Website’s working again

Website’s working again.  I have no idea why it was down so long, but hey, let’s not get too spoiled over this internet thing.  It was tired, it needed a weekend to itself, I dunno!!

Boxmobile, sensitive brains

My whole website and mailserver have been down for like 24 hours straight, which does not please me at all.  I can still blog though; I’ll just post it when the server’s back up.

John and I bought a bunch of moving boxes and tape at the U-haul place today.  I wanna go into the box business, they’re makin’ a killing over there!!  Somebody needs to create the "Box Exchange".  For like $20 you join the club for life, and agree to donate your extra boxes whenever you can.  You gotta move?  You tell us how many boxes you need and what sizes, and you can either pick ‘em up, or for $10 we’ll deliver these semi-used boxes to you.  When you’re done unpacking at the new place, you call us and we’ll come retrieve the boxes so we can loan ‘em to the next person that needs ‘em.

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Mozilla vs Mary Timony

If you care, which you prolly don’t, I’ve been using Mozilla 1.0 as my main browser for the past few weeks.  It’s almost exactly like the Netscape 7 PR1 I tried awhile back, but without the annoying AOL branding.  I’m totally addicted to the tabbed browser interface now, definitely wouldn’t go back to a browser without that.

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Tim Ford, the drummer

Tim Ford, the drummer in John Whitney’s band and Family Haircut, now has a website of his own.  Can you handle it?  I don’t think you can…

Moving, but Amy’s here

So yeah, me and John have to move.  But we have plenty of time to find a place.  I made a bunch of phone calls today but it’s looking like it’s too early at this point… all the apartments for rent are for July 1st.  If we want to be shooting for August 1st, I need to start calling on July 1st, or on August 1st for the September apartments.  I feel very confident that we’ll get something good, something we like even better than the one we’re in now.  (Which is… really nice… waaaaahhhh!!)

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Amy Domingues fondles my iPod

photo by Edith Frost

$260 rent hike

Me and John just found out they’re raising our rent by $260!!  We can’t afford it, we have to find someplace else to live.  Sept. 1st is the deadline.  Argh!!!

Well, it’s better than gettin’ evicted…

Cable vs P2P

Interesting article I ran across: Will Cable Unplug the File Swappers? One of my old bosses Clay Shirky got quoted in it. If he’s not worried then I’m not worried either.

John’s show at the Bottle

I just had a dream that I was climbing around some mountains in Colorado, and the whole place was flooded.  How freaky is that, with the wildfires going on right now?  My brain’s apparently trying to help.  Everybody visualize rain in Colorado!!

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At the Empty Bottle

photo by Edith FrostJohn Whitney’s band. L-R: Chris Sewell (bass), Tim Ford (drums), John Whitney (guitar, vocals).

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Indie… gestion.

Ugh, I haven’t been feeling very well, the past day or so.  Bad case of the farty-cramps… Mother Nature’s way of telling me I need to watch my diet, I guess.  Must have been that creamy chicken TV dinner I ate while John was at practice yesterday, or maybe it’s just sympathy pains from the TV show I saw over the weekend about competitive eaters.  Heheh.

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Via Nuon vs Jennifer Beals

Me and Ryan and Via had our third jam session today.  (Today meaning Saturday, not Sunday!  I’m always writing in the wee hours.) It’s sounding nice. Via was playing guitar with a glass slide and Ryan was fooling around on the Wurlitzer for the last half of it.  Ryan’s so good, he can play anything, anywhere, anytime.  I know he reads my blog and I don’t care if I’m embarrassing him!!!  heheheh.

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Klez worm posing as me

It has come to my attention that the Klez worm has hijacked my e-mail address again, and is sending out messages from some goddamn machine out there using my address as the (spoofed) sender.  So if you get a copy of this worm with my return address, IT WASN’T FROM ME!!!!

DJ Shadow @ Park West

Sorry I didn’t get around to blogging earlier.  I have everything pretty much reinstalled now, and all data is back where it needs to be.  There wudn’t nothin’ to it but to do it.

John took me out to see DJ Shadow tonight.  It was awesome!!!  Okay, I know.  The Grand Canyon is awesome.  The Great Pyramid is fucking awesome… I shouldn’t use that word like I’m a surfer dude.  But it was really really great.  It was at Park West; neither of us had been there before.  It’s a pretty nice place, maybe like a snootier version of the Metro.  Or, you might say, a not-so-snooty House of Blues.  (We like to pronounce that with a silent ‘L’.)

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Browser wars

Got caught up reading a comments thread that’s been growing over at Mac News Network… I’m sorry, but it’s about the browser wars.  It’s the most boring age-old dumbass question… "which browser is right for me?" But I’ve always been interested in this.  I have to admit that when I turned on my iBook for the first time, I was a little shocked to see Internet Explorer as the default browser.  I guess I was expecting a more Linux-ey setup, using Netscape, or maybe Opera or something, but not IE!!  The last time I had used Mac OS was about 1997, and I guess back then Netscape was the only game in town.  Now there’s so much to choose from…

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