I practiced all week and just like magic I’m now comfy w/ all those walking bass exercises the teacher gave me. Too comfy!! He’ll fix that!!

@NekoCase Maybe it’ll come out all processed like a Mentos tablet, or maybe it’ll come out a shrunken head

@JimSRush Weird!!

@JimSRush Arcade Fire!! Oh wait you don’t mean New Romantic

@JimSRush No I meant the whole payments thing, it seems like a buncha politics & BS

@_SimplySadie_ The poor dude had been off work, sick w/ a cold!! Uccch!! But I guess lives nearby. I’ll get him a bottle o’somethin for xmas

Yay I’m back in. My keys are hanging right by the door where I left ‘em DUMBASS

omfg I walked out w/out my keys & of course my apt is well locked. so now I’m waiting for my very fave bldg manager who was no doubt eating

C/o @ProgressTX: Petition to tell senators Ted Cruz & John Cornyn to (holds tongue…) appoint some new judges already! www2.americanprogress.org/p/dia/action3/…

@gloriousnoise It could sure hurt if it ate the tape :-( (debbie downer)

@gloriousnoise I don’t think so, I think I should spring for something more hi-fi or “prosumer”

@blindherschel Here’s the top of the line for cassette tech these days I guess amazon.com/TASCAM-CC-222S…

@poptartsd Can you get a retina MBP? Otherwise an Air (mid-cycle) – I use an 11” as my main computer heheh

@poptartsd I always check this first thing! buyersguide.macrumors.com

@blindherschel I think this one might be a tad more trustworthy? Dunno ionaudio.com/products/detai…

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