@JimSRush you look thrilled about it too! :-)

@JimSRush you’re not allowed outside either, are ya Jim

Is “foreign film” still a term we use? It seems so… ugly American

I want an internet-connected camera in my fridge that I can pull up on my phone when I’m at the store

@CityRaptors @visaforviolet @obrag Peregrino is the Spanish word for pilgrim, also came from Latin

I have an appt next week with a sports doc, re: my probably-arthritic left knee. Hope to get squirted with fluids & sent back to the trail

I like my new dentist! I had no cavities but I gotta go back for the dreaded “deep clean” due to gum issues. Could be far worse tho

I haven’t been to the dentist since ’08. But now I have insurance w/ dental plan. Had it all year actually. OK FINE I’m going today

Rootless minor 2-5-1 in left hand: youtu.be/fMgsFz1_aiw?a via @YouTube

Gettin stoned on catnip vine.co/v/OwuQqP3LT9m

@Phineas oooooooh ok

I dreamed I had 48 pot plants

Jane, who really really loves me to pieces, addressed our Xmas card to Jeff and Alice

Lots of people, when they get it wrong, wanna call me Emma. I don’t know why that leaps to mind

My piano teacher wants me to work on playing rootless chords in the left hand, noodling w/ the right. But that’s impossible

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