RIP Ray Price…

@Coffinessence Yeah, I was locking onto the melody & it must’ve sounded good? OR!! Maaayyybe I just couldn’t hear myself well enuf heheheh

Like, I can’t think of any other 72-year-olds who’ve been addicted to video games for the last 2 decades. (That’s my fault heh)

My mom said she took one of those mental-age tests on the internet and it said she was 22. LOL I believe it, she’s been reverting for awhile

JD told me how to clean up vox in Audacity, get rid of the hiss & lip-smackin’. Teach an Edith to fish! Eww I have to gut the fish & cook it

Gah I was SO loopy during the lesson. Just could not hold onto a thought. JD said it was like trying to catch a fly buzzin’ around, LOL!!

@_SimplySadie_ It was just a lil’ reindeer

Good times… we were so unfair to mock her but it was fun to do so……

…and like, I sang it that way while hearing melody, so I must’ve locked-on to something! But… THAT note? So Linda McCartney

It’s so WEIRD it’s like I’m perfectly on pitch in thirds above melody… but every last note in phrase is a GODAWFUL CLAM. But it SOUNDS cool!

I listened out-loud to what I recorded last night on headphones… harmony came out so cool, v different. Absolutely unlistenable solo’ed out!

@David_Williams YES we all have to evac to our nearest state park and go camping

I just saw a neighbor carrying his fully-loaded giant backpack out to his car. AND DRIVING AWAY I AM SO F’IN JEALOUS

Trashed & redid vox for that holiday song. I channeled ghostly angels who got the melody correct. I think it’s done. But JD needs to hear it

@joshcantalope That is gorgeous

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