Run kitty run

John came home for a quick dinner after soundcheck.  He knew exactly how I was feeling about not wanting to go to this show.  He’d actually already talked about this with a few friends, who had been witness to, and/or had been directly involved in the various stupid little dramas and side-dramas that caused me to feel such profound dislike for a certain person or persons.  And John understands, and it’s perfectly okay with everyone if I don’t go.  Better, even, because it’s just one rock show among many others, and rock shows are supposed to be fun, not stressful.

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Don’t wanna go

John’s playing a show tonight at the Hideout.  I should go, but there will be one or more people there that I really don’t like and don’t want to see.  I would so much rather avoid the situation and just not go to this show, but the right thing to do would be to face up to it, support John’s music, and not worry about stupid things like this.  But… my mind is affecting my stomach.  I feel sick with dread right now.  Don’t wanna go, just don’t.  Accepting things like this is what grown-ups have to do, and I don’t like it.  :-(

Barely anything happened

Barely anything happened today.  It was nice.  Did laundry, listened to some tunes.  :-)


I added Alyce and Stephanie to my linky-links, over to your left there.  It’s neat because these are the first people I’m aware of that have a blog, who also read my blog.  (Took me long enough to NOTICE they’d been putting their URLs in their comments all along… DUH.) So it’s cool, it’s starting to turn into a real actual blogrolling list instead of just being a list of links to my real-life pals, and other people who prolly don’t know me from Adam.  Hell, even Adam doesn’t know me from Adam.  (Sorry dude… but I do not in any way shape or form fool myself into thinking you might remember me working at your company!  I just like your blog, but I know you’re not listening, so why am I talking to you?  Freak.)

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Hey, guess what.  After wasting (or not?) the past 24 hours obsessing over the spam I’m getting, and reading REAMS of material on how to fight this thing, I’ve had enough.  I just signed up for a paid e-mail account at Spamcop, which has been my favorite (albeit occasional) LARTing method for the past couple of years.  My new address is my first name at spamcop dot net.  Isn’t that wonderful?  I am positively jubilant.

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Beware of Topica

I spent THREE HOURS playing wack-a-mole at SpamCop today.  Submitted around 30 reports.  I’ll be getting real tired of this pretty soon, and will probably re-enable the filters just so I won’t get flooded.

Hey, beware of Topica by the way.  It’s an e-mail list service that pretends to be on the side of the "good guys" but they’re really in cahoots with the spammers.  I was subscribed to 2 lists on Topica, one for the Hideout shows list, and one for the Illinois Moratorium campaign.  I noticed a complaint on Google Groups about Topica while I was cruising around trying to ferret out different known spammers.  So I did a search on the word "Topica" and found just hundreds of complaints about them.

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Dirty spam

Sorry I was so pissy yesterday. I definitely shouldn’t have said that part about feeling like everybody’s booking agent. I don’t get too many people asking me to get a show for them, and anyway those questions are so innocuous… all I have to say is "I dunno!". What I’m really really mad at is all the TRUE spam I get, from the dirty stinkin’ spammers who forge their headers and switch ISPs all the time to do their mass-mailings. So, yesterday I switched off all my spam-filters and waited. Every five minutes another spam would come in and I’d forward it straight to SpamCop. I am a righteous LARTer once again. Not that it’ll stop MY particular spam from coming into MY particular inbox, but at least the ISPs with open relays might get the message that their systems are being used by spammers. Kinda like volunteer work for the community. ::sigh::


Arghhh!!!  Will those of you who are adding me to your mailing list without my permission and/or without using the BCC field, please fucking stop it?  I don’t care if you’re my very best friend, I don’t care if it’s about patriotism, love of animals, humor or the fact that you have a band that I should see.  If you want to tell me something, write me an e-mail and do not CC anyone else on it.  If you absolutely must send a mass-mailing, don’t be stupid.  Use the BCC field.  If you don’t know why, there’s a much-needed can of Whoopass waiting for you over here.  Recommended reading even for the folks who DO understand.  (Because it’s funny and you’ll want to send out this URL yourself, the next time it happens to you.)

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Have I sent you to Sharpeworld yet?  It’s fantastic, I’ve been following it for the past few months.  The gal who runs it, Jennifer Sharpe, is the offspring of Mal Sharpe from Coyle & Sharpe.  Here’s a great article about their performance art, or comedy or whatever it was called back then.  Totally hilarious stuff.  Jennifer’s a musician too — I don’t know anything about that except that she’s on a Retsin album.  I toured with them.  Small world!!

Rendezvous s’il vous plait

Remember how I wiped the drive on my PC and reinstalled?  Well it took me freakin’ hours to get my iBook and the PC talking to each other again so I could get John’s files back on there.  Fuck it, I want my Rendezvous.  I don’t even care anymore that they’re not offering an upgrade price.

Disgusting spam

I’m using SpamCop again.  Somehow I got added to the spam-list for  Grody.  And even though I have filters to delete them, it bothers me that I’m getting ‘em at all.  They keep changing their routine so it’s always coming from a different open relay, but it always uses "" somewhere in the body of the e-mail, so that’s what I’m filtering for.  So don’t use that word in an e-mail to me or it’ll get deleted!  Maybe I should post a list of domains I’m blocking.  It’s a REALLY long list though.  And besides, if I don’t write you back it’s probably just because I suck with my e-mail, not because your domain’s blocked.

KPIG halts webcast

Oh man… KPIG had to shut off its webcast.  They’ve been on the web even longer than me!  Not that I’d compare myself to a radio station.  But, they were one of the first links I ever put on Cowgal’s Home On The Web back around ’95.  I liked them for their high twang quotient, which was actually pretty rare back then.  I guess it’s gonna be rare again if the Library of Congress has its way.  It’s crazy, the whole bureaucracy of music, it’s just a monster trying to kill everything in its path.  They’re trying to outlaw music is what they’re doing!!

Sigmatropic, and bad news

John went to hang out with a buddy of his today so I spent a good long time on the Sigmatropic vocals.  I dumped the best of what I’ve done so far to a CD, five songs I think.  So thank heavens that’s done.  All I have to do is make a dupe of the CD (I used an R/W in case I screwed it up!).  I can’t send it until Monday so I’ll have time to work on it tomorrow too, but I’ve already got a lot… any additional tracks I’m able to polish up over the weekend will be gravy.  I mean, they’re only picking one song, *maybe*, assuming they like it.  But I’m satisfied with what there is, got everything nicely double-tracked and harmonized so they can mix it as thick or as thin as they want.

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Further tabs

Somebody asked me for the tabs to my song Further.  I should have just made a little chart but instead I wrote it all out for her.  Wanna see?

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Format c: just for fun! (NOT)

Hey looky, somebody set up an iPods Around The World photo gallery.  I know, I’m such a geekaloid.

I’m wiping the drive on my PC, just for fun.  I’d set it up a year ago with all these idiotic partitions that I want to get rid of now.  When XP first came out, I was booting between that and Win98 on a regular basis.  So I had one partition for Win98; another for XP system files and programs; another for programs that would run on both sides; and a fourth partiton that I used for MP3s, which I had shared on my home network so I could get to ‘em from my laptop.  Anyway I decided I don’t need the extra partitions so much, since I’m not booting between 98 and XP anymore.  At first I was afraid XP was going to turn out like Windows ME, which was the biggest piece of crapware ever made.  I spit upon its grave.  But XP is really pretty stable, at least good enough that I’d never want to use 98 again, for sure.  So I’m now free to let the whole drive be hogged by XP.

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