So yeah, my website’s still totally borked-up? The Twitter-sucker-inner anyway. But I have huge news!! Best news ever!! I joined, or rather barged into a band called Distant Correspondent. We’re working fast & furious on some crazy-cool songs, some written by me & the rest written by our GLORIOUS LEADER, one David Obuchowski (GAWD I STILL have to double-check that name EVERY time!). He has a band called Goes Cube and this is his — I mean OUR new project, which is not to imply anything about other projects but OH HELL I just know this is the real shit. So WATCH THIS SPACE! I MEAN NO!! Follow me on Twitter @edithfrost until I can get this site back in order. And of course follow Distant Correspondent @distantcorr for FRESH HOT FROST!! Sooner we can get it cooked up and served out to all of you, the better IMO. YAY? YAY? YAY!!!!!