Minor observances

There are more comments on this blog (332) than there are actual entries (306, not including this one).  I think that’s pretty neato!!  Of course half the comments are my own, but still.  That even includes the discography entries, which shouldn’t even really count.  Oh, that reminds me I need to remove the "discography" link in the banner since it’s all down here now.

Looks like my iBook might be speeding it way back to me very soon.  Here’s what it says on their repair-status page; the most recent activity is on top…
    09/04/2002 09:55:00 PT Unit in Repair
    09/04/2002 09:42:00 PT Unit Received
    09/03/2002 08:20:00 PT Request Acknowledged
When it comes back I’m going to run circles around it, barking like a dog!!

R.I.P. Napster

Napster is officially dead and buried, courtesy of the RIAA and other heavyweights of the entertainment racket industry.  Check out their front page and the one link to the dead-kitty picture.  This makes me very sad.  Sure wish they could’ve made it work somehow… it was a brilliant idea that really did change the whole landscape of music.  For me, it was the introduction to a whole new way of finding old tunes and new friends.  It rejuvenated my love for music and got me into all kinds of bands I’d never heard of before.  And it led me to Audiogalaxy, which of course has also been severely hampered, if not killed, by the same evil forces that drove Napster to its grave.

Long live Napster!!!!!  Long live Audiogalaxy!!!!!  P2P for the masses!!!!

New blog links

Couple-a new blogs to point out, over on your right-side menubar there.  Firstly we have my pal Chad Merritt, the charming leader of the band St. Mary’s.  I always owe him 25 e-mails and today is no exception especially since all my mail is stuck on my laptop which is in… Texas?  God knows.  Wherever they send those things to be fixed.

Secondly and lastly, we have young master Tim Ford, the drummer in John Whitney’s band, and lots of other bands too.  You may recall the last time I publically tore somebody a new asshole for not using the BCC field?  That was him. Thank god he had a sense of humor about it.  He even wrote about it in his blog, but this is the first time I’ve seen it.

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Mystery Song 005

…has just been posted!  Sorry for the 11-hour delay.  I’m totally useless without my Mac, so please let me know if I screwed it up (again).

Last week’s song was "Trappelzakboogie" by Drie Kleine Kleuters.  I have no knowledge of what it is, where it came from, or even what it means; your guess is as good as mine!  I do know it’s weird, and funny, and pretty catchy.  I have a whole playlist of songs performed by psychotic rodents.

Nation of thieves?

I have always admired Prince.  I respect him as a musician, as a composer and performer, and as a person of great insight and conviction on his opinions of the music industry.  Now he’s written a(nother) excellent commentary on the so-called piracy of music. Read it here if you’re interested.  He’s been bitching about the major labels for awhile now, eh?  And people used to laugh and call him names, but a lot of us fellow musicians knew he was right all along.

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Happy Labor Day

Hello, I’m typing on my PC now.  I finally took my iBook in for service… went to the Apple store in Woodfield mall, it felt like deja vu.  I knew exactly where I was, the only thing missing was the crowd of 1500 geeks! I found the store, told them I was dropping off the laptop, and was marched back to their Genius Bar to speak to a Mac Genius.  That’s what they call their help desk people!  I remembered that from before, but it cracked me up anyway.  I refrained from asking the guy about his actual IQ but I really wanted to.  So, the Genius was another one of those Perfect Nordic Young Men.  Mmmm mmm mmm.  I got so upset about leaving my laptop, the guy had to wrestle me down to the floor and pry it from my hands as I cried mercy.  Just kidding!  I was cool, I left it with no fuss or tears.  I’ll have it back by Fedex next week at the latest, hopefully sooner.

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Speaking of genealogy…

From Yahoo! News: Queen Victoria illegitimate?

A book to be published this week says that Queen Victoria may have been illegitimate, possibly undermining the whole Royal Family’s legitimacy <…>

We are the world, la la la

Rian and Lisa came over for dinner tonight (last night I mean).  John grilled up some salmon steaks for the occasion.  It was cool.  I think it went okay… I mean, we don’t party like we used to but it was nice to sit around and talk, and play them some stuff.  We showed them Johnny Lingo, that Mormon video thing I talked about here last Wednesday.  That’s always a big hit, you can’t go wrong with that one.  I played them the Sigmatropic song-snippets I’d worked on, they liked that a lot. John played them some stuff he’d done, and we deejayed a bunch of other tunes while we sat around.  I hope it was at least slightly fun for them, and worth the trip up here.  I know every moment spent with friends is important even if it might seem a little ho-hum at times.  We’d probably all rather be alone at home messing with our toys (whatever the toys may be) but that’s not exactly what memories are made of, is it.  Shit!!  I forgot to take their picture!!

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Do you like boobs a lot?

Click to donate to The Breast Cancer SiteA little bird tells me that the Breast Cancer Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman.

It’s fast, it’s free, and it’s all sponsored by advertisers.  I’ve been clicking nearly every day since the site was created years ago.  I have a sticky note on my computer with an alarm to remind me.  ONE mammogram a day is not much to shoot for, methinks.  Sure hope this gets back in fashion again!

You’ll only make it mad

The RIAA got hacked for the third time.  They’ve fixed the front page already, but this one is still showing the hacked version at this moment.  Um… I’m downloading a Linkin Park song for free, from the RIAA’s site, as we speak.  I don’t even know what kind of music that is, are they from Chicago?  I’m sure I’ll hate it, if it’s what’s popular.

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Holy crap… if you look up the DeZurik Sisters in Google, my page is the first one that pops up!  And it’s because of that blog entry below.  I can’t believe that.  I mean, WHY? Does Google rank their pages based on the author’s hyperexcitement?

Oh shit… am I adding to the problem by linking to the Google thing?  Oh dear.  Because there’s nothing here.  Sorry everybody!!!!

Ken Klehm

Ken Klehm photo by Edith Frost

SpamCop for OS X Mail

There’s a new plugin available for Mac OS X’s Mail.app, that helps to report unwanted mail to SpamCop.  Very cool.  It’s donationware with a $5 suggested minimum, but I want to try it out before I pay.  I hardly ever see any spam anymore now that I’ve got the paid account, but I’ll install it anyway in case I get one that nobody else has gotten before.  ("Yum! This spam is fresh!")

Doing the RSS thing

I’ve been playing with my new RSS newsreader off and on all day.  It’s so cool!!  They all do more or less the same thing, but the one I’m using is very good… it’s called NetNewsWire Lite, it’s for Mac OS X only.  See the post below about newsreaders if I’m confusing you!

My old method of website-monitoring was to "subscribe" to pages using IE bookmarks.  Using an RSS reader is SO much faster though.  I can zero in on the information I’m interested in a lot more quickly.

What I’m really doing is avoiding packing up all my files so I can take the laptop in for service.  I don’t wanna!!!!  But I have to.

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How to read the web

Did you ever wonder what that little orange XML button is for?  Read this.

When you download your newsreader, feed it the URL to my XML page…
… then you’ll be able to read my site without actually visiting it.  Hey, wait a minute!!!  Come back!!!

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