@pkmonaghan @REI I’ll use my dividend

@pkmonaghan @REI I hope it’s not a trap set up by zombies

I’m taking another free class @REI tonight, called Zombie Preparedness – Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

@onyellowpaper mine too. It will do all of us good

I like the music writers w/ journalistic chops, they don’t just cut’n'paste whatever’s on the PR sheet columbusalive.com/content/storie…

@onyellowpaper I think I should be the one in the corner!

@cinchel I’m good, no worse off than this time last year I s’pose

Enjoying another ambient masterpiece by my buddy @cinchel cinchel.bandcamp.com/album/quiet-ni…

I picked out a lil voice recorder after reading an article (paywalled, sorry). It’s blue! I will have a blue recorder backpackinglight.com/cgi-bin/backpa…

@onyellowpaper I was/am working on working up a setlist on keyboard & guitar – I don’t have enough new songs to make an album at the moment

@_SimplySadie_ @poptartsd I hung out with the stoners in HS. WoW is about a dude I dated who dumped me. And Mama’s @ susanfrost.org

@onyellowpaper What new record? Tho I worked rather hard on the @distantcorr one that came out yesterday

@poptartsd Ask Me Anything like on Reddit

@poptartsd I didn’t mean on Twitter! LOL. But over email it’s AMA

Awkward is my specialty & my stars are all lined up right now for full-on painful awareness. So if you want unbroachable topics I’m yer lady

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