Back in SA for a few days… pick up my mail, have dinner with Mama & lunch with John & Daddy tomorrow. V soon I hope to hike Lone Star Trail!

@rosebrier I was totally gonna

@hombredetacos I’m sure it was about the flu, or maybe pneumonia

Overheard: “Yeah, so you just don’t have sex if you’re like, having an outbreak…”

@_SimplySadie_ a powder made of ground-up bones of the young ;-)

Hair update


We met @bencarver while we were hiking. He’s traveling the country. He’s a filmmaker, made this trailer. Beautiful!!

We did good today! I’m tired but I didn’t hurt myself or nothin’. We went 5-1/2 miles. Avg like 2.5 mph, until the hill climb at the end heh

The Hill of Life


I’m having a blast hiking! Jeff says I’m really hauling ass. Only carrying 25 lbs tho.

Jeff’s training me up like a pro! Going thru clothing & gear choices like I’m defending my dissertation. Today I’ll be hiking w/ loaded pack

@poptartsd miss you tooooo!!! catch up soon!! xo

Me: “Oh you’re the best!” Jeff: “Wellllllll, I’m one of the better ones.”

My 1st love would never do such a thing!! MT @KABBFOX29: David Cassidy arrested in CA on suspicion of drunken driving…

How to say “I NEED you to shut up” in Spanish…

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