Mystery Song 006

… has been posted.  Last week’s mystery song was "Stinky Poodle" by Tangela Tricoli.  This week’s song is equally silly, and I hope that’s okay with you, considering what day it is and all.  I figure with all the stuff on TV there’s no way I’m going to add to the depression by posting something maudlin or "thought-provoking".

I can’t believe it’s only been one year.  It seems like maybe about 2-1/2 years ago.  9/11 and its aftermath just seems like one very extended bad dream in my memory; maybe that’s why I’m having trouble keeping track of time when I think about it.

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Well, my fingers seem to be working

I feel quite crappy today.  Snotty and sneezy and achey and just miserable in general.  The only thing that really helps is a little ibuprofin, a lot of hot tea, and sleep sleep sleep.

There was some public confusion here about an interview I’m going to do — the secretarial stuff has all been cleared up, in case you were wondering.  It was my own fault for even answering the phone when I hadn’t had my coffee, LOL!!  Usually the interviews are scheduled very neatly by Lisa Turallo at Drag City… she does a terrific job of making sure everyone knows where they stand, who’s supposed to call who at what time, following up on getting print copies for the archives etc.  I’m supposed to forward all interview requests to her, for that simple reason, and if I don’t, I always end up wishing that I had.  Because I’m a confused person by nature.  When she deals with it, it’s like BAM.  She can complete the transaction in 3 e-mails.  Why can’t I be more like Lisa???  She’s so together.

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I should be sleeping

John and I are both sick with colds.  I started feeling it the other night and took a couple of Flintstones; now I’m loading up on the echinacea/goldenseal extract.  It’s the same stuff Ryan Hembrey bought me the last time I got sick on tour, back in April.  Nasty stuff… it’s in a grain alcohol base.  Bleechhy.

John left a message at work to say he wouldn’t be coming in, and one of his bosses wrote back and said she’s home sick too!

Today’s my dad’s birthday.  It’s still too early to call him though.  I suck so bad with holidays, but at least I’ve been pretty good about speaking to HIM every once in awhile.

I’m a lazy cat

Stupid web shit… What kind of sexual animal are you?

People say that you have a pleasant nature, that you’re calm and relaxed. Maybe this is due to your fondness for lazing around and partaking in the sensual pleasures of life.

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Oh my word…

My former ISP has been (temporarily?) shut down for non-payment of funds owed to their upstream provider.  Look at their front page, holy crap!!!!!

John’s mother finally moved her site off of there and over to my new ISP, ICDSoft.  She’s the one who pointed out the disconnection notice to me.  And boy, is she glad to be out of there, as am I.  We both feel sorry for them, for all the problems they’re having, but just glad our sites aren’t over there anymore.

Pinging MT, iCal

After I donated the other day, Movable Type sent me a reg-key so I can ping their site to be on their list of recently updated weblogs.  I’m pinging them now, but I’m not sure if it’s the thing for me.  I was a little startled to see the list was going right to their front page!  I never look at these things myself.

One annoying thing is that MT does its pinging EVERY time you do any tweaks to your pages, even the old ones.  I’m always seeing things I need to fix, so if I keep it up I’ll be at the top of the list all the time.  That is NOT where I want to be, unless of course I’ve just posted something new!  They’re supposed to fix that in the next version, later this month.  So it will only ping if you’ve entered something new, or if you publish something that you’d previously saved as a draft.

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I now have the Numero Uno position if you Google the word Trappelzakboogie.

Oh yes, my achievements are many.  Buh-huh-huh-huh…

E-mail probs, MT love

My SpamCop mail account was down for most of yesterday, due to a problem they had with their Sprint connectivity.  It’s working again now, but I had to turn off forwarding on everything in the interim (my mail and the blog comments). I’m afraid I might have lost some mail but… how would I know for sure?  I know it took me awhile to even notice that the site was down, so I guess if anybody wrote to me before I stopped the forwarding, maybe that mail got eaten.  And I definitely probably lost anything that was sent to the SpamCop address during the outage.  Oh well, shit la vie!

Not that I ever do anything with the e-mail I do get…!!  I suck suck suck with my mail as far as answering it.  I’m very good at reading it though.  (smile)

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In case you haven’t noticed

Scary food for thought over at Wil Wheaton’s

Overview of Changes to Legal Rights
By The Associated Press

September 5, 2002, 11:44 AM EDT

Some of the fundamental changes to Americans’ legal rights by the Bush administration and the USA Patriot Act following the terror attacks:

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Apple kicks ass

Yayyyyy, I just got my iBook back!!!  I’m well pleased.  I took it in Monday night and got it back Thursday morning… could they have done that any faster?  Pretty impressive.  It even has that factory-fresh smell.  They cleaned it up a LOT; it was pretty filthy when I took it into the store.  The trackpad button is no longer smooshed-in; it’s sitting up just as pert and pretty as you please.  No more squeaky hinge either.  Two parts were replaced: the "sub ass’y top housing cpu" and the "sub ass’y brace lcd 12.1″" — whatever that means, it sounds expensive!  Now I’m really glad I coughed up the dough for the Applecare plan.

Time to reinstall my data… I’d deleted a lot of my personal crap so nobody could read it… not that anybody’d want to, I’m just careful like that.

Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

Flaming LipsI love the new Flaming Lips record.  John bought the LP.  There’s a song on there that freaks me out because it sounds like I’m singing harmonies, but of course I’m not.  It’s the first song on side B, "Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell." I mentioned it to John and Patrick one night, and it freaked both of them out too.  It’s really uncanny… it sounds like my voice, and it’s also exactly the same notes I would have sung if I’d been there.  So if they come to town and need a backup singer for that tune, well…!!!  :-)

You can hear the whole album on their website for free, btw.  I recommend it highly.

Minor observances

There are more comments on this blog (332) than there are actual entries (306, not including this one).  I think that’s pretty neato!!  Of course half the comments are my own, but still.  That even includes the discography entries, which shouldn’t even really count.  Oh, that reminds me I need to remove the "discography" link in the banner since it’s all down here now.

Looks like my iBook might be speeding it way back to me very soon.  Here’s what it says on their repair-status page; the most recent activity is on top…
    09/04/2002 09:55:00 PT Unit in Repair
    09/04/2002 09:42:00 PT Unit Received
    09/03/2002 08:20:00 PT Request Acknowledged
When it comes back I’m going to run circles around it, barking like a dog!!

R.I.P. Napster

Napster is officially dead and buried, courtesy of the RIAA and other heavyweights of the entertainment racket industry.  Check out their front page and the one link to the dead-kitty picture.  This makes me very sad.  Sure wish they could’ve made it work somehow… it was a brilliant idea that really did change the whole landscape of music.  For me, it was the introduction to a whole new way of finding old tunes and new friends.  It rejuvenated my love for music and got me into all kinds of bands I’d never heard of before.  And it led me to Audiogalaxy, which of course has also been severely hampered, if not killed, by the same evil forces that drove Napster to its grave.

Long live Napster!!!!!  Long live Audiogalaxy!!!!!  P2P for the masses!!!!

New blog links

Couple-a new blogs to point out, over on your right-side menubar there.  Firstly we have my pal Chad Merritt, the charming leader of the band St. Mary’s.  I always owe him 25 e-mails and today is no exception especially since all my mail is stuck on my laptop which is in… Texas?  God knows.  Wherever they send those things to be fixed.

Secondly and lastly, we have young master Tim Ford, the drummer in John Whitney’s band, and lots of other bands too.  You may recall the last time I publically tore somebody a new asshole for not using the BCC field?  That was him. Thank god he had a sense of humor about it.  He even wrote about it in his blog, but this is the first time I’ve seen it.

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Mystery Song 005

…has just been posted!  Sorry for the 11-hour delay.  I’m totally useless without my Mac, so please let me know if I screwed it up (again).

Last week’s song was "Trappelzakboogie" by Drie Kleine Kleuters.  I have no knowledge of what it is, where it came from, or even what it means; your guess is as good as mine!  I do know it’s weird, and funny, and pretty catchy.  I have a whole playlist of songs performed by psychotic rodents.

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