I don’t exactly have a fear of heights, but I do get the feeling of phantom testicles shriveling up into my Regions. http://t.co/hi47vYGB7O


Sarria! http://t.co/ypK0SQFlV3


Manhole cover in Triacastela http://t.co/sm7dxesEKE


@rosebrier Does that only work for women or should I have looked at his hands? Dude looked 25.

@danielknoxmusic What the

He did ask to see my hands though. Unfair!! I’m not a lotion freak & IDGAF how they look. These hands r experienced. http://t.co/DfB8opKtOG


37-year old guessed my age at 47. Close enough, I’m 50. How come ppl older than me gimme 35, but I can’t ever fool the young uns. It’s sad.

Tales from a no-star hotel: Plastic cup in bathroom looked like it had been washed & rebagged. So I rewashed in sink & used it. #HikerTrash

@OuroborosPig @GuitarWorld Yeah. Bet they never will because homophobia

Serves me right for leaving a van full of gear AND my wallet unattended, even in a dream

Dreamed I was on tour w/ Mama & Lucie there? Van broken into, all gear gone. Ran out & found burglars, begged for wallet. They laughed at me

@OuroborosPig @GuitarWorld It would be a lot funnier if it weren’t putting off GIRL-girls from learning to play. If they had nekkid guy pics

Girls of @GuitarWorld. It’s like a biker mag! guitarworld.com/features/girls…

@meimaimaggio @sweetienippy I can totally see them in matching pantsuits

I really shouldn’t have been walking around at all. But… oh well. I’ll stay here until I have to go eat. <3 the view! http://t.co/UHGJBEZMT5


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