Not much to blog

Not much to blog about.  The Hasil Adkins show was great, I even got a few pictures which I’ll post in the gallery as soon as I get around to it.

At the moment I’m trying out the new Netscape 7 PR1.  It’s neato.  The grooviest feature is that you can browse multiple pages in the same tabbed window.  They should have come up with that a long time ago.

John Whitney Band

photo by Edith FrostL-R: Chris Sewell, John Whitney, Tim Ford

Hasil Adkins at the Beat Kitchen

photo by Edith Frostphoto by Edith Frost

Hasil Adkins

We’re going to see Hasil Adkins tonight at the Beat Kitchen!  Whoah.

PowerMate audio gadget

Gadget of the day: the Powermate knob.  I want it.  :-)

Sigmatropic project

All is well.  The boys had fun on their mini-tour, and came home safe and sound.  It’s hard not to worry about ‘em when they’re gone, but then half the people I know are on the road half the time.  So there’s always somebody to worry about, if I’m not on the road myself!

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I never sent Klez worm!

I get worms and viruses in the mail practically every day, but I don’t usually get accused of sending them!!  Just got a message from the mailer-bot at some company I’ve never heard of.  It says that I sent one of their employees (also unknown to me) an e-mail with an attachment containing the Klez_H worm.  I didn’t even bother to reply since it was auto-generated.

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John’s away for the weekend, doing a little mini-tour out Detroit way with Family Haircut.  Sure is quiet around here!!  But I got some crap done around the house.  Did a few loads of laundry, burned some data CDs, washed a lot of dishes, went to the pet store for fish food, paid off a parking ticket and blah blah blah.  I’m already caught up on my sleep since I got home from touring, so that’s not a problem at the moment.  (smile)

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Lost my booking agent?

What an awesome lazy weekend!!!  We slept in yesterday, had lunch and took a nap.  Haha!!  Then strolled over to Laurie’s so John could get a copy of the new Mojo.  I was looking for the new album by Danielle Howle but they didn’t have it, so I got a Bruce Haack CD instead.

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I shouldn’t whine

Well, I’m giving myself plenty of flack for what I posted there before… the whining about the guy talking about my love life.  He didn’t print any quotes I didn’t SAY…!!  I mean… if I hadn’t been talking about these things, he wouldn’t have printed that stuff.  They ask the questions, and I go off.  I start blabbing and the only thing in my mind is that I want to tell this person whatever it is they want to know.  I’m thinking of it as a conversation with a person who’s interested in what makes you tick (which is true).  The fact that it’s a pretty one-sided conversation is normal, ‘cuz I just love talking about myself!  Wouldn’t you rather talk about yourself than have to sit there listening and pondering somebody else’s sob story?  (heheh)

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Schuba’s Tavern (Chicago, IL)

Played at Schuba’s with Central Falls

My band: Jim Becker (guitar, violin, keyboards), Ryan Hembrey (electric bass, backing vocals), Adam Vida (drums)

At the Harmony Grill

photo by Edith FrostMatt Fields of Califone, Ryan Hembrey and Ben Vida of Central Falls

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Bitch, moan

I had done a phone interview for the Chicago Tribune the day after the Los Angeles show, as a preview for the show we’re doing tomorrow at Schuba’s.  I just found the finished article on their website.  It’s very positive, but one thing I noticed immediately is that it talks about my love life a whole lot more than the music.  Isn’t that so typical?  I was talking to Adam Vida about this right after I finished that interview.  Whining about how most of the time, the interviewers I talk to (both male and female) are mostly focused on getting the dirt on my personal life instead of asking me about the music.

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Tribune interview by Kevin

Edith Frost’s songs taking on new topics, moods
A quieter, more confessional Edith Frost comes out on her latest disc "Wonder Wonder."
By Kevin McKeough
Special to the Chicago Tribune

Edith Frost recently heard from her high school sweetheart for the first time in years, congratulating the Chicago singer on fulfilling her lifelong dream of making music. "He said, it’s really cool to see you do this, because you wanted to do it when we were going out," the now 37-year-old Frost reports.

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Grand Canyon pics

I’m starting to post a few of the pictures I took on tour; they’re going in the gallery under /mypics.  I didn’t even tell y’all we took a little sidetrip to the Grand Canyon, when we were on our way up to Salt Lake City after the Tucson show.  That was VERY good times!!  I hardly ever get to do touristey things on tour; if I did I’d always be late for soundcheck.  :-|

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