There is doubt

"There is no doubt, mass copying off the Internet is illegal and deserves to be a high priority for the Department of Justice,"
– RIAA Chairman Hilary Rosen

Everything about this is wrong.  There’s plenty of doubt.  Copying from the internet is not necessarily illegal. And it doesn’t deserve to be even looked at by the DOJ, much less be a high priority.  Hilary Rosen is high!!  On power and money and greed and control.

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Exporting blogger

I just exported my Blogger posts to a flat file.  It wasn’t too hard at all!  Just testing to make sure I didn’t screw up in re-setting my setting.  I still haven’t installed Movable Type yet… I thought that getting my stuff off Blogger would be the one big hurdle, but it turned out to be a snap.  So hopefully everything else will go just as smoothly.  Can’t deal with it until later though.

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Abrams Report, blah blah

I really like the Abrams Report.  They just had a story about how they’re trying to decriminalize marijuana in Nevada.  I think that’s great btw!  It’s high time.  (nyuk nyuk) I wish the Supreme Court would feel the same… didn’t they just strike down the medical marijuana initiative a few months ago?  They really don’t get it.

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Politics is a bummer

Speaking of ‘net activism, here’s a really easy way you can voice your disapproval about the new webcasting law that’s causing the disappearance of so many hundreds of online radio stations.  Or, probably more like thousands, if you include the homegrown Live365 jobbies like mine were.  This is just a little autoform thing, all you have to do is fill in your name and address and it’ll fax a letter to your local congresspurses… er… persons.  Me, I was always more of an armchair activist, if anything.  I’m really not politically-minded at all, and usually ignore all issues until something happens that directly affects my own personal freedoms.  This really does, so I’m happy to add my name and press that button.

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Making bugs sing

Wow, talk about taking geekiness to a whole new level…!! A programming tool that makes bugs sing. It’s so far-out you’d think it was an April Fool’s gag.  I took Pascal in college, and I flunked… hope this’ll make it easier on the next generation.

I’m mad as hell etc.

I spent way too much time today trying to track down that one evil spammer.  Unfortunately it happens to be one of the kings of spam, someone that’s been doing this in various guises for the past couple of years.  SO many people have tried, but no one has succeeded in getting him permanently off the web.  If one ISP kicks him off, he moves to another.  He’s a hacker, I think he should be arrested and thrown in jail for conducting what amounts to DOS attacks on mail servers.

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FUCKING SHIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!  I just got my first real piece of spam at my address.  Somebody got my address.  Somebody’s gonna DIE…!!!  I am frothing at the mouth here.

Mystery Song 001

Well, I’ve been thinkin’ and thinkin’, and thinkin’ some more.  YOU know and I know that I would never knowingly share any song on my website if there were any copyright issues in doing that.  Everything I want to share is soooooo out of print and so long-forgotten, it’s not even funny.  So I came up with a half-baked solution.  Edith’s Mystery Song!!  Do you love it??  I do.

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John C. Reilly, MP3s

Wow!!  I just saw John C. Reilly on the Conan O’Brien show.  He seemed so nice!  This is the guy that I met back in April when I played in Los Angeles… he was in the movie Boogie Nights and has a new one coming out with Jennifer Aniston, that’s why he was on Conan.  I didn’t have enough time back in April to blog the whole story… but it went a little something like this.

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Foot Foot, MP3 idea

Someone wrote to inform me that the "Foot Foot" featured in the Shaggs song is actually a cat, not a dog.  I had put that song on my Dog Songs playlist, oh well.  I actually think I knew that at one time, I must be trippin’.

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Dreamweaver templates

I’m busy converting the rest of my discography section into Dreamweaver template pages.  It’s a chore I’ve been putting off for the last few weeks.  What total drudgery, this business of converting things from one format to another.  If I were more of a power-user maybe I’d know an easier way to do this!  I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface on what DMX can really do.

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Another bad dream

I had another bad dream!!  Argh!!  I have to stop trying to sleep at night… nighttime is SCARY.  Maybe you don’t want to read this but I’m going to write it down anyway so I’ll remember tomorrow.  So… it’s a variation of the same dream I have a lot, where I’m running around unfamiliar neighborhoods trying to find my house, or any house where it’s okay for me to stay awhile.  (This tells you something about my basic psychology, eh?)

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The Great Movie Ride

Okay, this is the most hilarious thing ever.  My sister Lucie has two little kids, Thomas and Marshall.  Thomas is the older one, he’s the quiet type.  I don’t think he likes me at all, but oh well, you can’t please ‘em all.  Marshall however, he’s five years old, and he’s always been the biggest cutup on earth, he likes everybody.  I met him for the first time when he was maybe three years old, and two minutes after me and John walked in the door, he was putting on a puppet show for us.

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Now ICDSoft wants me

Now ICDSoft wants me to be their BITCH.  A spokes-ho to be quoted on a testimonial page they’re working on.  So I get what I deserve for tootin’ their horn!  Heheh.  Naw, I think I might do it, but if I did I’d want to wait a few more months, to be sure the service is as stable as it has been for the past month and a half I’ve been there.

John recorded a couple of really hilarious songs on Friday with Pat on vocals.  So today we went through and added background vocals, me and John on a single mic.  One is done up as a Gregrorian chant type thing, with Pat very artistically singing the praises of… something!?  John is on the Farfisa organ in the background, and me and John are singing the Allelujah’s with full cathedral echo.

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Eye heart my webhost

Can I for once in my life NOT complain about how my internet services are working?  Yes I can.  Blogger been working exceptionally well for me lately, and so has the Earthlink DSL connection. And I am SO loving my new webhost ICDSoft.  Not only have I not had any problems at all, but the support has been really top-notch.  Always an answer within just a few minutes of my posting any stupid configuration question.  And the site control panel you get is really neato.  Everything’s automated, and you can tweak all your settings in one relatively simple interface.  So many features I haven’t even played with. I’m about to start up a new mailing list right here, for example, and it’ll be spam-free and totally my own.  And, they just installed a search engine for me which I’m about to tweak and link on my site, so I can quit using Atomz.  (Atomz is really good, but it’s a remote service and I’d rather do everything locally if possible.)

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