Colegio Luis Vives (Valencia, Spain)

Played at the Colegio Luis Vives on the Universidad de Valencia campus.  Ryan Hembrey accompanied me on electric bass.

Another weird tour dream

I had a really weird dream when I took a second nap today.  Lemme see if I can remember now.  I was here in Valencia, in this same university building I’m at now.  I decided I wanted to go roller-skating, so I went outside and started skating down the street.  There was another woman who joined me skating, but pretty soon we ran into some really rough gravel and couldn’t go on.  Then I was getting on a city bus with Ryan and Charles Kim (!?).  We got in the back, and they sat down but I had to stand.  They tried to tell me where we were going but I couldn’t hear them.  So I got all pissed off and wanted to get off the bus before it went too far away from the university.  I made somebody pull the cord for me and I got out.

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Flipping off an ex

I went down and had a little breakfast (cereal and pastries), then went back to sleep.  I dreamed I was sleeping in some other dorm room type place… I saw my ex-husband in the bed next to mine, and he started mocking me.  So I gave him the finger and went to take a shower but there was a window in between, and he could still see me.  I kept giving him the finger (with both hands) and he was flipping me off right back.  I woke up at noon, and now I really do have to take a shower, but it’ll be weird after having that dream!!!!!

Made it to Valencia

Hi there!  Ryan and I got to Valencia just fine.  We spent the night in a couple of dorm rooms at the university where we’re playing tonight.  Found an internet cafe practically next door, but now I have to go because I wasted all my time reading my mail instead of blogging.  I had weird dreams last night, and my stomach feels all jumpy today.  I’m halfway across the world so it’s no wonder.

Hope I can blog again soon… wish me luck on the show tonight!

The tour begins

Note: This is a journal entry — it was written on paper or on my computer, then transferred to my website, maybe years later.

Ryan and I both got here around 2:30 or so in the afternoon.  We were met at the airport by a nice young woman named Marisa.  No problems with the luggage; the guy at customs asked me if I was here for work purposes and I said yes, told him I was ‘una cantante’.  (Even though I’m not really sure that’s the right word for ‘singer’!) He had me open up my guitar and asked me if I was taking it home with me — I told him ‘por supuesto… esa guitarra es mi vida!’ He didn’t even need me to open my suitcase, which was the one with all the shirts that they might have charged me for.  Nice of them to let it slide, because every penny counts on this tour.

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WOW!!! Airport rocks

Guess what!  I’m in the Munich airport waiting for my connecting flight to Valencia.  I opened up my iBook just for kicks, found an Airport network, and got online!!!  I’m very very impressed.  Really glad I got that Airport card now.

The flight over here went fine.  They didn’t give me any trouble about my guitar case; I was a little worried about that.  I sat next to a guy from Munich named Stephane; we spent the whole flight making fun of all the other passengers.  Good times.  Now I have three hours to kill… uggghh.  I’m so tired.  It’s 2:14 in the morning for me but 8:30am or something here.  Really glad the first show isn’t until tomorrow.

I kinda doubt I’ll be able to get online this easily over the next few weeks, so if you don’t hear from me, you’ll know why!

I finally gave up

For your information, I just cut my bangs back to the way they used to be.  Don’t ask me why… I just didn’t want to go on tour with my forehead showing.

Well it’s about freakin’ time…

Spammer must pay $98,000

A prolific e-mailer was ordered yesterday to pay more than $98,000 for flooding Washington computers several years ago with dubious offers to make money through the Internet. (…)

This won’t discourage the spammers in Korea, China, Russia, etc. But it’s a start. Definitely better than nothing!

It’s all good

So, the tour dates are finally whipping themselves into shape, more or less… there will be a lot more tweaks, probably up until the very last show, but at least it appears to be an actual tour now.  Heheh.  What a relief!  I’m not too stressed anymore.  It’s always the planning and the waiting and wondering that really gets to me, not the actual DOING of things.

Went and picked up my tickets at Drag City today.  It’s always fun to go over there.  Makes me feel cool to be a part of all that — I really need to write more songs for those folks.  :-) I have some more tickets to pick up tomorrow as well, to give to Ryan Hembrey when I meet him in Valencia.

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Squeaky wheel

Chronos just sent me a copy of StickyBrain that includes the fix for the bug I mentioned before.  Works great.  It’s version 2.0.2 in case you’re in the same boat I was in.  Ask for it by name.

Bugs and more bugs

They’ve just released a new version of Mozilla, 1.2b.  But they still haven’t fixed the bookmarks bug that’s keeping me from using it, #51683.  It’s been listed as a "Major" bug since September of 2000, fer cryin’ out loud.

Speaking of buggy software, I wrote a heartfelt note the other day to support at Chronos, asking them if they EVER plan on fixing the bug in StickyBrain that’s been annoying me… the fact that supposedly password-protected notes are actually viewable by anybody.  They haven’t written me back yet.  But they’re still advertising the phantom feature on their website… "Protect confidential data via a global password for private stickies." It was one of the major reasons why I bought the software and it pisses me off that they’ve been telling people it can do something it really can’t.

My brain hurts

What a day.  Nonstop thinking, doing, writing, talking, and running around.  I did get that haircut!  That was the one solitary hour of pleasantness that I had today.  Other than that, fuhgeddaboutit.  (Of course when I say today, I mean yesterday, you know I stay up late.)

Thanks to Rian I do finally have my itinerary as far as all the flying goes.  That’s a relief.  Don’t have the tickets in my hand, but they’re coming.  I’m leaving on Monday and returning to Chicago on John’s birthday, Nov. 17th.  I do not, however, know exactly where the fuck I’m going for about 85% of the tour.  It’s because everyone else is doing their job right now, whereas my job doesn’t really begin until I get on that stage. So of course I’m going to be the last one in the chain to find out the details, since my job happens last.  I shouldn’t worry about it though, and I won’t.  It would sure be nice to have a complete list of tour dates on my website though.  (I have such a one-track mind!) But I’ll get more before the week’s through, and maybe I’ll have to add more later but whatever, no big deal.  I can be as much of an archivist as I want AFTER the tour’s over, heheh.

Mystery Song 011

… has just been posted.  It’s a very small file, but very smelly.  Last week’s mystery song was "Stoned Again" by the lovely miss Norma Jean, a singing starlet of the classic country persuasion.  I hope you enjoyed it, as I hope you enjoy the current one.

This particular Mystery Song will probably be staying there until I get back from Europe in the middle of November.  That is, unless I can find both the time and the energy and the material to change it whilst traveling, which isn’t entirely likely, but is still within the realm of possibility.  So you should probably just grab it now, lest you be surprised by an early switcheroo.

Case of the Mondays

John and I are blogging at the same time again.  I just told him to tell everybody hi, I wonder if he’ll do it?

I’m pretty much on pins and needles waiting to hear word on the tour.  I’m supposed to leave next week but I don’t even have the tickets yet!  It’s because we don’t know where the last show’s going to be, so we don’t know which airport I need to fly out of.  Of course that makes me crazy ‘cuz I know the longer we wait, the more money it’ll cost.  I’m very worried about losing my shirt on this tour; Rian says I shouldn’t worry about that yet.

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My personal brush with greatness

Holy crap, Fred Armisen is a featured player on Satirdy Fuckin’ Live now!!!!  Wasn’t it just a week or two ago that I totally out-funnied that guy on Dusted?  Damn.

I never figured I’d ever meet anybody who was (or would be) on Saturday Night Live, that’s pretty sweet.  It means that someone I personally have met… has now met Jimmy Fallon.


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