Making movies

I’ve been playing with the Dazzle video thingy again, trying to get video capture to work with my VCR.  After trying it this way and that, I finally got the software to output an avi file that Quicktime will actually open and play on my iBook.  The file is a little over three minutes — 640 megs! — but if I save it as a Quicktime movie file it’s less than twenty megs.  I’m not telling you what it is though.  If it works, it’ll be a little present for all of you.  I’m so excited, it’s so cool that I can finally do this!  At least it softens the blow of never being able to figure out how to make a VCD that’ll work in my DVD player.  That really bummed me out, but maybe now that I figured out the settings to capture the avi properly, I’ll be able to do that too.  I really think I found the trick this time, because QT totally refused to open the old avi’s, but this time it was no problem.  Yayyy!!!

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New Executioner’s Last Songs

Bloodshot just sent me a copy of the new Pine Valley Cosmonauts double-CD, the Executioner’s Last Songs Vol. 2 and 3.  It’s coming out on June 17th… I did harmonies for Sally Timms on the song "Long Black Veil".  It sounds really really nice.  You can read about it on the Bloodshot page, and I’ll post more info here when the time comes.

Hamtramck is next

Courtesy of April WinchellHamburg urged to rename as "Veggieburg"

Where is PETA trying to go with this anyway?  Unless they want to be treated as a joke.

Marcy loves cartoons

photo by Edith FrostShe also loves Teletubbies but I haven’t got the pics to prove that yet.

No more blogrolling

I just got rid of the list of links to other blogs, though I’ll still be linking individually when I want to point you to something in particular.  I was going to remove just three or four of ’em but I decided to get rid of the whole thing so as not to single any one person out.  Some of you still kick ass on the web (you probably know who you are), but a significant percentage of the rest are either long gone or just not worth my time anymore.

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Apple Music Store: better than nothin’

Nobody’s asked me how I feel about Apple’s new music service but I’m gonna tell you anyway.  It’s nice.  It’s only revolutionary in that they appear to have gotten it right, for the most part.  Other sites and services have been attempting to do this in a half-ass way for many years, i.e. through the Live365 player where you can press a button to buy the music you’re hearing.  Of course I looked up my own name immediately and couldn’t find anything… but from what I’ve been reading, there’s still hope for that.  Whatever.  It’s not the kind of thing I’ll be using very often if at all.  I like unprotected MP3s and I like vinyl albums, and this service won’t sell me either one.  I’m glad it exists though.

Kleen Kitty

photo by Edith FrostToday while me and John were listening to Alyce on the radio, Marcy got her head stuck in a Kleenex box.  She couldn’t figure out how to get it off.  We were laughing so hard I thought I’d bust a gut!

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Mystery Song 035

Time for this week’s Mystery Song!  Last week’s song was "Ua Like No A Like" by the lovely miss Annette Hanshaw.  It just might be the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard in my whole life.  I never get tired of hearing it.

Yes, Virginia!

From the New York Times… Spam Sent by Fraud Is Made a Felony Under Virginia Law.

(If the free registration bugs you, try the NYT random login generator.)

Just one more and that’s it

Before I bought Tinderbox, there was this other outliner I was drooling over, called NoteBook.  Just found out they have a $10 competitive upgrade offer, it’s good through May 1st and Tinderbox qualifies as competition!  So it’s an $80 savings for me.  I just bought it.  I’m not even sure what I’m going to use it for but that’s just way too generous to pass up.  Thank you Circus Ponies, you ROCK!  This isn’t going to stop me from using TB but I think I’ll have fun using it for certain projects that would be a bit cumbersome on TB.


I’m posting this using my newly-acquired copy of NetNewsWire.  Now I can compose my blog entries without opening using the website blog-entry form.  I can blog in a train, I can blog on a plane, I can blog in the rain, I can blog with no pain!  :-)

Need a copy of NetNewsWire

Does anybody even read this thing via an aggregator?  If they have, I’ve never heard of it.  Anyway, I can’t get Ranchero’s website and I gotta have my NetNewsWire.  If anybody can send me a copy, please do!  Use my first name at my whole name dot com.  I’ll post a comment here when I get it so’s I dont get fifty billion copies.

Another software splurge

I’ve been using NetNewsWire Lite for freakin’ ever… I finally registered just now to get the pro version which allows you to read AND write.  Trouble is, their website’s been down all day and I can’t download a copy.  Just hope they got my money.  I wasn’t sure because Safari timed out before the thank-you screen came up.  Must remember not to use Safari for online purchases!  But I did get the confirmation e-mail with the reg-code, so I guess it’s all okay.

I never could get that d2ol client to do anything, by the way.  I click on the icon and nothing happens.  Hmmmph.

Looking for drugs

There’s a new multi-platform distributed computing software out called d2ol… it’s similar to SETI Online, but instead of looking for little green men, it’s looking for a cure for SARS.  I just downloaded the client for OS X.  The site’s been slashdotted but I guess that’s a good thing, it means lots of people are interested!  Dunno if this is a community-minded project — is this a drug company that’s only going to profit from the generosity of net-geeks?  But I guess it’s more important to find the drug than to worry about somebody else getting rich off it.

Frida and Diego

John got me out of the house today and took me to see an art exhibit down in Pilsen.  We went there to see Frida Kahlo paintings but ended up seeing a lot more too.  I was really stunned, I had never paid attention to her stuff before.  A couple of them brought tears to my eyes and I couldn’t even tell you why.  We saw this one and this one and this one, but the one that I loved the most was this.  My favorite Diego painting was this one.  So beautiful.  But I gotta say, these web-pictures don’t do the real things justice at ALL.  You gotta see them in real life.

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