Is there a Twitter account for Ted Cruz’s sad combover?

Extremely precious old Frost family recipe. Probably copied off the back of a Toll House chocolate chip bag


Lilly & I are making Christmas cookies


It actually has a panic button


@cinchel All is well again :-)

Oh it was just the stupid audio interface. What a rat’s nest of cables I have goin’ on in here

My Nord!! No sound!! Lights are on but nobody’s home. Life comes to screeching halt

Learning minor 2-5-1: via @YouTube



@onyellowpaper I’m good!

Current self-torture


All the repeated showings of Eric Garner dying for nothing? makes me really wish white people would stop having babies with each other

This Masquerade (2): via @YouTube

I can’t even

Half-caff ‘n’ half & half

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