Guess what we’re making


If any twerson would like a card, send me your addy and I’ll print out another one for ya

One of my new nephews is getting a @Whataburger gift card. So he won’t starve to death until after New Years, at least

I have holiday cards to mail! Yeah I realize (a) they won’t get there by Xmas & (b) this is a sadly small pile but ok


@JimSRush I got a cold sore! Yay!

My piano teacher completely forgot about our lesson today, so we’re rescheduling. That was his gift to me & it’s just what I wanted! :-)

@robertloerzel Alamo Drafthouse is gonna show the movie, along with one more theater, I forget where

So I guess Austin is a citadel of U.S. imperialism now

How come I’m stressing over the holidays? I have literally almost nothing to be stressed about. :-/

@onyellowpaper @jennytoomey NPR. & @NekoCase

I told Jeff I wanna try the Camino de Santiago. I dunno when. But I think I’d have a good time & get a lot out of the experience. Culture!

DIY home improvement

@megmachinemusic I second that fuck you. Hugs.

Relief! Finished vox & did a (IMO) good mixdown of the Xmas song I made with my piano teacher @JamesDering, for @comedyminusone‘s radio show

@msanthropic @palaxytracks My car is the big star in that video. Well, it’s in one shot

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