Today when Lucie called she sez whatcha doin’. I said “I’m prayin’!” (pause) “I mean playin’!!” And then we can’t stop laffing

@michaelschaub Huh that’s a new one on me

@michaelschaub What the… I grew up in Austin & I always said myoo-ler. How else…?

Lucie calls our mom every single morning just to check in. And for the past few mos also calls me! Weekdays only. So sweet & mother-henney

Last First Friday 2013!

Oh sigh……

Today’s the day I get to work on a little audio treat for @comedyminusone‘s holiday spectacular :-)

@KathleenD Welcome, don’t be scared

Oh my god I love you I love you I love you… soup

@GracieLoPan Why was the piano player arrested? Because he got into treble.

RIP great man Mandela

omg omg it’s HIM ::swoon::…

Check it out: the four DRUNK horsemen of the apocalypse. That’d be kinda funny yeah I just woke up

This’ll sound exactly like every other piano vid I’ve posted. But… it’s a teensy bit better this time I…

@Coffinessence OMG I had no idea about plantains until I started eating at those places… it was totally Chelsea, I wanna say 6th & like 23rd

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