I’m gonna try harder to keep up with my Now Playing list.* Just cleaned up the handful of entries I already had, so I can at least get a consistent format happenin’.  I do have a few archived copies of the ancient "What’s on my turntable" page, but I never used to put dates on those, what a shame!  It really was very blog-like.  I would keep fifty entries on a page and just rotate the list whenever I played something new.  Maybe I can just fudge and put up a few snapshots of the old pages, based on the dates they were archived?

* UPDATE: Once I started using Audioscrobbler/Last.fm, I more or less abandoned the concept of a hand-edited Now Playing list.  I hadn’t made that many entries to warrant a full category, so I just folded them into the Featured Links list.

My website is such a wreck.  I’m trying to shoehorn data from five or ten other websites I use to have, and the formats are all over the place!  But it’s fun to share.  And it gets better the more I work on it… every time I’ve switched to a new publishing method, I’ve gotten better and better control over the data, and how it’s displayed.  First there were paper notebooks and photographs, then there was Notepad and FTP, then Dreamweaver, then Blogger, then Movable Type, and now I got me some ExpressionEngine.  Every time I get a new feature — like the database and templates in Blogger, the categories in MT, the subcategories in EE — it forces me to comb through the old entries to get them fixed up in the new format.  So, upgrades are a constant thorn in my side, but at least things usually get better instead of worse.  I’ve had a lot of things go kaboom on me over the years (like the older comments and guestbook entries) but I’ve also preserved quite a lot, I am pleased with what I’ve been able to pull together here.  Or anyway I don’t realistically think anybody else could do much better, ha ha!