WLUW down the crapper?

Our beloved radio station WLUW is in big trouble.  An e-mail’s been floating around today saying that the university is hiring some outside agency to run the station at the end of the summer.  The format will be different; it will no longer be a community station.  Evil university… I heard they yanked the station’s funds awhile back and are forcing them to beg for money now.  Which is bad enough, and now this!  I just wrote an e-mail expressing my dismay to the general delivery address listed on the Loyola website, since I don’t know a better one to use at the moment.  I don’t mean to be a pest but can you please write one too if you’re a Chicagoan who cares about this station?  There’s going to be a meeting of WLUW supporters on Monday at the Heartland restaurant if you’re inclined to get even more involved.

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Power’s out again.  Well, half our outlets work and half of ‘em don’t.  It’s the same for our upstairs and downstairs neighbors.  ComEd says it’s the building’s fault — there’s not enough juice to power all our air conditioners — and we can’t raise anyone to help.  Flipping the switches in the basement does nothing.  ComEd says we have to get into the boiler room, but only the building super has the key to that.

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I’m Hello Kitty Water Fairy

come discover which fairy you are

I’m Hello Kitty Water Fairy! made by: Jen

The new Star Wars

We had fun on our date.  John was right about that bag store, it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen.  We were in there awhile — there were so many cool bags, I wanted to take them all home.  I’m like the egg lady, only with bags.  :-) Anyway I found one that I couldn’t live without.  I think it might be the bag of my dreams and the solution to everything!!!!!!  Just kidding.  It’s a Columbia Sportswear "Flightbound" tote.  Must be last year’s model ‘cuz it’s not on their website or at eBags, though I did find a lot of online vendors selling ‘em in bulk, like this place over here. So, the bag is all padded, but it’s very light.  It has one compartment for your laptop and another for everything else. A zip-out organizer panel on the front, and mesh pockets on the sides.  Other than that it pretty much looks like your ordinary tote bag.  But it’s not, there’s a laptop in there.  Haha, psych!!  That was my whole thing, I didn’t want it to look like a laptop bag, and I wanted the computer to be VERY accessible, which it is.  The top is completely open, just a couple of straps to harness everything in.  There’s enough room for all my phat belongings, but it’s not too huge.

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We don’t have to move

Some days, the least little thing might happen, and it changes everything and suddenly your life’s turned upside down.  Then a few days go by and something else happens to take back the previous thing, so that your life switches back to normal again, and you’re all "Huh?" with your life’s entrails strewn around the house in huge piles, like in a Dr. Seuss cartoon.

Today was the official day we were supposed to tell the guy at the property management company "yes, we’re staying and paying $260/month more than we were before" or "No, we’re leaving." John had already mailed off the form and everything — we’d decided we were going to leave almost as soon as they told us.  (I know, because this is the third issue of the Reader that I’ve scoured since we found out about the rent-hike.) So, John talked to the guy this afternoon.  The guy sez, "Howzabout this.  Maybe we wuz a little hasty about the $260 hike.  How ’bout $60 instead of $260, ya like that?  That way you can stay, and everybody’s happy!"

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My shit is fat

I’m all burnt out on my website, after doing so much work getting my files tweaked & transferred over the past few days.  Don’t even want to look at a computer.  My brain is at a most infantile state: wanting to buy a bag.  I like to obsess over BAGS when there are other far more pressing things to deal with, like finding an apartment, packing our stuff or taking the van into the shop.  Materialistic thoughts can be very soothing in times of stress.  So, I want to find the ultimate purse/organizer/laptop carrying tote bag.  Not a regular laptop bag; those are too skinny.  My shit is fat!!  The Crumpler Very Busy Man I got awhile back is really nice-looking, and good for touring, but it’s too big to carry around everyday.  And the padding is outta control, you barely have room to put your stuff.  It was designed for a bigger laptop than the iBook.  So what should I get, another nerdy Eagle Creek item?

Live from ICDSoft

Kick ass, the site is now live on the new server!  Or at least it’s showing up over here; some other machines might still be caching the old site, but that won’t last more than a day or so.  Blogger works.  Are the comments working?  I had to reset permissions after I uploaded those scripts, so I’m not sure.

Moving to new webhost

I finished FTPing everything to the new webspace.  Had to make quite a few tweaks in the code, and will probably need to massage it even more when the new site goes live.  Mainly because the new webhost won’t allow me to parse all my html files for xSSI, the way I’ve been doing since the mid-Fifties.  I had a choice; either change all files to an .shtml extension (and fix all references to those files) or stop using xSSI on every goddamn page.  I chose the latter.  I was using SSI for the headers and footers, and some nav-buttons like "back to lyrics" and crap.  So I just got in there with Dreamweaver and turned all the SSI into DW library elements.  It doesn’t please me aesthetically but oh well.  You’re accomplishing the same thing visually, but codewise it’s not very pretty.  And it sure doesn’t save on bandwidth, because you’re putting the code for all your elements on each page instead of calling them from one central location.  Still, it’s easily controllable in Dreamweaver; I can change any element sitewide in just one or two swoops.

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My site’s been down

My site’s been down 9-1/2 hours, and the Binary Blockheads are still MIA.  I don’t expect anything to be fixed until tomorrow morning; that’s the way it went the last two times this happened.  Three strikes, yer out!!  Even though the wheels are already in motion for my site to fire up on another webhost, I still feel frustrated as hell over the fact that I can’t access my site right NOW.  Those jag-offs.

Kiss my ass

Still can’t reach my site, and still haven’t heard from Binary Blocks, other than the automatic e-mail reply I got earlier.  I’m so pissed… they can kiss my ass goodbye.  I just signed up for another webhosting account, this time at ICDSoft.  Saw a lot of good reviews about it; hopefully it’ll work out for me.  I’m uploading my site as we speak, and will soon be going over to Network Solutions to change the DNS info.

Website and mail down

My edithfrost.com website and e-mail are down, yet again!  I’m going to have to re-post this after it comes back online.  Can’t raise anyone on their tech support number.  If this is going to be another outage that doesn’t get fixed until 10am Monday morning, I am so outta here!!

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Story of an AG programmer

Kuro5hin’s got a great story on Audiogalaxy, written by a former employee.  Must-read.

Mail migration

John’s chopping up vegetables for lasagna; we’re having some pals over for dinner and to watch the Mr. Show DVD.  It’ll be a repeat for me but who cares.  Our guests are Sean, a friend of John’s from work, and her s.o. John Forbes.  He has a band called Tijuana Hercules and used to be in another one called Mount Shasta.

I migrated almost all my archived mail folders to OS X’s Mail.app, using the Eudora Mailbox Cleaner utility I got on VersionTracker.  There were a few stubborn folders that wouldn’t migrate; they’re corrupt and need to be edited or something, but life is too short.  I also brought all my contacts into OS X’s Address Book.  I wish they’d hurry up and update that thing, it’s just feeble.  The only thing I like about it is that if you add pictures to your contacts, the pictures show up in your e-mail messages next to the sender’s name.  That’s pretty spiffy.

Sweatiest city in the USA

San Antonio, the city of my birth, has been named the sweatiest city in the whole U.S.A.  I always think people are nuts when they ask me how I can live in a cold place like Chicago.  Avoiding the heat is a full-time occupation where I come from.

Pointing fingers

John pointed me towards a scary article over here that blames the 9/11 attacks on the Bush administration.  Worst case scenario: they let it happen on purpose.  Best case: they had their thumbs up their asses.

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