Harmony Assistant 8.3

Myriad just released a new version of Harmony Assistant, chock full of bugfixes and new features.  Hooray!!

Mystery Song 031

…is ready to go.  Last week’s mystery song was "Put the Bone In" by Terry Jacks of "Seasons In The Sun" fame.  John turned me on to that one.  :-)

Backing up with AppleScript

Today’s backup day.  It was an all-day affair again but hopefully next month it won’t be.  It took awhile because I was going through the scripts I made last month and dividing up the steps in a more sensible way.  I used Tinderbox this time to help me plot out the steps and make sure I ran them in the right order.  Speaking of Tinderbox, I moved all my notes and lyric-snippets in there and out of StickyBrain.  The only notes I’m leaving in StickyBrain are the ones with alarms.  Just never found an alarm clock that I liked better than StickyBrain.

More Tinderbox

Now I figured out how to export multiple notes into a single HTML document formatted with my stylesheet.  SWEET.

Exporting TB

Wow, I just got Tinderbox to export my stylesheet into a folder of my choice, and it worked.  I’m impressed!!  It’s a simple thing to do since there’s no translation involved (the note is exactly the same as the file output) but still.  It bodes well for later, when I’ll have to do more complex wranglings on HTML files.

Website & TB fiddlings

I’m messing with my site’s font colors and sizes again, so let me know if anything’s illegible or seems weird to you.

John went to see the Scene Creamers with Rian and Lisa last night.  I stayed home and made a bunch of rough mixes of old country-covers.  I had to get myself reacquainted with the 8-track, it’s been awhile!  Everything sounds good though.  I still don’t know what the hell I’m going to do with this stuff, if anything.  I’ve been working on them since the mid-Fifties!  Need to back up the tracks to CD and get them off the recorder so I can make room for more new stuff.

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Ridiculous laws

Have y’all heard they’re trying to make firewalls illegal in Texas and many other states?  Check out this posting on Freedom To Tinker if you haven’t read about it already.  It’s insane, we might as well forget about doing anything on our computers that we don’t want the whole world to see.  Just spread our butt-cheeks every time we get port-scanned, that’s the ticket!


I feel gross about what I posted before.  I don’t like to admit it when I’m wallowing. Who do I think I am anyway?  People are busy, they don’t have time to cater to my histrionics.  If you try to force somebody into doing right by you, even if it gets you results it ends up feeling like a false victory.  And I was never even sure I was in the right to begin with.  And how are they supposed to know they’re fucking up if you don’t make your feelings perfectly clear from the git-go?

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I’ve been real mopey the past few days.  I wouldn’t even mention it except John made reference to it on his blog and now I feel like I have to say something so it won’t seem like it’s HIS fault or something.  John’s the best, he always always ALWAYS makes me feel better when I’m down.

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Meteor shower

I just read this story about the meteor shower that hit the Chicago suburbs last night.  I TOTALLY SAW THAT!!!  John had gone to bed and I was watching TV and working on the computer.  I thought it was lightning, but it was so fucking bright and lasted a little too long, and I didn’t hear any thunder. The thought actually crossed my mind that our fair city might have been hit by a bomb!  But I looked out the window and didn’t see anybody running around screaming so I sat back down, went back to what I was doing and forgot about it until just now.  Weird, huh?

Logan’s Run

John bought me a present today, it’s the Logan’s Run DVD.  One of my favorite movies ever! (I know, I have funny taste in art.) I’m watching it with the commentary track now.  Michael York was such a babe back then.  I never thought I’d get to hear this film get taken apart the way they’re doing.  What a great present.  :-)

We went to Toys R Us tonight to buy new squirt guns.  They’re for Marcy, for when she goes nuts and tries to climb up the windowblinds or pull the lamp off the table. She is so fearless, it barely fazes her at all.  I can squirt her and she’ll just stare at me, like… ‘WTF?  How dare you?’


My baby nephew Clark is doing better today, it looks like things are going to be alright. Thank god.  I’ve been pretty worried about him, the poor little doodlebug was havin’ a hard time there.  I won’t really feel okay until both him and Lucie are outta that hospital.

I am loving Tinderbox more and more.  I’m glad I registered, glad I made that leap of faith.  You really can’t learn the thing until you spend a lotta time with the full version.  I’ve spent a few hours here and there reading about it and figuring out how to use it, and learned a lot already.  Still, I know I’ve only scratched the surface of what it can do.

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Mystery Song 030

If you didn’t get a chance to grab last week’s Mystery Song because I was off sulking in the corner, too bad for you ‘cuz the new one is ready to download!  What it was was "I Wanna Eat Your Pudding" by the nearly legendary rockabilly great Alvis Wayne.  This week’s song also involves double-entendres involving sex and food (I THINK!), but it’s a lot more perverse.  It’s also a little more well known, I guess you’d say, than some of the other tracks I’ve posted, so if you know it already, sorry for makin’ you go out of your way for nothin’.  That would only apply to a few of you though, I reckon.


So guess what?  John’s sister Ann had her baby today too!!!!!  Mother and little Mary Jane are doing fine.

Clark (my baby nephew) is in pediatric ICU now after a bit of a scare earlier today.  They think he’s going to be fine now but will know more tomorrow after test results come back.  Please cross yer fingers again for him if you’d uncrossed them before!

How awesome is it that both our sisters had babies today?

Wonderful news

My sister Lucie sends the following from her Blackberry:

Clark Keator Webb entered the world at 12:55 pm weighing in at 10lbs 6oz.!  Baby and mommy are doing fine.

CONGRATULATIONS Mark and Lucie!!!!!!!!  Ten and half pounds, good lord!!

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