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I’m getting mentally prepared for the Drag City New Year’s party tonight.  (It’s by invitation only, sorry folks.) Getting mentally prepared means doing anything except actually getting ready for it.  What the hell am I going to wear?  I probably wear the same dress every year and don’t even realize it.

I don’t mean to be a geek, but TiVo is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  We’re programming in season passes to all our favorite shows… now I’ll never miss another episode of Crank Yankers!!  I can never remember TV schedules, and I can’t stand sitting through commercials, so this is like giving me a key to my own television.  Shit, the phone keeps ringing… oh yeah, I can hit the ‘pause’ button!  :-)

Lazy Sunday afternoon

John and I went out to Ikea last night for a Midnight Madness sale they were having.  We got a super cheap (but nice) bookcase, a couple of fat pillows for the sofa, a pair of $9 floor lamps, and a new oven mitt that looks like a puppet.  I have to put the bookcase together now.  We really needed it, all our books are getting messed up ‘cuz they’re piled on top of each other.  Also have to take the Christmas tree apart and maybe do some laundry.  John’s jamming Queens of the Stone Age in the kitchen and we’re munching on a fruit plate he got at the store.

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Mystery Song 017

…is posted.  It’s a little late so make sure you get it before Wednesday when I (supposedly) post the next one!  The last Mystery Song was "Don’t Judge Me" by Girls With Attitude.

Wendy and Bonnie – Genesis

Wendy and BonnieI bought this the other day at 33 Degrees in Austin, just on a whim.  Very groovy.

We’re back home now

Me and John just got back from Texas.  It was a great visit, I got to see everybody I wanted to see, and everything’s about as good as it can be.  I didn’t want to divulge that we were both gone from Chicago because of course I didn’t want to attract any burglars!  It sure is good to be home.  I miss my family already (again) but it was so great to see them, and the timing was perfect.

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Jingle jingle jingle jingle

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and/or happy holidays to all.  I’m a little bit tied up with all the holiday goings-on but I’ll write more in the next few days.  The Mystery Song will probably have to wait as well.  Too many parties!!  :-) Hope y’all are doing well and having a great holiday, whichever or whenever that may be.  Talk to you soon…

We are Tivo

So, this is totally decadent, but I talked John into spending some Christmas money on a Tivo unit.  Well, I’m going in half on it, but I get to pay him off in a few chunks.  :-) I also owe him for the new set of tires he got for the van this morning (=yesterday morning) — we were all set to go get the Tivo last night but discovered poor Iris* with a flat!  I really needed to get her some new tires anyway, so… that sorta forced the issue.

*Yeah, my van has a name and its name is Iris, please don’t tease me!  It’s because the color of the van is supposedly "Iris Pearl Slate", and when I heard that I decided that’d be as good a name as any for the van itself.

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Stupid Dreamweaver

Ugh, I had to rebuild my files yet again because of a bad bug I found in Dreamweaver MX.  It doesn’t understand filenames in OS X that are longer than 26 characters.  I had set my filenames at 30 characters (including the .html extension), which made DW all but useless for me.  So I shortened them to a 25-character limit, hopefully that’ll shut it up.  I can’t sit around waiting for DW to fix its bugs, I’ll be waiting forever.

On This Day…

Well, apparently I did nothing on this day in any year since the beginning of my life. Or at least I didn’t blog about anything.  But I’ve installed Brad Choate’s MTOnThisDay plugin for Movable Type… I’ve tested it and it DOES work and does look very nice.  So the next time I actually did spew forth on the same day in another year, you’ll be notified in the sidebar to your right, directly under the calendar thingy.

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Pardon our dust

Okay y’all, I need to rebuild the whole blog database now, and to do that I need to delete all the archived pages so that Movable Type can save its new files into an empty folder.  Fetch is going to take its sweet time doing this, so if y’all come across any broken links, please wait a half-hour or two and they should appear if you hit ‘reload’.

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I’ve posted some of the journal entries I wrote on the European tour, at least up through the end of the first leg we did in Spain.  You can access them most easily by visiting the monthly page for October and scrolling down to the 23rd, the day the tour started in Valencia.  I’m sorry if there’s some repeated info between the stuff I blogged then and what I wrote in the journal, but oh well.

I have to go to bed now but maybe tomorrow (=today) I’ll work on posting more entries from the rest of the tour.  After Spain it all pretty much started going to hell though, so I know I’ll have to do some heavy editing!  ;-)

Mystery Song 016

…is posted.  Last week’s mystery song was "Never Ever" by Liz Anderson.  Liz is (was?) a country crooner of the Fifties, and the mother of Lynn Anderson, of "I Never Promised You A Rose Garden" fame.  (I have several of Liz’s records, and none of Lynn’s, because I’m just a contrarian.) If you thought "Never Ever" was looney, you should try to find another song Liz did called "Mama Spank".  That one’s truly perverse.

Shows I Saw

Hey everybody, looky what I did, I posted my collection of old ticket stubs!!  I know it’s a totally obsessive waste of time, but I’m so psyched I finally did it.  Because these are all really important, wonderful memories for me and they belong in my journal just as much if not more than anything else.  Now if I can only remember who all the opening bands were!  Also, there were a lot of tickets that didn’t have dates on them; maybe one day I’ll figure that out.  And it’s reminding me of all the shows I never saved tickets for… but I know I have a piece of paper around here somewhere that has more info like that.  (I’ve been a compulsive list-maker for many years.) I’ll fill in the info later on as I come across it.

Photos are moved

Hi there.  I’m still here, I’ve just been preoccupied with a lotta family- and holiday-related concerns lately, like everybody else.  The actual blogging will probably continue to be sparse until after the new year.  But I’ve put in a few hours every day on the site over the last few weeks. I’m going crosseyed from working with pictures, pictures and more pictures!  But I’ve finished most of the work I wanted to do, which was to migrate the old photo gallery into my Movable Type archives for easier maintenance.  At least I moved all the ones that have known dates; there are a lot of pictures (especially the older ones) that I’m not sure where to put, but later for that.

One day I want to scan my collection of old concert ticket stubs, wouldn’t that be funny?  But who has the time?

Field Museum

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