CSS devolution

I’m tired of being annoyed by the problems with my site’s front page layout.  All this one-column two-column crap is really chappin’ my ass, man.  It’s bullshit!!  I know my HTML; I am the table queen!  So I’m going back to tables now for the layout of this page.  They’re what I’m comfortable with; I know they work. I can code the thing by hand and I know how it’ll look before I even hit ‘refresh’.  I can still use the style sheet for the fonts and colors, but no more for the layout.  At least not until the rest of the world realizes what a non-standards-compliant piece of crap IE is.

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CMJ scandal

Here’s a real eye-opening article about CMJ’s unsavory practices in reporting college-radio charts.  I stopped playing at their Music Marathons years ago.  Not to bite the hand that fed me, but I just figured it wasn’t worth the trouble for me or my audience.  The atmosphere was always a circus and I never felt I could give a decent performance that way.  But I never imagined this kind of stink.  SHAME ON YOU, CMJ!!!

Like wow man

Play twenty questions against a computer! I was pretty impressed when it guessed my thing, a fortune cookie.  But it asked me 26 questions before it could answer, so really I won.  :-)

(link brought to my attention by MetaFilter)

I’m Not Going

I just started a videotape that will solely contain performances of the song "I’m Not Going" by Jennifer Holliday.  I got one off Jay Leno tonight, and I’m going to start scouring Showtime at the Apollo and Star Search, etc. until I fill up that damn tape.  I see it so often I really don’t think it’ll take more than a few months to fill it up.  God bless America!!

Mystery Song 026

…is posted.  Of course I can’t tell you what it is, but I can tell you about last week’s song, which was "Where You At" by David Allen.  I ripped it off his LP "This Is My Lucky Day", which I picked up in a thrift shop or some such, many years ago.  I always liked that song, and I really like this week’s song too.  :-)

Happy b-day Alyce!!

Our lovely friend Alyce shares her birthday with music greats Ralph Stanley, Faron Young and George Harrison.

Fixed or not?

A lot of people using Windows have been seeing my front page as one column instead of two.  I just went through the templates at Movable Type’s site and made a few changes that might help with that.  Problem is, I only have one PC running Windows and it’s always looked fine there.  So, will somebody tell me if it’s fixed or not?  If you were seeing only one column before, are there two now?

If this doesn’t work I might just break down and stop using CSS to layout the front page.  I wanted to stay away from any tables-based layouts, but if it’s looking funny for most people, then screw it.

Pics from this weekend

John, Scott and Jolie at Harlan’s in Kansas City
photo by Edith Frostphoto by Edith Frostphoto by Edith Frost

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He likes it, hey Mikey!

Rian’s a little mad at me for complaining here that he hadn’t written me back about my new almost-finished tune.  Well I wasn’t really trying to bitch him out in public, I was just voicing my insecurities.  I figured he was just busy but nevertheless I was filled with angst and I talked about it.  Me and my big mouth.  I’M SORRY RIAN… LUV YA LOTS!!

He thinks it’s good (or he says so anyway), so the artist is happy.  I’ll make the demo ASAP and put it in the pile for the next record.  :-)

MT 2.63

Just re-re-re-upgraded my Movable Type install to the latest version, 2.63.  No security warnings this time, just some bug-fixes.  Speaking of bugs, I wonder why it hasn’t been sending me copies of y’all’s comments?  I’m only seeing them when I actually visit my own site, which I don’t usually do unless I’m looking for something (like comments!).

My two cents

I know this is unnecessary but I want to say this.  The club fire in Rhode Island?  Somebody needs to be in jail right now because of that.  The first accident in Chicago just made me sad and shocked, but this one makes me really angry.  If this was the band’s fault then they need to be in jail for manslaughter.  Same thing for the club operators, if they really gave permission for the pyrotechnics, as the band claims.

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Just got home

It was snowing pretty hard in K.C. all day so we were pleasantly surprised our flight wasn’t delayed or nothin’.  Marcy’s so hilarious!  I gave her a cardboard six-pack container and she’s going nuts with it, crawling through the partitions.  And, my longhorn skull is laying on the floor and she’s turned him into a big seesaw.  It’s good to be home!  It was really nice hanging out with S&J though.  We watched Minority Report last night on DVD, it was a trip!  OK, gotta run, time to eat.  :-)

Howdy from KC

We’re in Kansas City visiting Scott & Jolie.  It’s fun hanging out with our friends and their dogs ‘n’ cats.  All the news out there is horrible, needless to say.  I should just stop commenting on the news, it’s so depressing.

In my own world, I’m all paranoid ‘cuz on Thursday I’d sent Rian Murphy an MP3 of a tune I was working on, and he never got back to me about it.  I know it wasn’t ready for him to hear but I guess I needed the encouragement to continue working on it / working on anything.  I’ll hound him for an answer when I get home… or maybe I shouldn’t.  I don’t want to be making music that’s not worthy of a reply, that’s for sure.


Good article I found via Metafilter: Caring For Your Introvert

I know I’m an introvert all the way.  It takes me HOURS to recover from prolonged exposure to other people.  I have no problem with John, or with the folks at the corner store, but outside that little sphere of existence, I dunno.  I just really LIKE my world and don’t feel any huge need to leave it.  When I do, I’m always so glad when the duties are fulfilled and I can go home again.  I don’t think there’s anything intrinsically wrong with that.  But I have to be careful not to blow off the world completely, because it’s not my intention to alienate my friends etc.  (All three of them!  heheh)

Death for non-telco DSL?

Just read about this on Slashdot:

According to Reuters, the FCC today decided to greatly curtail the laws that force incumbent phone companies to share their lines with their competition at cost.

This worries me because I really like my Earthlink DSL!  Getting it installed was a huge pain in the ass though.  If what I went through with Covad is the norm, then they’re getting what they deserve.  It was one of the worst customer-service experiences I’ve ever had with any company I can think of.

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