@baseballpajamas LOL yeah I read about em last night so now I know they do fly if they feel like it. :-) Found out they’re in Texas too! Duh

I’m feeling all beat down & worn out. Not very successfully fighting the feeling that I wanna go home already. :-( Past few days v stressful

I saw a wild turkey today near Cade’s Cove! Looked exactly like a Wild Turkey brand turkey. Saw me & hopped away… I guess they don’t fly huh

So now that I’m at the motel I can barely walk. Funny how that works. I could hike 8 miles but the minute I get to town I’m totally disabled

…Leon was his name. I wanted to give him gas money but he wouldn’t hear of it. Told me to pass it on & help another hiker next chance I get

Jeff at the Welfare Cafe in Welfare, TX http://t.co/mBNBTeI6sS


@Virgotex I’m moving to Austin now but keeping a lotta boxes & furniture in storage so I won’t have to f with it til I get back from AT. :-)

Ponies & donkey http://t.co/vV06eGb0k5


My very handsome nephew Thomas http://t.co/fozqramf2P


Lucie & Rich are married!! http://t.co/SGbe2XNv28


Arthur would’ve been 95 today arthurfriedel.tumblr.com

Ooh don’t step on the caterpillar http://t.co/i4BKVOTnR5


2-5-1 4ever!!!: youtu.be/jLoVuJz_HSM?a via @YouTube

…yesterday Jeff & I had a session with personal trainer! Gonna do it twice a week ’til I leave. I’m a little sore today in the arms. (Good!)

Lucie & Rich are getting married tomorrow, then I have 2 weeks to move remaining shit in SA into storage. Hopefully then I’ll be off to GA!

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