Mystery Song 007

…has just been posted.  Last week’s misery mystery song was "Rock Pretty Baby" by Ivy Shulman & the Bowties, from the 1951 soundtrack to Rock, Rock, Rock.

Blog in the family

JOHN STARTED A BLOG!!!!!!!!!!  Whoo-hoo!!!!!!  And I’m going to read it every day, even if he does his typing three feet away from me.  :-)

I wuz robbed!

Back in July I had a great idea for a semi-robotic vacuum cleaner… I described the concept on this post.  Now somebody up and made one, and they’re selling it already for less than $200!!  This one doesn’t clean itself like mine though. Theirs is pancake-shaped rather than spherical — how could I have been so silly as to think mine could be shaped like a ball?  It wouldn’t make sense to do that, but oh well.  Due to its shape I wanted to call mine the Spherical Sucker (‘Sphucker’) whereas they’re calling theirs the Roomba.  That’s okay I guess… a play on the word ‘rhumba’, as if the vacuum is dancing itself across your carpet.

No SpamCop this Sunday

The SpamCop paid mail service has announced a "planned outage" all day this coming Sunday the 22nd, while they move their servers to a new location.  Althought I’m glad they’re getting a better connection for the future, it displeases me that they’re actually planning on all mail being lost on that day.  I may be misunderstanding the announcement but it seems there’ll be no backup server to catch the mail that flows in during the outage.  I guess maybe it wasn’t a good idea to start giving people that address as my primary contact addy!  I get the impression that most other paid users only use their SpamCop addys as a place to forward and filter their mail, not as a primary public address.  So… I know I do this all the time to my poor suffering contact-info-packrat friends, but… if you could change my addy back to the one at THIS domain (that is, my first name at my whole name dot com), that would be super.

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Spread the dot


Norway seems pleased

Wow, I just got my very first trackback ping!  It’s linking to this article in a Norwegian music webzine, which talks about what I said in that last blog posting.  I just heard from the person who posted it too, and asked ‘em to translate it for me.  I get the impression they’re just saying they’re glad that maybe I’m playing in Norway.  I’m glad too… it better not fall through now that I’ve blabbed about it to the whole world!!  I’ve had lots of these disappointments before so I don’t know if it’s even right to mention it until the shows are confirmed.  So much can happen to derail a tour, but then… sometimes, miraculously, it does happen.  Let’s hope all the million pieces of the puzzle click together soon.

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A little fussin’ and stressin’

Hi!  Happy B.B. King’s birthday!  Where is everything?  What have I done?  I moved everything around last night and can’t remember if I left anything broken or not.  It does look a hell of a lot better on the ass-end… all the files are now grouped into folders by year and month, so no one folder has more than a hundred or so files in it.  FTP is MUCH happier now, it works like it’s supposed to again.  I still have some messin’ around to do (especially with the archive index, and the category listings) but I’m hoping everything’s stable for the moment.  Are any links broken?  Post a comment if you notice anything screwy.

I’m getting a little panicky over a tour I’m supposed to do in Europe soon.  It’s supposed to start around the end of October but I still haven’t seen any list of dates, venues, or even cities.  I do know I’m supposed to start in Spain, then go to Italy and then Norway, and then come back home.  (Sorry, too bad for everywhere else!!)

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Another minor rehaul

I’m doing some futzing with Movable Type again.  If you notice broken internal links, please wait until tomorrow and THEN comment about it if it’s still screwy.  :-) I kinda have to do this like now if I want to keep adding stuff.  That’s because I suddenly realized I’ve reached the point of having waaaay too many files in the archive folder.  All my entries and archive pages are currently being stored in a single folder called "blog".  There’s about five zillion files in there now; it’s extremely messy to look at, and it makes it hard or impossible to use FTP because there are too many filenames to display at once.  Fetch won’t even work on that folder; when I try to drag it to copy to my hard drive, it starts to read the list and chokes.  Dreamweaver does work (albeit verrrry slowly) when performing the same operation — that’s why they’re gettin’ the big bucks!  But it’s no good to let any one folder get out of control with files.  Causes a huge heaving strain on the system every time you want to do anything.

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City gets my money again

I just paid off $175 worth of parking tickets.  Uggggghhhhhh.  I had to do it or they would’ve booted my van pretty soon.  It’s the street cleaning that gets me every time.  :-(

Theological problems

So, I just saw two bits of video relating to the Florida story I talked about in the last entry.  Saw the sister of one of the three guys who were pulled over.  She lives here in Chicago and spoke very eloquently and angrily about the ridiculousness of the whole pullover thing.  She sure sounded like an American to me.  Looked right at the camera, and… call me gullible if you like, but I believed what she said.  So THEN I see the three guys themselves in an interview on CNN Newsnight.  Those poor sumbitches!!  After hearing what they had to say, my instincts are telling me they’re innocent even more than before.

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Triskaidekaphobia is the Word of the Day.  It means, a morbid fear of the number 13 or the date Friday the 13th.  Today at least, it works for me!

The interview with Chad was a total Three Stooges operation.  It wuddn’t his fault and it wuddn’t my fault, it was just one of those days where almost everything that could possibly go wrong, did.  Technically I mean.  First there was confusion over the lack of a difference between Chicago time and Louisiana time.  I know, it’s pretty far to the east, you’d think there’d be some difference… well, I’m pretty sure we both got that one wrong.

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Common sense re MP3s

Some recent articles about the music industry’s hamfisted approach to online sales.  From Fortune Magazine: MP3s Are Big Music’s Savior, Not Slayer. And a very well-written article from Dan Bricklin, the co-creator of VisiCalc: The Recording Industry is Trying to Kill the Goose That Lays the Golden Egg

Mystery Song 006

… has been posted.  Last week’s mystery song was "Stinky Poodle" by Tangela Tricoli.  This week’s song is equally silly, and I hope that’s okay with you, considering what day it is and all.  I figure with all the stuff on TV there’s no way I’m going to add to the depression by posting something maudlin or "thought-provoking".

I can’t believe it’s only been one year.  It seems like maybe about 2-1/2 years ago.  9/11 and its aftermath just seems like one very extended bad dream in my memory; maybe that’s why I’m having trouble keeping track of time when I think about it.

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Well, my fingers seem to be working

I feel quite crappy today.  Snotty and sneezy and achey and just miserable in general.  The only thing that really helps is a little ibuprofin, a lot of hot tea, and sleep sleep sleep.

There was some public confusion here about an interview I’m going to do — the secretarial stuff has all been cleared up, in case you were wondering.  It was my own fault for even answering the phone when I hadn’t had my coffee, LOL!!  Usually the interviews are scheduled very neatly by Lisa Turallo at Drag City… she does a terrific job of making sure everyone knows where they stand, who’s supposed to call who at what time, following up on getting print copies for the archives etc.  I’m supposed to forward all interview requests to her, for that simple reason, and if I don’t, I always end up wishing that I had.  Because I’m a confused person by nature.  When she deals with it, it’s like BAM.  She can complete the transaction in 3 e-mails.  Why can’t I be more like Lisa???  She’s so together.

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I should be sleeping

John and I are both sick with colds.  I started feeling it the other night and took a couple of Flintstones; now I’m loading up on the echinacea/goldenseal extract.  It’s the same stuff Ryan Hembrey bought me the last time I got sick on tour, back in April.  Nasty stuff… it’s in a grain alcohol base.  Bleechhy.

John left a message at work to say he wouldn’t be coming in, and one of his bosses wrote back and said she’s home sick too!

Today’s my dad’s birthday.  It’s still too early to call him though.  I suck so bad with holidays, but at least I’ve been pretty good about speaking to HIM every once in awhile.

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