Mystery Song 020

…is now online.  Last week’s mystery song was "Split Personality" by Smokey Joe Baugh with Clyde Leoppard and his Snearly Ranch Boys.  That’s a mouthful!

Good causes

Moving more links from my static pages…

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John and I went to Reckless today to pick up a CD I’d ordered, Incredibly Strange Music Volume 1.  They just got it in but I’d ordered it like two years ago, seems like!  But then, it’s out of print and I couldn’t even find it myself since then, though I had all the MP3s.  Also got a used copy of Lisa Mednick’s album Semaphore.  Way back before I was on Drag City, I was talking about maybe doing a record in Austin with a label called Dejadisc, which is gone now.  Lisa Mednick had an album on Dejadisc that I really liked, so maybe this’ll be good too.

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Bury me not on the lone prairie

As you’ve probably heard, our soon-to-be-ex-Governor Ryan just granted clemency to all our Death Row inmates.  I’m really glad.  Does this mean we’re totally getting rid of the death penalty in Illinois?  I’m not sure, but I hope so.

Life at home

It’s been nice having John home with me.  He’s been working really hard on the job search but he’s also cooking a lot more!  :-) It was such a good thing that we got that TiVo when we did.  We’ve been watching tons of great shows and movies.  Yesterday we watched THREE movies: ‘O Brother Where Art Thou’ (great music, but too corny for me); a good one off the Indie Film Channel called ‘All Over Me'; and then ‘Saturn 3′ starring Farrah Fawcett.  That one was okay, but there were a lot of really long boring robot-construction and chase scenes that we fast-forwarded through.

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Leaving IE

I was playing with OmniWeb last night and realized it now has the feature that’ll check your bookmarks for changes. So I can abandon IE for good. Now it’ll be Chimera for everyday, and OmniWeb for reading blogs that don’t have an RSS feed. (I’ve already decided that Safari isn’t going to work for me until it gets more features.)

Posters aplenty

I just noticed Drag City has a page where you can order all their posters, including two of mine.  What a great archive, they’re all viewable. Maybe later I’ll download all these pictures to throw into my rotating-wallpaper folder!

Mystery Song 019

…is now posted. Last week’s mystery song was "Horns Or Halo" by Sweet Eva Lena Chenault.  I ripped that off an old LP that Jason Molina gave me.

Wow, Safari

I’m typing this using Apple’s new web browser, Safari.  Whoo-hoo!  I’ve gotten so hooked on Chimera that this thing’s gonna have to be super great to get me to switch.  What, no tabbed windows?  Uggghh.

Waiting in line

I’m waiting for the MacWorld keynote speech to start.  I’m simultaneously psyched and bummed because on the one hand, I’m pretty sure they’re going to roll out some super cool piece of hardware that I won’t be able to live without, but on the other hand I won’t be able to afford it, whatever it is!

Bad day for John

Poor John got laid off from his job today!  Bunch of people got laid off, including both of his immediate bosses.  So, he came home early and started working on his resume.  Now he’s in the kitchen chopping veggies for dinner and yakking on the phone to various people.  He’ll probably blog about this later, so I’ll let him fill in as many of the gory details as he wants to.  Just a bunch of corporate politics… it’s pretty sucky but then again, I don’t think he’ll have a hard time finding a new job that he likes even better.

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Cleaning house

We’ve been doing stuff all day so I’m taking a break now.  Me and John had gotten a great big CD shelf the other night, and when we took it home we discovered that it was majorly warped, so it wouldn’t even lay flat against the wall.  So we took that back today and they’re going to get us another one. They were real nice about it, they’re going to call us when they get the new one in.  After that we went and got some groceries, and then came home and did a bunch of housework.

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Testing NetNewsWire

I think I finally figured out the proper settings for posting to my blog using the new beta of NetNewsWire.  I don’t really see how useful this could be for me, but you never know, at least I got it working.

Updated iApps

Apple just released updated versions of iCal and iSync.  ‘Bout time, too.  Both of them seem to be running much faster for me now, thank goodness.

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Web design links

Speaking of links, I thought I’d better get started moving the old links section into the blog.  My goal for the site, as you may know, is to have almost all of the content inside blog entries for easier categorization and maintenance.  So I’ll get started with web design links.  I don’t use these links near as much as I used to before I started using Movable Type!

Bare Bones Guide To HTML
Lists every official HTML tag in common usage

Articles, tips and how-tos

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