Disgusting spam

I’m using SpamCop again.  Somehow I got added to the spam-list for Incest.com.  Grody.  And even though I have filters to delete them, it bothers me that I’m getting ‘em at all.  They keep changing their routine so it’s always coming from a different open relay, but it always uses "Incest.com" somewhere in the body of the e-mail, so that’s what I’m filtering for.  So don’t use that word in an e-mail to me or it’ll get deleted!  Maybe I should post a list of domains I’m blocking.  It’s a REALLY long list though.  And besides, if I don’t write you back it’s probably just because I suck with my e-mail, not because your domain’s blocked.

KPIG halts webcast

Oh man… KPIG had to shut off its webcast.  They’ve been on the web even longer than me!  Not that I’d compare myself to a radio station.  But, they were one of the first links I ever put on Cowgal’s Home On The Web back around ’95.  I liked them for their high twang quotient, which was actually pretty rare back then.  I guess it’s gonna be rare again if the Library of Congress has its way.  It’s crazy, the whole bureaucracy of music, it’s just a monster trying to kill everything in its path.  They’re trying to outlaw music is what they’re doing!!

Sigmatropic, and bad news

John went to hang out with a buddy of his today so I spent a good long time on the Sigmatropic vocals.  I dumped the best of what I’ve done so far to a CD, five songs I think.  So thank heavens that’s done.  All I have to do is make a dupe of the CD (I used an R/W in case I screwed it up!).  I can’t send it until Monday so I’ll have time to work on it tomorrow too, but I’ve already got a lot… any additional tracks I’m able to polish up over the weekend will be gravy.  I mean, they’re only picking one song, *maybe*, assuming they like it.  But I’m satisfied with what there is, got everything nicely double-tracked and harmonized so they can mix it as thick or as thin as they want.

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Further tabs

Somebody asked me for the tabs to my song Further.  I should have just made a little chart but instead I wrote it all out for her.  Wanna see?

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Format c: just for fun! (NOT)

Hey looky, somebody set up an iPods Around The World photo gallery.  I know, I’m such a geekaloid.

I’m wiping the drive on my PC, just for fun.  I’d set it up a year ago with all these idiotic partitions that I want to get rid of now.  When XP first came out, I was booting between that and Win98 on a regular basis.  So I had one partition for Win98; another for XP system files and programs; another for programs that would run on both sides; and a fourth partiton that I used for MP3s, which I had shared on my home network so I could get to ‘em from my laptop.  Anyway I decided I don’t need the extra partitions so much, since I’m not booting between 98 and XP anymore.  At first I was afraid XP was going to turn out like Windows ME, which was the biggest piece of crapware ever made.  I spit upon its grave.  But XP is really pretty stable, at least good enough that I’d never want to use 98 again, for sure.  So I’m now free to let the whole drive be hogged by XP.

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Alan Lomax died.

Oh no… Alan Lomax died.  I’m all choked up about it.  Wherever you are Alan, thank you sooooo much for everything you did to preserve the music of our elders!!

Dog Songs

Songs About Dogs
Dog Song – Betty Reilly & Xavier Cugat
Hound Dog – Eilert Pilarm
Spinning Dog – Lumpy Choo Choo Band
Wild Dogs of Kentucky – Nervous Norvus
Hot Dog Boogie – Singing Dogs
Oh Susanna – Singing Dogs
Hush Puppy Hush – Wee Willie Shantz
Put The Bone In – Terry Jacks
The Fang – Nervous Norvus
Let Me Play Wit’ Yo’ Poodle – Johnny Buckett
Poodle Party – The Dickies
Oh Canine – Chris Ligon
Fluffy – Gloria Balsam
Stinky Poodle – Tangela Tricoli
Something About Ishka – Naomi Hall

Gibberish Songs

Here’s a playlist for you, of a few of my favorite gibberish songs.  I haven’t gotten around to making a mix CD yet, but if you can find all these tunes, feel free to make your own!  I haven’t played with the order at all so I don’t know if it flows correctly, but whatever.

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DJing with iPod

Here’s a neat article about a club in NYC that uses iPods to let their customers DJ the music.

The article mentions that the NY Times recently published a list of what’s on Beck‘s iPod.  Maybe I could copycat that idea with a page on my site!  It might be easier to pull off than the old "What’s on my turntable" page I used to keep.  I had to update that thing by hand fifty times a week, which is why I got rid of it.  But I think with the power of Applescript and iTunes, I might actually be able to do this semi-automagically.

Dreamweaver MX arrives

My Dreamweaver came today!  So now I can go back to appreciating the things I’ve got, instead of yearning for things I can’t have (yet).  I’m still a little disgruntled about the iPod though.  If I’d know that in just a few months I’d be able to get one with double the space, no moving parts, a clock etc., and all for the same price, I really would’ve waited!!  I feel like Neil Hamburger… "THAT’s my liiiiiife…"

Apple switcheroo

The new-OS rush has worn off and I’m starting to think about the annoyances this day has brung.  OS 10.2 is going to cost $129, and so far they aren’t offering any kind of upgrade version at all.  What’s up with that? We bought 10, and now we have to pay full price all over again for 10.2?  Just seems a little Microsoftish if you ask me.

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Hello Kitty iMac

The new iMacs are to die for.  17" screen, SuperDrive, the works.  Give it.  All ya need is ears and eyes, and a red bow, and voila!  Hello Kitty computer!!

Steve Jobs keynote

I’m watching Steve Jobs’ keynote speech right now.  Testify!!  Jaguar, now revealed as Mac OS 10.2, won’t be out until August 24th, and the calendar app won’t be out ’til September.  Oh well, but there’s a new iTunes coming out today.  They’re coming out with an upgraded iPod, 20 gigs for the same price I paid for my tennie!  AND a remote, AND a case.  Shit.

Prank of the Chad Merritts

Hey, they came out with a version of RealPlayer for OS X!  Took ‘em long enough.  It’s even the newer RealOne version, which up ’til now you couldn’t even get for OS 9.

Oh yeah, I can tell the story now.  The prank I played on my friend?  Well, it’s Chad Merritt, this guy from Louisiana who has a band called St. Mary’s.  (But didn’t he move?  I’m getting confused.) There’s a picture of our meeting in Houston in the photo-gallery.

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Last call for Live365

My van’s back from the shop.  Nothing like a newly-repaired machine, it makes you feel better about everything.  They replaced the "fan module" for less than $150 — I’m just really glad John was the one who took it in because if it’d been me, they would’ve overhauled the fucker I’m sure.

Last call for listening to my Live365 station.  On August 1st they’re going to start charging all users $5 a month for "royalty fees".  Since I wrote most of those songs myself, AND they’ve been bombarding my listeners with advertising all along, I don’t feel any great urge to pony up.  I have to do something audiowise though, on this site.  "MP3" has gotta be the most-searched term around here, next to the word "bio" which is something that just doesn’t exist here and probably never will.  Because, who wants to write your own damn bio?  Not me.

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