2-5-1 4ever!!!: youtu.be/jLoVuJz_HSM?a via @YouTube

…yesterday Jeff & I had a session with personal trainer! Gonna do it twice a week ’til I leave. I’m a little sore today in the arms. (Good!)

Lucie & Rich are getting married tomorrow, then I have 2 weeks to move remaining shit in SA into storage. Hopefully then I’ll be off to GA!

@cinchel @JamesDering Well, I’m still allowed to play, I just don’t have to ;-) But I played today anyway ha ha

Jeff made vanilla ice cream <3 http://t.co/zbsj73MfOs


Yesterday I had my last piano lesson w/ @JamesDering until I get back from my hike. It feels weird not to have homework. No hiking w/ pianos

Honey Dijon loves to play with the blinds :-) vine.co/v/MmwHBJY2glg

@JahHills I know, right? And how did the boys’ mother die? We need to understand these people

Temptation Delight Let’s Party Assorted Biscuits http://t.co/DUM7jcvYY4


Ben Livingston http://t.co/C46wFhNTFA


@JahHills answers.yahoo.com/question/index…

Jeff playing with my Qchord vine.co/v/MZHteqA1ZTv

@_SimplySadie_ LOL…. yeah pretty much :-)

Currently http://t.co/Y76V48F9zW


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