Field trip

photo by Edith FrostA gorgeous mosaic inside the el station at Roosevelt and Wabash

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Mary Hansen

John and I are both upset about the death of Mary Hansen from Stereolab.  We just found out tonight.  I’d never met her and never even seen them live, but we have all their records and I can’t imagine the band without her.  I get so sad whenever I find out about a fellow musician that died too young, especially one that I actually liked and respected.  :-(

What’s on my mind

The website’s looking alright isn’t it?  I pretty much finished migrating all my pictures into the my photos category in the blog.  There are some that I really can’t nail down a date on, but I’ll work on figuring that out later.  I’d like to start migrating the photos OF me into the blog as well, but that’s a whole ‘nother chore that I’m not sure I want to embark upon at this juncture.

John took yesterday afternoon off from work and we ran around getting shit done.  Well, mostly he was just accompanying me while I drove around tying up loose ends on last month’s tour, but the fact that he was there made me kick much more ass than I would have otherwise.  :-)

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Mystery Song 015

…is good to go.  Last week’s mystery song was an old favorite that I ripped from my (not very impressive) collection of weird 45s.  It’s "The World Owes Me A Living", from the Grasshopper and the Ants record / book on Disneyland Records, (c) 1968.  There’s no artist credited but I’m sure June Foray’s in there somewhere!

Here I GoDaddy

Well, I looked around a lot and followed the URLs y’all posted, and ended up transferring my domain registry to GoDaddy.  Or at least I initiated the transfer; I haven’t gotten anything from NetSol yet, but hopefully they’ll let the transfer go through with no problems.  I settled on GD because I plan on (probably) using their Domains By Proxy service later on after the tranfer’s approved.  This way I’ll no longer have to publish my e-mail and street addresses in the WhoIs database; they’ll just forward everything to me as necessary.  Right now I’m using Drag City’s street address in WhoIs, but they’re getting all my snailmail spam as a result.  And I’m still vulnerable to e-mail spam, so… I think DBP could be a good solution to all that.  We’ll see, I’m going to read up on it a little more before I decide.

Photos are a mess

John and I are both screwing around with our websites.  I’ve been migrating all my pictures into the blog.  I got rid of all those postings I made about the tour photos, since the links are all broken now and the postings didn’t make any sense anymore.  I tried to keep the comments and just move them along with the pictures, but I think I lost a few, oh well.  I like the new format a lot better, being able to see the pictures I took on the days that I took ‘em.  It makes more sense. Look at one of the monthly archive pages to see what I mean.

Wow, MT does photos

I’ve been playing with Movable Type’s image-manipulation features.  I think I’m going to start moving my photos into the blog, same as I’ve been doing with the old press clippings.  I’m putting them into their own category within the blog; right now it’s just called My Photos. There’s only a couple of pictures of M.O.T.O. on there right now but I just got started with it.  When that page gets out of control I can always break it down into smaller categories (albums).  I’m putting the thumbnail and description on the blog entry and the full image is viewable as a popup window; I hope that’s not too annoying.  If I get sick of that I can figure out another way to display the pictures but at least this way I can incorporate them into the rest of the blog.  It’s so easy to do, I can’t believe I haven’t been doing it this way already. MT creates the thumbnail for you and everything.  :-)

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Quiet around here

It’s hard to get back into the swing of blogging since I got back from touring. I have been doing some fixup work on the site that I haven’t bothered to write about.  Dreamweaver found a whole bunch of bad internal links that I think I finally fixed last night. In my wanderings I discovered that the press page for Telescopic got halfway eaten by Movable Type; I guess it’s not a good idea to store very long pages as index templates.  I’m going to have to look through my backup CDs and see if I can find a backup of that page elsewhere.  Ugh!!

My domain name’s coming up for renewal soon… not the hosting service but the name itself. I’m looking to change the registrar away from Verisign / Network Solutions, for obvious reasons.  Trying to decide where to transfer it to:, GoDaddy or someplace else?  Any recommendations for or against?

Upgraded MT

I upgraded my Movable Type scripts to version 2.51.  Just making sure everything still works!

Mystery Song 014

…is now posted for your enjoyment. Last week’s mystery song was "The Alphabet Song" by Floyd Robinson.  Wow, what a surprise!  ;-)

Mystery Song 013

… has just been posted. Last week’s mystery song was "Kaettekita Yopparai" by the Folk Crusaders, and I certainly hope you enjoyed it.


Hi edith, it’s me rian!
I’ve taken my turn at Scrabble© in Al’s Ashtray Game Room
and I’ve made a total of
     137 points,
for playing
     MOSQUITO (137)
Players in this game, and their current scores are:-
1 – rian: Score = 287
2 – edith: Score = 176

More gloating

I just trounced John at online Scrabble for the second time in a row, 321 to 176.  And I beat Ryan finally, but it was a real close shave at 281 to 278.  Current middleweight contenders Scott and Chad are no problem for me, but Alyce is giving me trouble right now; she might be better at this than I am.  I’m glad, I need to find more worthy opponents.  I’m going to invite my mother to play. She will kill me deader than hell; she completes the New York Times Sunday crossword in under an hour every weekend!

Finally victorious

I just totally annihilated John at online Scrabble, 350 to 169. And I’m giving Ryan a run for his money in another game we started, though he’ll probably still beat me in the end.

Bested by John

John Whitney just whipped me at online Scrabble, and Ryan’s about to kick my ass even worse.  I’ve sent out a few invites to other friends, hopefully they’ll be more on my level.  :-|

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