Eye heart my webhost

Can I for once in my life NOT complain about how my internet services are working?  Yes I can.  Blogger been working exceptionally well for me lately, and so has the Earthlink DSL connection. And I am SO loving my new webhost ICDSoft.  Not only have I not had any problems at all, but the support has been really top-notch.  Always an answer within just a few minutes of my posting any stupid configuration question.  And the site control panel you get is really neato.  Everything’s automated, and you can tweak all your settings in one relatively simple interface.  So many features I haven’t even played with. I’m about to start up a new mailing list right here, for example, and it’ll be spam-free and totally my own.  And, they just installed a search engine for me which I’m about to tweak and link on my site, so I can quit using Atomz.  (Atomz is really good, but it’s a remote service and I’d rather do everything locally if possible.)

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Bad dream

I just woke up from a bad dream and now I can’t go back to sleep.  It’s the wrong time for me to be asleep anyway… at night!  I can only remember one snippet, but I remember that pretty clearly.  I was searching for lost/kidnapped kids, using some kind of iTunes-like software on my laptop that scanned radio waves (or maybe phone lines) searching for the voices of these children.  I found one too, and I was trying desperately to get the kid to repeat herself to tell me where she was.  It was right out of Poltergeist, and it scared me good.  Too much reading the Drudge Report, and too many spicy tacos for dinner.

Open Letter to the RIAA

I’m an indie recording artist.  I run my own website, and I used to have three online radio stations streaming 24 hours a day.  Now I have NONE thanks to your efforts to make music illegal (or financially impossible) for us to broadcast.

I object to everything you’ve done to prevent people from sharing their music with others.  You’re in fact killing all music and creativity everywhere you go.  I think you’re monsters, and it makes me ashamed to be a musician when there are greedy pigs like you representing us.

Muze @ FuckedCompany

I found Muze listed at FuckedCompany.com, that’s another place I used to work ten years ago.  There was always a lot of controversy there between the workers and management, so I wasn’t surprised to see people had complained about it.  But despite all that, we had a super excellent team back then, and I made more lasting friendships there than almost anywhere else I’ve worked.  One guy who commented on FC actually listed the nicknames of our whole ’93 crew and even gave me a personal shout-out!!  I mean, as one of the NICE people, as opposed to somebody he’d complain about.  I know who it was, too, and I feel the same way about him, and everyone he listed.

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Story of an html hag

Last night I got lost reading and reading the complaints at Fucked Company.  It’s a website that’s been around forever — the point is that disgruntled employees (and former employees, and 13-year olds, and trolls who may never have heard of these companies) can write in anonymously and bitch about their bosses.  A complaint is referred to as a fuck (i.e., "this is not a fuck, just a comment…") and the subject lines on the complaints always include some clever play on the fucked company’s name.  Like, if you were going to complain about Sears, you’d title it "Sneers" or something like that.  A lot of the companies listed are internet-oriented, but not all.

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No more choosing sides

Ladies?  Interested in purchasing some fresh men’s underwear?  Oh, but this is best underwear available, with the photos to prove it… you should at least look at it before you decide.  The high-tech features are just… fascinating.

  • Natural Pouch… Keeps you "centered" and eliminates chafing
  • Higher Leg Opening… move without chafing or disturbing your "package"
  • Secure Leg Opening… gently hugs your leg… no gapping… keeps you secure
  • Provides a natural feeling… holds you in place
  • Keeps you "centered"… no more choosing sides

Ryan’s birthday party

April Winchell cracks me up.  Lookit her wish list on Amazon.

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Vigilante mobs

I love this town a lot, but when my fellow citizens participate in brutal acts of violence, I’m completely ashamed to live here.  Is it just the heat driving people crazy?  I wouldn’t really know, as I haven’t stepped outside our building since they installed central air and heat last fall.

Lost package to London

The poor guy that’s acting as contact person for Sigmatropic still hasn’t gotten my package yet, though John mailed it for me a full week ago.  He’s worked himself up to a real good lather, though I’m sure the package is just stuck in customs.  I’m making another package to mail tomorrow, in case the first one really is lost.

Look ma, no spam!!

Today was the first day in like five years that I woke up, logged into my e-mail and found no spam.  Only real mail.  It feels wrong somehow; I know if I’ve cut off the spammers, that means I’ve also probably cut off a certain percentage of actual humans who would still use the old address.  Hopefully they’ll come find my website and get my current working e-mail address here if they need it.  Who knows, I might start getting spammed at this address and have to change it again in the future, but I reckon people will be smart enough to know I can always be found at my website.


Wow, I did it.  The Yahoo account is gonesily-wonesily.  And I can’t resurrect it, and nobody else can have it either.  They do that to prevent e-mail fraud or whatever.

I’m just stunned at what I’ve done.  No more depending on Yahoo in any way, never ever again, forever and ever infinity.  Whoo-hoo!!!  I feel so much… lighter.  I sent myself test messages to Yahoo and Mindspring both, and both came back as undeliverable, nobody here by that name.  It’s just a miracle of modern science.

Spamfighting again.

Spamfighting again.  Every day!  There is no day that I’m not fighting spam.

Today I called Earthlink, my ISP for the DSL I get at home.  I asked them to change my username.  What I wanted to do was get rid of mail altogether on that account, but they wouldn’t let me; every account has to have at least one mailbox.  The one I’ve had for the last several years is being spammed now, so I asked them to delete that mailbox and to give my account a new username/password.  Which I’m not going to tell you, because I never used that address for mail to begin with; only the spammers did.  So now, all spam sent to that old Mindspring address will bounce back as undeliverable.  Ksshhhhh… <– that’s me imitating a cymbal crash

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Alyce in Wonder Wonderland

Nice lazy weekend.  Alyce came over this evening while John was out hangin’ with pals.  So I met Alyce!  I had invited her over ‘cuz I’d spotted her music wish-list on her blog and found something I had, that she wanted.  It was some old Dif Juz stuff; she’s a 4AD fag like me.  :-) So we sat there while the CD was copying, and I blabbed a lot, and she listened.  (Why don’t I let people get a word in edgewise?!) I played her the Sigmatropic snippets I’d done too.  It never occurred to me to play the actual released GREEK version — just the fictional MY version!!  LOL.  It’s all about me, see… ;-)

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Deleted mailing lists

Just deleted all three of my Yahoo! Groups mailing lists.  Poof!  Gone.  Not even a goodbye message, because I DO NOT want to send anything out through Yahoo again.  They’re already spamming anybody who didn’t opt out of their marketing a few months back… and in my opinion, asking people to opt out of a list they didn’t subscribe to is wrong, wrong, wrong!!  No.

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Miner miracle, new address

I happened to be watching CNN last night when they announced that the team of workers trying to rescue the miners in PA, were about to finally break through to them.  Left the TV on for a few hours until it was apparent that all nine were indeed going to be saved.  What a miracle.  I don’t know about you, but for the past three days I’ve been assuming those guys were dead.  The guys who made it out of the mine before it flooded made it sound so grim… I really thought all the rest had drowned.  Helluva story eh?

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