There are 2 kinds of oldpeople bands. The kind that excludes the young, & the kind that’s just still playing after all these yrs. Both great

I just love old-man-bands and old-lady-bands… we have a local old-lady ukulele orchestra for example <3

I gotta show this off, it’s too cool. So Jeff’s dad has been a big-band leader in Austin like forever. Old-man band:…

@robertloerzel LOL

@crashcollage I WANT A PONY WAHHHH

@crashcollage Were you making HORSEshoes?!

@noisyspoon Key for me is that you can add to a list without following. No cluttering yr regular stream. Sneaky

@noisyspoon They don’t make ‘em easy to use on Twitter website. Apps like Tweetbot are the only way lists are useful at all IMO. Inelegant

My maternal granddad Lindy (step-granddad?) would never cuss. Like if he smashed his toe he would grit teeth & go “MMmmmmmerry Christmas…”

Am I getting on a plane to audition for The Voice? As my dad would say… “Not only no. BUT HELL NO.” hee hee

AAAHHH HA HA HA I’m still on the mailing list to get notified when they’re having auditions for “The Voice” HA HA HA don’t remember why LOL

@noisyspoon Wait are you talking about twenemies?

@noisyspoon Ohhhh it really is

@damianrogers This is way better than Instagram IMO

OH SQUEEE I got my yearly Xmas card from Smelley (Red Meat). The Smellicus Kellicus!!! I miss him so much. He doesn’t even have the internet

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