@hombredetacos I have an app for this called “How Old Am I?”

I just answered “How old are you?” with… “39! I MEAN 49!” WTF

Holy mole, I guess I missed the part about @comedyminusone’s Xmas radio show being 25 HOURS LONG ha ha ha!! Poor guy! wprb.com/cms/blagga/525…

Do you think people who cause apartment building smoke detectors to go off at 3 in the morning should only be shot? Or also burn in hell?

We had a building smoke alarm event thing just now and I nearly had a cow

@comedyminusone & by that I mean, I have to stop f’ing with it or I might noise-reduction-filter it out of existence in Lucille Ball fashion

::whew:: I finished and the holiday song I did with @JamesDering is on its way to radioland! NO BACKSIES @comedyminusone

I did make some interesting faces there youtu.be/QrQprDiKpyU?a

@_SimplySadie_ Maybe they’ll at least SELL me a Frosty and CALL it that while they hand it to me thru the drive-up window

Jo Ann Castle gettin’ physical youtube.com/watch?v=n2Lm97…

@beecave OH MY GOD YES

@robertloerzel Yeah they’re really missin’ the boat!

@hombredetacos Uhhh. How about… CHOCOLATE PUMPKINMINT

What if I could talk Wendy’s into making an Edith Frosty

@NekoCase You’re outbadassing us all!!

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