Doing the RSS thing

I’ve been playing with my new RSS newsreader off and on all day.  It’s so cool!!  They all do more or less the same thing, but the one I’m using is very good… it’s called NetNewsWire Lite, it’s for Mac OS X only.  See the post below about newsreaders if I’m confusing you!

My old method of website-monitoring was to "subscribe" to pages using IE bookmarks.  Using an RSS reader is SO much faster though.  I can zero in on the information I’m interested in a lot more quickly.

What I’m really doing is avoiding packing up all my files so I can take the laptop in for service.  I don’t wanna!!!!  But I have to.

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How to read the web

Did you ever wonder what that little orange XML button is for?  Read this.

When you download your newsreader, feed it the URL to my XML page…
… then you’ll be able to read my site without actually visiting it.  Hey, wait a minute!!!  Come back!!!

DeZurik Sisters online

WOW.  I just found a whole buttload of tracks online by one of my most favorite obscure groups of all time, the DeZurik Sisters aka the Cackle Sisters.  This stuff is really really really really cool, so please check it out if you can.  I kid you not… these two girls made some of the most amazing, crazy-ass vocal music ever created.  Okay, I’m begging you… you gotta hear this!!  I am beside myself with glee here.  ::pant pant::  Go giddum, right now!!  This page will NOT be opening in a new window because I really want you to leave right now and not come back ’til you’ve heard at least one track.  (Hint: the first one is soooo great, and it only gets better!)

Update:  Sorry, it’s gone now.  :-(

Discography’s done

Finally finished moving all the discography pages into Movable Type.  I had to fudge on some of the release dates, having only the year to go by.  And I’m sure there’s lots of info missing, so if anybody notices anything, just post a comment.

I can’t do anymore major updates for the next few days, because I’m moving my stuff back and forth in preparation to take my laptop in for service.  Next week maybe.  I will be blogging though!

What’s your inner flower?

what’s your inner flower?
[c] s u g a r d e w

Tender loving AppleCare

Well, I totally slept through the Shooby Taylor interview, if it happened today.  Shit.  Hope it’ll be archived somewhere so I can hear it.

Apple just sweet-talked me into spending all my money again.  I’ve been meaning to get their AppleCare Protection Plan for my sweet precious iBook… it gives you three years of free hardware support, as opposed to 90 days free / one year at $50 per incident.  It’s really the only way to go; I should have bought it with the machine but it took me awhile to realize I’d need it.

BTW, are you aware of the "More" button underneath this sentence?  I get the feeling a lot of people are missing that.  Not YOU though.  :-)

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Desktop screengrab

Whatever Yalda wants, Yalda gets.  :-)

click for larger image...

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Mystery Song 004

…has been posted.  Last week’s mystery song was "Johnny Jingo" by Hayley Mills.  A terribly wonderful singer.  Hayley played the twins in the Disney movie Parent Trap — or were they identical cousins?  No.  Twins, only separated at birth I think.

Johnny Jingo always makes me think of "Johnny Lingo" which is an old short film made by the Mormons, that my SLC pals Glade and Davina turned me on to.  It’s on an LDS video called The Worth of Souls, which I don’t really recommend except for the atrociously hilarious "Johnny Lingo".  You can buy this thing at the bookstore by the temple in Salt Lake City.  But be careful you don’t cross the street and get sucked into the vortex of the giant multicolored pulsating brain!!!  Just kidding.  I love Mormons.  :-)

Jaguar good

I’ve got almost everything reinstalled and working normally again.  Few Jaguar-related glitches, but nothing too serious.  I’ve been trying out Apple’s new iApps also.  iChat is sweet!!  I got ahold of Alyce that way, she was sitting there bored at work.  Talked to my western-swing buddy Keith also, all the way over in England.  iChat only works with AIM and screennames, so I’m using my old AIM one.  Should I tell you what it is?  I dunno.  You tell me yours.  :-)

I really need to finish moving the discography, and post that photo of John Rice!!  Heheh.  He was asking me about that the other day and I had to admit I’m simply a lamer and hadn’t done it.  Well… I’ll stop talking about it and just tell you when I DO it.

Spam filtering tip

Jen and I are talking about spam stuff, and I thought of this one thing… I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here before but I think everybody ought to know about it.  It’s iFrame.  Set up your junk filters to look for the terms ‘iframe’ and/or ‘cid:’ (with the colon).  iFrame is one of the spammers’ methods of automagically including the whole source of an external webpage in an e-mail.  Some legitimate e-mailers use it too, but mostly the spammers. iFrame’d e-mails call up their content by using ‘cid:’ followed by some sort of identifier string which calls up external pictures or files or what have you.  So, if you get an e-mail with either one or both of those terms somewhere inside, you can bet it’s probably spam.

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Shooby Taylor LIVE on WFMU!!

Okay, people.  THIS is the kind of thing that explains why, even after six years of not living anywhere near New York, I never stopped donating my little pittance every year to my favorite station on earth, WFMU.  Shooby Taylor has been found!!!  And on Wednesday morning he’s going on the air for an interview, health permitting. I sure hope I can wake up early enough to listen to that webcast.

Talking Dog for Sale

This guy sees a sign in front of a house…

"Talking Dog for Sale"

He rings the bell and the owner tells him the dog is in the back yard. The guy goes into the back yard and sees a mutt sitting there.

"You talk?" he asks.

"Yep," the mutt replies.

"So, what’s your story?"

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More Jaggage

I’m just installing things and getting my data back up and rolling.  .Mac Backup restored all my IE settings, that was sweet.  And I was able to connect to my Windows PC over the network instantly, that was REALLY sweet!  So I don’t need Sharity anymore.  Not that I didn’t like it, but it’s one less thing to be running all the time thanks to Rendevous networking.

Everything looks really nice, and runs great.  I like all the spiffy new features they’ve added… there really is a lot of improvement here.  I still wish they’d given us an upgrade option (pricewise) but I don’t feel I’ve been ripped off either.  Still can’t believe that LINE at the mall though, heheh!

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I got it, yup.  Used my birthday money.  Drove to Micro Center, walked right in, picked it up, bought it, and walked right out.  It’s installing now.  So I guess the Woodfield trip was one of those things you do for the experience.  Builds character.  It sure was amazing to see all those people though… what a strange phenomenon that a crowd big enough to fill the Metro would all show up THERE on a Friday night.  Most of them just looked like very bored IT people to me; there weren’t any flat-out geeks that I saw.  Other than myself of course.  :-)

If you don’t believe I’m a geek, check this out.  I put my shirt on backwards today and wore it that way all day long before I realized.  It was pushing on my neck all funny, and that’s why.  I really am a tard.

More Woodfield pics

MacCentral posted an article with pictures of huge long lines at Apple stores across the land, including Woodfield.  Such a big deal!!  I was shocked when I saw all those people, I’m still in shock.  Were those all Mac fans?  I thought this was supposed to be a geek thing!

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