Jo Ann Castle gettin’ physical…

@beecave OH MY GOD YES

@robertloerzel Yeah they’re really missin’ the boat!

@hombredetacos Uhhh. How about… CHOCOLATE PUMPKINMINT

What if I could talk Wendy’s into making an Edith Frosty

@NekoCase You’re outbadassing us all!!

@NekoCase Wow and you’re dead serious too. (backs away)

@NekoCase Is the rounded blade to stabilize yr knuckles while you cut a bitch?

@_SimplySadie_ Some people are just impossible to reason with y’know

Jeff loaned me a rock


Lillian Briggs…

Jessie Mae… ahhhh I love her so much……

Christmas Time Will Soon Be Over…

“She is so well accepted by everyone.”…

I want to pay $25 to forgive a loan I made on Make it a gift (to a pianist in Mongolia). And you can’t do that. :-(

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