@copaceticxo Queen Bee! Right?

This Masquerade: youtu.be/6LkQHCG3ALk?a via @YouTube

I drugged my piano teacher & forced him to hear this song all the way to the end youtube.com/watch?v=SkJAzv…

Kumari… uh… http://t.co/ymoPWfehTZ


Cool story about moving Ben’s house the other night multimedianewsroom.us/2014/11/17/sav…

Strip mining in Minecraft http://t.co/EBa2d8jfTk


RIP Kerry Smith, owner of the Right Bank, a cool old bar I used to play at in 90s Williamsburg. He created a great scene. I miss those days.

@solarflightowl Hey happy birthday John! I just remembered

@harryvandurme Sorry, Drag City doesn’t put music on there, no money in it. U can prolly find it for free somewhere if you’d rather not buy

Lapcat vine.co/v/O5VlthvO5FB

@Taki76 Thank you so much! :-)

It’s Janet’s 90th birthday! Ken is 97. Jeff’s parents http://t.co/gWkbpF1pNH


Wow wow wow vine.co/v/OiEbAVWD7zj

Surreal http://t.co/ujwxwckcFW


Wowzers http://t.co/4gmrpHNUNR


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