I trained one of my Animal Crossings villagers to call everybody “jagoff”

Who wants to play Animal Crossing? It got me over my Candy Crush addiction

All my friends are funeral singers… Califone has a song in Watch Dogs!! I was coincidentally at the cemeter… vine.co/v/M3UgU967gKD

Watch Dogs Horsey Ride vine.co/v/M3FbxX9H7IO

Fonda San Miguel doorway http://t.co/skl4Kp9vbf


LOL I got a funny card from Charley & Jane!! http://t.co/2srGni5MNR


They’re having a surprise party for me on Animal Crossing :-) vine.co/v/M3pEI7JLAx0

Busker in Watch Dogs vine.co/v/M3XJYUza0H5

I’m 50!!!

I want gamer pals on Playstation & Nintendo. I’m “cowgal” on PS & friend code 2294-5785-4861 on DS. Hit me up

Barbara Jordan! http://t.co/jzU2CPb9je


Supposedly gunshot damage from Charles Whitman days http://t.co/xPxOt8fGDP


Lady in burnt orange http://t.co/25FwLfVRfM


The clock at UT Tower http://t.co/Dn8mQPyFER


Looking south at downtown Austin http://t.co/e5ypGYhTLA


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