@JimSRush yeah I’m doin that in all 12 keys yo! Except I have to start in one place & crawl down just so. Can’t just plop down any chord yet

@llaurappark youtube.com/watch?v=PQMMOv…

@llaurappark Did you see whatherface’s skit about that? Amy Schumer. So f’in funny

@JimSRush I haven’t tried it yet, I was posting selfies

The extreme angle & high contrast thus avoiding bad-face-day problem http://t.co/MtLXrPrlYp


@JimSRush LOL!!! I love you man, you’re the funniest. I’ll go try it

@pkmonaghan Oh wait my show was a year later. It was like 4 (now) megahuge name bands on the bill http://t.co/bOkdUvRlHZ


@pkmonaghan WE SAW this same tour, I think we already had this convo. How cool & funny. I saw ‘em in SA I think? Or Austin I’m not sure

@Coffinessence That was… 1982 (hurls) Oh goddamn I wish there was a band photo of that. I would give anything to see that

Oh noes!! I forgot about the SufferJets!! That was my first band, & the mates: Teresa, Gretchen, Melissa, Layna.

Suh-weet I get to go hang out with my pal @beecave tomorrow. He was my first!!! Bandmate heh. We were music partners in Bklyn early 90s.

@msanthropic <— there, she said it on Twitter

@msanthropic OH!! Hey now!! LOLOLOL

@msanthropic I could do the extreeeeeeme profile, or back of the head or the one where you’re looking behind you

@msanthropic ROTFL!!!!!

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