Nightclub horror

There’s a prayer service on TV right now, for the victims of last night’s disaster.  It’s really hard to watch.  I hate to point fingers at a time like this, but why the hell, in this day and age, are people still being allowed into firetrap situations like this?!?  Stupid, pointless, useless loss of life that could have been saved by just a few inspectors’ visits.  I guess so, anyway.  Maybe it was just one of those freak accidents but I kinda doubt it.

Testing MT 2.61

Just re-upgraded my Movable Type install.  There were some security issues and bugs etc., but it’s fixed now.  I still have to check out the template fixes they’ve posted… maybe that’ll cure the viewing problems that some IE users have had with this site.  (IE doesn’t comply with CSS standards as well as most other browsers, so half the time my 2-column layout gets smooshed into one.)

Marcy again

photo by Edith Frost

Bag those lips!!

I did a photo shoot thing yesterday with a bunch of boys from other bands on Drag City.  It was for an artsy British mag that I’d never seen before.  The photographer was this gal Kat that I already knew, so it didn’t feel too weird.  She was taking pictures and then quickly porting them into her laptop so we could look at ‘em.  The first one she took of me, I made her throw away because my lips were so fucking torn up and chapped!  I went and put more lipstick on to cover it up and had her re-do it.  Vanity!!  I’m serious though, my lips are bad news.  Marcy got to them… she not only bit me on my lip (the lower one) but also pierced me on the lip-corner with her little razor claws.  How do you stop a kitten from biting you?  You’re expecting a kiss and then… OUCH!!!!


Word’s spreading around the blogosphere that Pyra, the company that owns Blogger, has just been bought by Google.  That’s pretty huge.  I was on Blogger for awhile if you remember, and John Whitney’s on there now too.  It’s just so weird to realize how much the phenomenon has exploded since I first heard that word not so long ago.  When I started putting my journal on the ‘net in 1998 or whenever, a lot of people were shocked and didn’t understand why you’d want to publish such a thing.  Now everybody and his dog has a weblog.  I’m just glad more people understand about it now.  It can be a journal but it can also be a conversation, or a place for announcements, or for posting pictures, voicing political opinions…!!  Or really anything you want it to be.

Stop the war in Iraq!

This site is going black today so I may join hundreds of other websites, and millions of people around the world in a day of protest against Bush’s plans to go to war with Iraq.



What’s hot and what’s not

I found this strange little announcement buried in the changelog for MT 2.6:

Changed all visible instances of blog to weblog in the system and in the documentation.

WTF?! I was never a huge fan of that word, but it’s weird because the two people who helped to propagate it more than almost anyone else, have now given it the cold shoulder. I wouldn’t want to be that word right now, poor thing.

MT 2.6

Movable Type just this minute released an upgrade.  My cup runneth over!!  I hope this doesn’t break anything, or take too long.

Flash mind reader

Try this, it’s freaky!!  If you curious, Dave Winer gives away the explanation on why it works.

Thursday afternoon

Apple just released the 10.2.4 update to OS X, I’m downloading it now.  I get so excited whenever something gets updated.  That is, until I realize my update wishes have not been addressed, as was the case with the Safari update the other day.  Still no tabbed windows, no password management, no bookmark subscriptions, so no Safari for me.  I was always a city girl anyhow.  ;-)

I had a good long talk on the phone with Rian Murphy just now.  It was good to catch up with him — I kept not replying to his e-mails to the point where he had to say… "Edith are you ever planning on replying to me?" I am so bad with my e-mail, it’s like a phobia.  I’m better than I was a few weeks ago; I’ve answered at least a couple every day, but that’s not enough considering how much I get.

Wow, a brand new domain just for Movable Type plugins!  I don’t even have time to explore it right now but I’m bookmarking it for later.

Ryan’s chords from Rome

I’ve been working on Harmony Assistant all day again (all day yesterday I mean!).  I might as well stop mentioning it as if it’s something unusual; I’ve gotten very hooked on it and I’m going to keep on composing with this software every day unless I’m just not working on music that day.  That is, when I’m in composing mode, which is where I’m at now.  I don’t ever do any songwriting on the road, but now that it’s so easy to express these things by jotting them down in MIDI form, maybe I will!  Well, when I’m in touring mode, which is definitely not where I’m at right now.  I’m still paying for the last tour, fer chrissake.

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File attachments tirade

One of my special pet peeves is when people* send me file attachments via e-mail without letting me know beforehand.  I don’t have that kind of space on my mail server, and more importantly it sometimes causes me to be completely unable to retrieve my messages, i.e. when I’m away from home and using crappy dialup connections.  I explain this on my contact page, which is the only place you’ll find my e-mail address on this site (link has been removed — please post a comment instead!).  I do want to hear new music from anyone who wants to turn me on to it, but I’d much much rather follow a URL to a file on the web than get two and a half megabytes of god knows what in my e-mail.

* When I say "people", I mean just random people that I’m not really expecting mail from.  I am not talking about this person, in case he’s wondering!  Because coincidentally we have been trading Norma Jean MP3s via e-mail for the past few days… but we agreed to use that method so in that case it’s fine.

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Mystery Song 024

Last week’s Mystery Song was Johnny Buckett’s "Let Me Play Wit’ Yo’ Poodle".  One song always reminds me of another one…!

Nice titles

I’ve added nice titles to my front page.  Now I just have to do it on the other pages, and remember to always put a title along with the URL when I make links.

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