Ben Livingston



Jeff playing with my Qchord

@_SimplySadie_ LOL…. yeah pretty much :-)



@David_Williams Yeah I just sat there until the very nice bldg dude showed up & he let me back in. Redneck male took off while I was waiting

I was gonna go tell those people to shut the fuck up… and I slammed my apt door. Without my keys so I’m locked out of the rented hellhole

My redneck neighbors are screaming at each other for the umpteenth time. Just to make the environment as miserable as possible

@David_Williams I’m putting my stuff in storage while I go hike the Appalachian Trail, then moving to Austin. Or kinda doing that now really

Oh they’re ALREADY showing my goddamn apartment and of course they’re not telling me beforehand

My great-grandmother’s hanky


Jeff totally spoils me all the time <3


My piano teacher @JamesDering has a lovely album called Sketches that you can purchase & download

I stopped at Cabela’s


@solarflightowl what’s it doing in your kitchen

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