@pkmonaghan Noooo it just means everything’s normal – I like to always be slightly confused

@pkmonaghan I took it 50% too literally

@pkmonaghan I missed it! Where’s the jump?

@culturekills Well, imagine for a moment that you’re not you… ;-)

Rootless dominant 7th chords: youtu.be/FHiQ0bsqzAI?a via @YouTube

@crankh I love Grouper!

Piano homework for this week is to isolate rootless dominant chords in A & B shapes, to really really for sure learn ‘em this time for real

@SarahDavies74 Well, I tend to preach to your choir… ;-)

Reminder to dear followers that you can quiet me down some, by going to my profile & hitting the User Actions icon, then “Turn off Retweets”

@colinpeden :-(

Man, walkin’ around downtown last night was pretty insane. Be not mistaken: SA is quite the party-town

@noisyspoon I think somebody musta crocheted that for me! I mean, would I have bought that?

@smartyboots Totally!!

Jeff wants to know what this hairdo is called http://t.co/hrgAt6hhpe


Stephen F. Austin High School 1981 Comet yearbook got my fuckin name wrong ha ha!! http://t.co/ZeCv6ruPI3


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