scotoma. Any future comments should be placed in the new group rather than here… anyone can post, you don’t have to be a member. The reasons behind the move are explained over here if you’re interested.

I haven’t had a migraine aura in about three years, knock on wood. But we’re up to almost 200 comments on the last post so I reckon it’s time to refresh this thread. I do that every once in awhile so it’ll be less taxing on the system.

Here’s a roundup of previous posts, where you’ll find approximately one bazillion comments from other migraine-aura-havers: Part 0, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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Backups for Sonny Smith

Awhile back in Chicago, Leroy Bach asked me to join in on a song he was recording.  I was to be singing in a girly trio type thing along with my good pals, the divas of the barroom, Kelly Hogan and Nora O’Connor.  It was for a project he was producing for his friend Sonny Smith.  Sonny is awesome.  He’s a San Francisco native, a traveling-troubadour type dude, the kind of guy who always wears a hat.  He’s toured around and recorded with some of my most esteemed musical contemporaries, like Jolie Holland and Neko Case.  So anyway, this record’s been out for a few months now. It’s called FRUITVALE and it’s very very good.  I’ve been negligent about posting it to my discography — got my copy last week though, so here it is.

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