Preparations with Ryan

Ryan Hembrey came over today (= yesterday) for a last-minute rehearsal, and to help me get the setlist tightened up for the tour in Europe next month.  It went well though we’re both pretty nervous about doing this.  He’s leaving tomorrow (= today) to start touring over there with our buddy Chris Mills.  So I won’t even see him until I meet him… where?  We don’t really know yet.  Barcelona or somewhere down over by dare.  I called Mike Hoff while Ryan was here to try to dig for more info, but there wasn’t much new to tell.  Except that Mike got MARRIED over the weekend and I had no idea about this, last week when I was bugging him like crazy on the phone!!  I surely would’ve given him a little more slack if I’d known.

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Do as I command

To block those evil X10 popunder ads for the next month, go here.

What’s that you say?  Oh!  You’re very welcome!  :-)

Mystery Song 008

…is now posted.  Last week’s mystery song was "Jodel Cha Cha" by Alice Babs.  Two strange genres for the price of one!

That’s better

I finally stopped sneezing last night, after about four cups of tea and another bad bout with the hiccups.  What was UP with that?  Today I’m normal again, other than a slightly raw nose from all the Kleenex I went through.  You know I really need a special field on my blog-entry screen, called "What’s my physical complaint for today?" I could fill it in with a single word every day, it’d be like a "Now Playing" kind of thing.  "Sneezy", "Pukey", "Achey", "Crampy", "Limpy", "Phlegmey" etc. etc.  That way I could acknowledge my old-lady aches and pains, without having to bore you with the details.

SpamCop’s back online again, I forgot to mention that on Sunday night.  Their new server’s really fast!!  I reset the forwarding my mail, fyi.

About 1000 sneezes later…

John’s home safe now.  :-) We had a nice day, but for me it was ruined by the fact that I’ve been sneezing and sneezing and sneezing and sneezing all day long!!  I can’t imagine what’s causing this; it’s not another cold.  (Snot another cold… heheh.) Benadryl is fogging up my brain but it won’t stop the sneezing.  Going outside didn’t help.  Hot shower didn’t help.  Gave up and went to bed, slept for awhile, got up and started sneezing again.  WTF?!?  I looked up the allergy reports for Chicago and it says there’s a high mold count — mold is one thing I’m very very allergic to, but STILL it doesn’t really explain the unstoppable sneezing.  You can’t tell me our house has that much more mold in it than it did yesterday!  I just don’t know, but it’s fucking annoying, and exhausting.  It’s like having a gremlin on my shoulder taunting me every 5 seconds.  I’m trying to get some work done but the jerkoff won’t shut up.

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Super Spazz

John should be home from Ohio in just an hour or two.  Can’t wait to see him!  It’s been a weird morning.  I woke up and got the hiccups, and it lasted a good half hour.  In the midst of that, I started with the sneezing fits.  Better that than the wheezing shits!  Then I broke my Chimera.  I don’t know how, it just wouldn’t open.  Tried deleting my prefs, tried rebooting, tried reinstalling and nothing helped.  I’m totally addicted to Chimera now so this was unacceptable!  After the 2nd cup of coffee it occurred to me to rename the bookmarks file that I’d stashed on the desktop — after that, it launched again normally.  So it was just a wonky bookmarks file.  Why this has to completely prevent the browser from launching, I don’t know, but I’m glad I figured it out.  The newest beta version will store your passwords in the system keychain; they’re working hard to improve it all the time.

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Oh boy, two more names

My Hobbit name is "Peony Underhill of Frogmorton".  I like that okay.  But my Ya-Ya Sisterhood name is "Countess Bad Hair Day".  I haven’t even seen that movie, and I hate it already!

SpamCop outage reminder

Don’t write to me at my SpamCop address!  They’re going to be down all day tomorrow while they move their whole operation from Florida to Atlanta.  It says on their website that the mail won’t bounce, though — I wish they’d posted that earlier, since that’s the only thing I was really bitching about.  I’ve removed forwarding on the address so I’ll be picking that up directly until SpamCop’s back online.  I’ll post a note here when that happens.

I am like so without wires

I went out today and ran some errands.  Went to the hardware store and got a new coffee pot and filter thingy; our pot was cracked.  Got some fish food and filters at the pet store, and then I went and got It.  Yup, I got me an AirPort base station and a card for my iBook!  I’m using it now, it’s sweeeeeeeeeet.  :-) It doesn’t seem any slower than it is when I plug straight into the router, though I’m sure it must be.  How magical is it to have a laptop under your arm, walk into the farthest room in the house, open it up and blog about what you just did?  Okay, it’s totally dumb, but I love it.

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The Florida stink

From BBC News… Florida Muslim arrests were mistake

Authorities in Florida have admitted they got it wrong when they detained three Muslim men for 17 hours for being suspected terrorists. <…> the authorities have admitted their conversation was not about terrorism and that CCTV footage has shown they did in fact stop and pay the toll.

I knew it!  What an unfortunate mistake, but at least nobody got physically hurt.  I still think the media SUCKS for broadcasting the whole thing.  If we’re going to be so careful in investigating every potential terrorist, we’ve got to shut up and let the cops do their job.  What I mean is… if the woman’s initial complaint was even a little bit believable, then the cops probably had no choice but to pull them over and at least question them.  But I betcha anything that the incident wouldn’t have gotten dragged out so long if it weren’t for the presence of all those cameras.

The Brauhaus and wow, Chimera

We had dinner tonight at the Brauhaus — I AM SO FULL!!  It was Rian’s girlfriend Lisa’s birthday dinner party thing.  It wasn’t a big party, just seven of us.  Her and me and Char on one side, and John and the Murphy brothers on the other, plus Dan K. on the end.  If you haven’t been to the Brauhaus, you totally should go!!  It’s a crazy German-themed restaurant with live music.  The waitresses wear Robin Hood caps and "traditional" dresses, with their boobs all pushed up and pouring out the top. Every time you go, they’ve got new games, new guest musicians, new ways to torture the audience.  It’s supposed to be a very audience-participation kind of thing.  Tonight there was a tuba player who walked through the dining room and let people throw coins into the horn.  There was an AWFUL yodeling contest, and several instances of party trains / bunny hops.  They even had the Achey Breaky dance going at one point.  I thought they were doing the Bus Stop!!!  Lisa had to correct me, isn’t that hilarious?

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At the Brauhaus

photo by Edith FrostThe Murphy brothers (Brendan and Rian)

Noticed by NetNewsWire

I keep dutifully updating my copy of NetNewsWire Lite; it’s up to 1.0 now.  What a great tool, and it’s getting better all the time.  Pretty soon you’re going to be able to control your toaster with that thing!  Anyway, the reason I’m writing is because I was just idly checking the site-drawer in the new version… different websites all over the place are starting RSS feeds, so I like to find out what’s new.  So I look in the "Blogs" folder and open up "0-F", and what do I see?  My own name on the list, that’s what!  I’ve never even talked to this guy; how has he even heard of my site?  I’m really surprised, and pleased.  :-)

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NOW they tell me

Seen on Mac OS X Hints… Prevent update failures due to moved Apple apps.  Hindsight is 20/20.

Post-reinstall blahs

I’ve been avoiding the computer today, gee I wonder why?  I didn’t get enough sleep last night with all the crap I had to deal with; I’ll probably go to bed early.  This is one of those days when there really isn’t anything to blog about!  I paid some bills, so my creditors are a little happier… hopefully that’ll shut ‘em up for awhile.  I still have a few more to pay tomorrow; I didn’t want to overload my poor debit card by charging everything at once.  If there’s any money left, I know what I want… I’m going to buy an Airport wireless router and an Airport card to go with it!  But I don’t know if I really can; we’ll see.  It’s a total luxury item that I don’t really need in any way, shape or form, but of course I want it anyway.  Maybe I can trick John into accidentally breaking my router somehow.  ;-)

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