@rosebrier I love all videos like this, they all make me practically cry ‘cuz I wanna be there too

@abmatic It’s all flat, too. I hiked 5.5 rugged miles w/ 25-lb pack in ~4 hours the other day, pretty sure I can reasonably do 10mi in a day

@abmatic It’s 98 without extra loops. I THINK I could do it w/ 1 drop… I got about a week’s worth in my pack now, just need tortillas ;-)

Food is heavy

@abmatic I dunno, need to study this a lot harder. It’s a huge-ass forest, got a lotta roads in diff sections

@abmatic Depends, I guess could be as little as 3 days if you avail yrself of nearby town services. But that’d be a whole day off hike. Blah

@rosebrier Mama & Jeff both said they could make a trip, could be one food dropoff & then pickup @ end. And I’d stuff the hell outta my pack

@smartyboots OH! good one

@dansinker He already got a new one, a dumbphone but I’ll tell him heh

My brother washed his phone

BTW the healthcare.gov website STILL doesn’t work for me. I had to buy a plan directly from BCBS. But I wasn’t declined for a change

OH YAY!! My health insurance is squared away for February. I got the Bling!! plan, dental & everything, still cheaper than current plan!

@smartyboots Well it’s like 10yo and the LSHT club website hasn’t been updated in for-fricken-ever too. Texas is still using phones for comm

I need angel in the N Houston area (@hollersister know anybody?) who might be able to receive a package of food & drive it to my smelly self

…so you’re forced to either hike into town at SOME point, or maybe get a friend to meet you at some intersection w/ some road somewhere BLAH

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