Now I’m entrenched in civilization, in an airport where nobody automatically says hi & certainly don’t ask if you’re “going all the way?”

@smartyboots Yeah I know. Just glad it has the courtesy not to get suddenly better, heh

@CooperMacLaren @Therecordcentre Cheap at half the price! No wait, I mean… I would buy it if I didn’t already have it heh

I got a peek at Mount Le Conte when we stopped at Sugarland Visitor Center on the way here


Made it to Knoxville. Kinda glad I’m still in serious pain & walking like Frankenstein. Otherwise I’d feel pretty stupid for quitting

Killing time in Gatlinburg waiting for shuttle driver to take me to Knoxville. I fly home tomorrow. Missing Trail Days in Damascus, oh well.

@underoak Such a bummer I only got to see a tiny sliver of all that. But I loved (almost) every minute. Def hope to re-try or section it :-)

Haden Triplets – Oh Take Me Back

Goin’ Across The Mountain

View from upper loft at Mollies Ridge Shelter the other day. It was pouring rain & v foggy


At Mollies Ridge Shelter. BTW you can be severely fined by ATC if you’re dumb enough to put a trailname in your “art”


The @NOCGatlinburg from across the street… can you see the Smoky Mountain smoke? It’s just mist.


Such weather! Worried about the hikers out there!!


@pkmonaghan @beecave ohhh okay never mind :-)

@beecave @pkmonaghan LOL all I remember is that it’s Rush Limbaugh’s favorite high

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