A year and a month

I’ve been adding some old journal entries to my blog.  Stuff that I wrote down in my PalmPilot, at some point after the time I took down my first weblog and before the Blogger one started.  (When I don’t know the exact time, I put it in as 9am, just so’s you know!) On this day last year I was, guess what?  Moping about the WTC attacks on top of having the usual post-tour depression and general craziness.

Gross, I’m getting so old… I got invited to my 20-year high school class reunion that’s happening next week in San Antonio.  I had to speak to the lady today (=yesterday) to tell her I wasn’t going.  I only went to AHHS for my senior year, and I kinda doubt anybody I actually liked back then will be attending!  Besides, it’s too close to the Europe tour, there’s just no way I can swing the trip down there right now.

Still tweaking

I’ve done so much futzing I’m ’bout to lose my mind!  At the moment I’m working on yearly archives, with 12 months of mini-calendars like the one that appears on my front page.  But I’m not done filling in all the years.

Still can’t figure out why my comments aren’t being mailed to me anymore.  Somebody else is having the same problem and posted a complaint to the Movable Type support forum.  I’ll wait to see if that gets any answers before I start tearin’ my hair out over it.

Now is the time to let me know if you spot any garish errors, links that don’t work, etc. etc.

Is there a God?

William Shatner: There is, but we don’t know where. Or who. And, indeed, why.

Mystery Song 010

…is now posted in the Mystery Songs area.  Last week’s desecration delicacy was "Lonely Too Long" by Susan Lea.  Ripped it off an ol’ 45.

Do not adjust your screen

I’ve upgraded and will be making more tweaks this evening.  I know it looks funny!


They just released Movable Type version 2.5.  I’m so excited!!  I’ll be back after I upgrade.

Thank you Judy Luckham!!

I got a pyramid-scheme chain letter today, I’m so excited.  It was sent by Judy Luckham of (address redacted).  Her e-mail is (redacted), in case you’d like to write to her to get involved in this great opportunity.  All you have to do is add your name and address to the bottom of the list, and then "place orders" with all the rest of the folks on the list.  You can get all these cool publications like "The Insider’s Guide to Advertising for Free on the Net" and "The Insider’s Guide to Sending Bulk E-mail on the Net".  I always WONDERED if I could make money from spamming!

Yesterday was also good; I got a worm in the mail from Alex Morrison.  I don’t think I know Alex, but who knows.  I tried to write him to ask him to take my name out of his address book, but the mail bounced, oh well.

Mmhh mmuuuhh mmrhhh

I can’t talk right now.  I bought one of those tooth-whitening systems and I have the mouthpiece on.  It’s full of peroxide goo and I’m supposed to leave it on for 15 minutes, twice a day.  I’ve had yellow-ass teeth ever since I was a little kid; I think it’s more a genetic thing than actual stains.  I got used to the yellowness a long time ago but I keep seeing commercials on TV for these whitening systems, so I thought I should at least try it.  This is only my 2nd application, it’s not doing anything yet.  HAHA… John is trying to talk to me and I can’t talk back.  So it is doing one thing at least… shutting me up for 15 minutes!

I’ve come to realize I don’t really like to blog on the weekends.  I just like to have a damn weekend with no obligations, y’know?  Nothing personal.

Infrequently asked questions

Ramon writes:

I have a question about the word TRUXTER as I found it on your website.
I quote the bit:

Stomp & Stammer, February 1999 <…> On her latest release, Telescopic, Edith’s back with more ace musicians including cellist Amy Domingues (who’s played with Tsunami), violinist Jean Cook, and an uncredited Neil Hagerty of Royal Trux. Surprised? Well hold onto your fannies, because Hagerty and fellow Truxter Jennifer Herrema

Please what does “Truxter” stand for?

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Tour update

Regarding my European tour which is just around the corner, I now have a better idea where I’ll be going and when.  I’ll be posting more info as the confirmations roll in, but here’s what I’m allowed to announce right now:

- Wed Oct 23 – Valencia, Spain @ Valencia University
– Fri Nov 1 – Granada, Spain
– Mon Nov 4 – Rome, Italy
– Thu Nov 7 – Bologna, Italy
– Sat Nov 9 – Teramo, Italy
– Tue Nov 12 – Oslo, Norway @ Cafe Mono (screw the nonbelievers!)

Check back soon for more dates, venues and show details.  All this info will also get posted on my shows page as soon as I get off my ass and update the thing.

Megan Reilly – Arc of Tessa

Megan Reilly Arc of TessaI’m listening to a CD of recordings that Megan Reilly sent me.  I played with her once in 1999 (I think?) opening for the Grifters in Memphis.  That’s where she’s from, but she lives in New York now.  SHE IS SO FUCKING GOOD.  She can really wail… she has a bit of that Cat Power thing goin’ on, where the voice is mostly whispery and pretty, but then erupts into gigantic howls for the crescendos, sometimes threatening to go off the rails, kinda like the way Conor from Bright Eyes sings.  Megan’s music is very country- and bluesy-flavored though, not emo or whatever you call it.  I would imagine she’s doing shows around NYC right about now, so please go see her if you spot her name somewhere.  She says she’s trying to shop these recordings to some labels… hope somebody bites on that real soon, ‘cuz we ain’t gettin’ any younger.

If you’d like to read more, here’s an old article about her from the Memphis Flyer.  I couldn’t find much else.

Autograph my ass

Okay, here’s the e-mail I got from the musician I told you about before, reprinted here by his kind permission. If you’re also a musician or entertainer who’s gotten the same type of e-mail, I would really like to know, so please post a comment!!

I saw your most recent posting on your website about the solicitation you got for an autograph. While I realize that it’s a stretch to describe you as a world-famous celebrity, I am in a band that is scraping the absolute lowest recesses of the fame ladder, and both me and my drummer received a similar thing. Apparently it’s a scam whose purpose is basically to get a copy of your signature for use in a variety of nefarious purposes.
Just letting you know,
Dan Bukszpan

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Gadget of the week

I just treated myself to a new thingy at Radio Shack.  It’s an iRock wireless music adaptor.  A dongle that plugs into any 1/8" headphone jack and transmits audio to a nearby FM receiver.  You can choose between 4 FM channels, and it’s powered by two triple-A batteries.  I have it hooked up right now to my iBook, playing tunes through the stereo about 10 feet away.  I can hear a low static between songs, but it isn’t much worse than AM radio, and I guess this is actually in stereo.  Probably it’ll sound even better if I hook it into the iPod and play it through the car stereo.  Pretty sweet gadget for only thirty bucks!!  I have iTunes running, playing an MP3 that’s sitting on the PC in the other room.  I’m reaching that via the AirPort base station, and then getting it to the stereo via the iRock dongle.  I am VERY pleased with myself here.  :-) I’m totally convinced this will be the one gadget that transforms my life so completely that I will never require any more new technology.  Just kidding!

Mystery Song 009

…is posted.  Last week’s mystery song was "The Astro-Mice (No Cheese On The Moon)" by Miss L.L. Louise Lewis.  Ripped it off an old 45.  I think I remember reading somewhere that she ended up getting sued by Ross Bagdasarian for ripping off the Chipmunks.  EVEN though mice and chipmunks are entirely different creatures as we all know!

I’m installing the stuff on the Apple Developer Tools CD.  I’m not saying I’m going to be BUILDING anything, I’m just saying I’m installing it, okay?  Move along now.  Nothing to see here.

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The autograph thing

A fellow musician just wrote to me telling me that the same thing happened to him, and it is indeed a scam.  I’m gonna make him post something here to tell y’all his story real quick, or else sweet-talk him into letting me re-post the explanation he sent me.  Now I’m all intrigued, and my anti-spam hairs are tingling.  A quick search of Google turned this up, on somebody else’s blog.  Obviously unrelated to the e-mails I got, but still, it does seem to be a big racket.  What should I do with those Swedish addresses?  Try to give them to some Swedish authorities?  Post them here on my website?  Send them a little gift that came from my ass?  I just can’t decide.  (evil grin)

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