@smartyboots B/c like, last time it said 10pm closing on website but ended up being 11? So this time it said 10 and I went “Yeah sure”

@smartyboots Thank you, you made me LOL :-) It was my bad, I should’ve called first instead of just bolting out the door

BLAHHHH. Last time I went to Adult Night it went to eleven, this time only ten. And “Last Skate” was friggin 9:45 BLAHHH. V disappointed.

CRAP it’s fuckin over?!? Already. Grrrrrr

At the Rollercade vine.co/v/h2apEbpxHHI

@smartyboots it’s my happy place :-)

Fuck yeah Rollercade http://t.co/4zfeONylsi


@joerudge Fuck yeah

Tis the season for all the squirrels to crawl around in the live oaks and knock acorns down. On my head, or I could swear they’re aiming 4it

@pkmonaghan I love the chorus, man, I was pissin’ myself laffing just now, had forgotten that refrain. Tek-shish

@pkmonaghan BEST

@SarahDavies74 @NekoCase Uhhh I’m in San Antonio Texas? LOL. Just making sure you weren’t missing due to some depressing stupid reason

@SarahDavies74 @NekoCase OHHHH okay you’re excused heheh

@SarahDavies74 @NekoCase But you’re still going, right?

@KathleenD you know, I think if I were in that position — old lady in social club for old ladies? I’d say fuck off youngsters we got this!

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