@JimSRush Oh… yeah it’s too pretty why don’t you go for a walk?

@JimSRush I hate to be like this, but… GYM

@JimSRush AWWWW!!! There is!! (HUGS)

@katsuzak Depressing, man…

@robertloerzel @cinchel His NAME… is 6.3 thank you very much

(Looks at watch) C’mon Texas!! Marriage equality? No?

@hollersister @cinchel ROTFL!! Oh c’mon we did pretty alright. At least nobody complained :-)

@abmatic Heh — my GGM was 42 for 12 years

@cinchel I did? I’m surprised I kept on top of it that well, what w/ Twitter river and all. Good deal

@hombredetacos It is real itunes.apple.com/us/app/how-old…

@cinchel Um I believe I bought a copy of that in 2013. OH wait. Digital. Loser!

@hombredetacos I have an app for this called “How Old Am I?”

I just answered “How old are you?” with… “39! I MEAN 49!” WTF

Holy mole, I guess I missed the part about @comedyminusone’s Xmas radio show being 25 HOURS LONG ha ha ha!! Poor guy! wprb.com/cms/blagga/525…

Do you think people who cause apartment building smoke detectors to go off at 3 in the morning should only be shot? Or also burn in hell?

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