I need angel in the N Houston area (@hollersister know anybody?) who might be able to receive a package of food & drive it to my smelly self

…so you’re forced to either hike into town at SOME point, or maybe get a friend to meet you at some intersection w/ some road somewhere BLAH

The other diff btwn book & reality: she said there’s no way to mail-ahead any food for resupply. There aren’t any ranger stations out there.

…and the “designated” campsites are nowhere near the trail. But yet the GODDAMN book about it says Jan is the very best month to hike! BLAH!

Talked to the ranger at Sam Houston Nat’l Forest. Thru-hikes can’t be done ’til Feb, blah. B/c they don’t allow dispersed camping til then.

Well I am turning 50 this summer… blog.appalachiantrials.com/mid-life-coura…

Back in SA for a few days… pick up my mail, have dinner with Mama & lunch with John & Daddy tomorrow. V soon I hope to hike Lone Star Trail!

@rosebrier I was totally gonna

@hombredetacos I’m sure it was about the flu, or maybe pneumonia

Overheard: “Yeah, so you just don’t have sex if you’re like, having an outbreak…”

@_SimplySadie_ a powder made of ground-up bones of the young ;-)

Hair update http://t.co/PrESwn5ml5


We met @bencarver while we were hiking. He’s traveling the country. He’s a filmmaker, made this trailer. Beautiful!! vimeo.com/79178707

We did good today! I’m tired but I didn’t hurt myself or nothin’. We went 5-1/2 miles. Avg like 2.5 mph, until the hill climb at the end heh

The Hill of Life http://t.co/KO0ez5rFBL


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