I’m so very proud of myself!! For learning actual songs instead of that mindless circle-of-fifths crap youtu.be/0yY4411VkmM?a

@SarahDavies74 We googled it! It’s LDS! ::shudder::

@MSclerosific Well, do you?

I have “cowgal” at gmail and I get the most random wrong-address emails sometimes http://t.co/hryPkLKk6K


Give me the brush!!! vine.co/v/O7vJEUFvOvM


@jennatar I Googled this! 2294-5785-4861

@samorama I will add you! http://t.co/ffVFOwOmC3


I made a @dragcityrecords shirt to wear in Animal Crossing #ACNL http://t.co/67RXqSlMmL


Jeff has an idea. Pepperoni pancakes!

I am the best youtube.com/watch?v=j7_lSP…

@llaurappark Oh right, it was taco night

iPhone Plus will herald the return of the fannypack

We’re all gonna die!!! http://t.co/ZrQ4fxvtYd


Can’t help lovin’ that whole thing: youtu.be/ulzpsKHjLD4?a via @YouTube

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