@Coffinessence Do you remember the MyDolls (I think…? I didn’t google it)

@KathleenD See I gotta try to befriend the talent and I’m totally intimidated by the support folks. Oh I know. I befriend the SIDEMAN/woman

Fake it till ya make it, kids

@KathleenD Ha ha awesome

@KathleenD LOL I was kiiiinda hoping they’d just magically assume I was a legit member

…it was like, FUCK you and your stupid club. But I wanna be in your club btw. But fuck you. Heheheh

And I got all these LOOKS all day long. HA HA HA. And then the next day it was over & never spoken of ever again HA HA HA HA

…one of their SHIRTs. Just like theirs. Had the store put a goofy phrase on back same as they had. And I fuckin’ showed up at school in it.

You know those pep squads in HS? One time I think 10th grade… I didn’t know those girls, I was a little PUNK weirdo… I went out & bought…

@Coffinessence @pkmonaghan I’m not saying it appeals though LOL

@Coffinessence @pkmonaghan I do NOT remember this and I surely would’ve if I’d seen. If it appeals it’s because it’s reeally Bad Music

@smartyboots no but they’re a little nutty lookin like most balls of this ilk

I have chocolate balls

@smartyboots B/c like, last time it said 10pm closing on website but ended up being 11? So this time it said 10 and I went “Yeah sure”

@smartyboots Thank you, you made me LOL :-) It was my bad, I should’ve called first instead of just bolting out the door

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