We’re all pirates to them

Another excellent article in Wired, Bracing for the Digital Crackdown. It runs down the entertainment industry’s repeated attacks on consumers, and notes: "Each of the measures assumes the user’s guilt and attempts to create a preemptive solution." Guilty until proven innocent.  Or just flat guilty, since we’re all being punished just the same, whether or not we’ve ever copied a CD.

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Moving discog to MT

I’m starting to move my discography into Movable Type, so every release will be sortable either amongst the blog entries or not.  That’s why the archives have suddenly jumped back to July 2001!  This is going to take awhile but it’s going to be an improvement because everything will be organized in multiple categories… you’ll be able to see the full discography, or just my own albums, or just the guestings, etc.  I think ultimately everything on this site that can be expressed in terms of dates, should be put into Movable Type!  Definitely the past shows list, probably the press stuff too.  It’ll just be a lot of cutting and pasting but it’ll make things easier for me to control in the end.  There are some sections that I’m not sure what to do with (like lyrics) but I’ll cross that bridge later.

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DOJ vs 70 million citizens

Another sad day for music fans.  The Department of Justice is getting ready to start prosecuting people who share music and other files on P2P networks.  They want to throw us all in jail.  We’re not even allowed to share music with members of our own family!  Read about it on ZDNet UK.

I’m not even using P2P or instant messaging anymore.  The internet is no longer our own; they’re going to control everything, so we’re not safe here.  We have to invent a new way, or go back to old ways of assembling and communicating with each other.  It sucks.

New Mekons

The new Mekons album got released yesterday… it’s called "OOOH! (Out Of Our Heads)". Me and Kelly Hogan sang backups on it, so I’ve added it to my discography.  YONK!!  It’s a wonderful record, best album they’ve ever done.

Mystery Song 003

This week’s mystery song is…

…well I can’t tell you that or it wouldn’t be a mystery would it?  But I can tell you what last week’s song was.  "Like a Bird" by the late great Florence Foster Jenkins.  Some say she was the world’s worst opera singer but… I think she might have been the greatest, actually.

Oh.  Ow.

Six Flags was lots of fun.  Can’t talk much.  Sooooore.  Very sore.

It ended up being just sort of a half-day, since we got there a bit late and then found out the park was closing at 8pm instead of 10 like we’d thought.  Still, it seemed like the right amount of time.  We rode the Eagle twice in a row (forwards and then backwards), did the Viper and the Demon and the Eagle again.  Did the Triple Play, the Whizzer and the Whirlygig.  Took a few pictures… my camera still confuses me.  I wanted to do more video of the Whirlygig but couldn’t figure out how to set it that way.  Argh!!

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Mekons: OOOH! (Out Of Our Heads)

Click for larger image...Mekons: OOOH! (Out Of Our Heads)
©2002, Quarterstick Records
More Info * Purchase at Amazon

Kelly Hogan and I did backup vocals all over this record. But there are a LOT of vocals happening, so I’m still trying to figure out exactly which songs I’m on.

Happy b-day to me

So yeah, I’m 38 today.  Silver care plan, here I come!  ;-) I just hope I’ll have less trouble remembering that number than I did with the last one.  37 was the hardest number for me to retain.  Every time I needed to know how old I was, I could never remember if it was 37 or 38.  And since I’m such a peabrain at math, I could never do the calculation.  I would run to John and say… "Honey, am I 37 or 38? Please tell me." And he would stare at me and laugh and say, "Edith, you are… still… 37 years old." This happened OVER and OVER again.  Well, now I’m really 38, and there’s no way I’m going to think I’m 39!  For one full year I will KNOW my true age.  :-)

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iTools / .Mac petition

If you’d like to add to the 31,000+ voices who respectfully disagree with Apple’s "e-mail for life" bait and switch tactics, then sign here.  I did.  Not because I’m a cheapskate, but because I really think the complainers have a point.  iTools was indeed bundled with my computer, and advertised as being part of the system.  E-mail for life is what they said.  iTools logo printed right on the box.  So it kinda seems like I’ve already paid for the iTools features, even if I don’t deserve the new goodies .Mac has to offer.

There’s a lawsuit going on all about this, in a British small claims court.  I’m really interested to see what happens with that.

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Comments are imported

Finally finished ramming the old comments into the new system.  Thank GOD.  I never ever want to do that again, not ever again in my whole entire life. That shit’s for the birds.

If y’all notice any double postings left, or anything else that’s weird, please do let me know. I also might have lost a thread or two in the process, but oh well.  There were a few messages I noticed that I could have sworn people had commented on, but maybe I’m just trippin’.

Isn’t it hilarious how I’m constantly updating y’all on backend issues you shouldn’t give a shit about?  I could indeed have a whole website that goes into great detail about how I have a website.

Soren’s blogging!

Soren Davis, the lead singer of Family Haircut has a new blog.  Isn’t that special!  He’s obviously a natural at the blogging.  The rest of the site might be a little too complicated for my poor browser to handle; I can’t even see the graphics.  Can you say… Weblint?  Heheh.

Spam rant showcase

I made a new subcategory last night just for my spam tirades.  I haven’t marked all the spam-related posts for this page yet, but a lot of the good ones are there now.  When you see it all in one place, it’s pretty hilarious.  Watch me go completely ballistic, over and over and over again.  No one is spared from my fury.  Do NOT get me started, ‘cuz dude!  This is what happens when you get me started.

Elvis’ 25th deathiversary

The day Elvis Presley died, I was having an early birthday party around the pool at a friend’s house.  (My birthday’s the 18th, he died on the 16th.) I’ve always thought this was my 12th birthday but doing the math, I guess I was turning 13.  We had the radio playing while we swam, and the DJ announced that Elvis had died.  All of us looked at each other and said… "So what?  Some fat Vegas guy died."

It didn’t take me too long to start appreciating what he did and who he was.  Remember the whole "Elvis Lives" thing?  I was a total believer!  I think we were all fished in by that one for a least a little while.

Crunching comments

What the…?!?  Did I totally forget to make a post for August 15?  No… fucking… way.  I missed a day.  Bad blogger!!  Well, if makes you happy, I’ll tell you that I worked real hard on site stuff today.  For YOU.  I was working extremely hard on getting the old 200-plus comments smooshed into a format that MT can swallow.  If I were a programmer this would be a 5-minute job, but I’m not, so it’s taking me fucking HOURS.  Serves me right for using a groovy specialized homegrown comments system (Blogkomm, which is actually pretty sweet) instead of something a little more commonly-used like YACCS or YACCs or whatever it’s called.  People have already written scripts that’ll format those comments into the Movable Type style, but I had to do mine the hard way.  I’m glad I’m finally getting it done though… I should have them up by morning if all goes smoothly.  The old comments were and are important to me — the dialogue is half the fun here, so it really feels lopsided without them.

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Timezone testing

My posts are showing up as being posted an hour before they really were.  I just changed the setting in MT, hope it works now.

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