@David_Williams YES we all have to evac to our nearest state park and go camping

I just saw a neighbor carrying his fully-loaded giant backpack out to his car. AND DRIVING AWAY I AM SO F’IN JEALOUS

Trashed & redid vox for that holiday song. I channeled ghostly angels who got the melody correct. I think it’s done. But JD needs to hear it

@joshcantalope That is gorgeous

@TexasTerriBomb Follow me ‘cuz I wanna DM you, lady :-)

@KathleenD Yes, apparently she had never laid THREE before

@null_ptr Yeah it’s a trip!! Have you turned it over to look at the south pole, it’s super cool. I wish we could have it in an actual globe

earth wind map by @cambecc: earth.nullschool.net

@_SimplySadie_ Yeah I get a lotta mileage outta that! Heh

I had literally the best weekend ever. No one has ever had a better weekend

@gloriousnoise ACCORDING TO GRETA, that’s it. I knew it was Something-Something-Greta LOL

@gloriousnoise Did you know that song got used in a Hilary Duff movie, in a scene where she’s IN the kitchen? I haven’t seen it yet ::eep::

@gloriousnoise Yeah that’s him. And OMG the title track we rooted up every instrument we could find & he went to town

@gloriousnoise Isn’t he only on Wonder Wonder? I forget!

Actually I was his singer, Glenn taught me everything I know

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