Links for geeks

Allow me to direct all fellow geeks towards a guy who modified his sports car to include a full-size PC screen in the dashboard. Too bad it’s Windows, but at least he’s using Winamp to play his MP3s instead of… ptooey!! the default program which I won’t even name. I’d have to wash my mouth out with soap if I did.

Got all nostalgic looking at some screenshots of the new KDE window manager for Linux. Sure looks nicer than when I was using it a few years ago, when we were all excited about the upcoming 2.0 version.

Bettina’s thing

A gal named Selena just came over to videotape me for this video-movie thing that Bettina from Thrill Jockey‘s doing.  I found an old Sof’ Boy t-shirt and thought it would be funny to wear that.  :-) I had kinda been putting this thing off for awhile just because of nerves; being filmed is never my idea of a good time.  But, they’re filming a lot of people so it’s not like I had to talk very long; they’re just going to cut it up and use a snippet or two.  I was supposed to talk about some musical moment in my life that was particularly significant to me.  Something that inspired me, or a record that I loved, or whatever I could think of.  And of course I couldn’t think of a damn thing!!  So she just turned the camera on and had me start blabbing.  It was better that way.  I rambled from little one story to another, to another, to another until she finally said "You know, I think we have a lot already…" Which is the polite person’s way of saying "Please shut the fuck up now!"

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Birddog’s site

Hey check it out, my pal Birddog has a spiffy new website.

Upgraded to DWMX

It’s Day Two of my campaign to get Deborah blogging.  Just went to Artsnacks to check.  Still not there.  (BTW, this joke is stolen from David Letterman, and I don’t care if you knew that…!!)

I did it… I called the number and bought the upgrade to Dreamweaver MX for Mac OS.  Call me irresponsible…!!  They were nice about it on the phone and didn’t give me any back-talk.  I know their policy is NOT to offer cross-platform upgrades… don’t know why they made an exception for me, but they did and I’m not going to ask questions.  For all I know they might do it for anybody who asks, or maybe it’s a consideration given to Nice People Only, or maybe there’s a secret word that I mentioned without even knowing it.  Whatever, it saved me two hundred bucks.

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Haggling for Dreamweaver

After whining to their sales department, it looks like Macromedia is going to let me permanently switch my registered version of Dreamweaver over to the Mac version, if I call their customer service number and upgrade to MX for $199.  I soooo want to do it right this minute, but it would be irresponsible of me to spend that amount of money at this juncture.  Hopefully next month if the offer lasts that long.  For $600 I could get the whole dang package with Flash and all, but I really can’t afford that shit!

Singing with others

Talked to Jon Langford about the PVC show in Welles Park on Saturday.  I’m supposed to show up to the backstage area at 2:30 so I assume we’re playing shortly after that.  THANK GOD Rosie Flores is going to be there so I don’t have to sing that Hank Williams song I had so much trouble with the last time!  I’ve been running through that one in my head for the past week or so, just in case, but now I don’t have to worry about it.  So I just have to do my one current PVC number (the Merle one), and he also wants me to do some extra backups for Sally on another famous country classic we all know and love.  (I hate to ruin the surprises, we have so few of them as it is!) Jon claims that I sang backups in the studio for this song, but I have NO memory of this.  Maybe when we start singing it I’ll remember whatever it was that I did?!?  I’m going to have to pull out the original version and make sure I’m okay with the lyrics.  I’m sure it’ll be fine though.

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Refund arrives

I almost forgot to mention that I finally did get an almost-complete refund from the money I’d spent on the old Binary Blocks webhosting account.  I had spent $35 initially for a "Baby Block" account, and then later I upgraded it by $15 to a "Green Block" account, which allowed for the PHP that’s used in my weblog.  So, they ended up refunding me $35.  Which I’m reasonably happy about, since I did get several months of reasonably decent hosting services from them — definitely $15 worth.  It’s all just unfortunate.  I do believe they’re good folks and meant well, and I’m sorry their service didn’t meet my prima-donna princess-and-the-pea expectations, but oh well.  I am happy with my current hosting service, mainly because there hasn’t been any reason to contact them!  So far everything’s worked as advertised, which is just the way I like it.  :-)

Still no blog @ Artsnacks

Checked over on Artsnacks and it seems Deborah still hasn’t put up a weblog.  If you don’t mind I’m just going to check every day and complain about it here until it appears one day.  It’ll be entitled "Chronicles of a woman whose friend is harrassing her to start a weblog, so she finally does just to shut her friend up."

Mr. Show

Bob and David were on the tee-vee tonight!  It was on that late night talk show that Carson Daly hosts, whatever it’s called.  They are just so fuckin’ funny.

I had been thinking that it was Scott Hartley who turned me on to Mr. Show but I realized that’s not true.  Scott did send John a tape of it, and that was the first time I actually had it in my possesion, but I had actually seen some of it before; I think it was at the old Drag City offices on Peoria St.  Dan K. and Rian were watching it one time when I was there.  Sept. ’96 maybe?  Then there was a tour I did where we played in Louisville and stayed at this girl Jennifer’s house.  She had a friend who brought a Mr. Show tape over and we watched it until the wee hours.  Guess that was ’98 or thereabouts.  So anyway… now the chronology of my fandom has been settled…!!

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Browser BS

I really really hate to say this but I think I’m going to have to stop using Mozilla for awhile and go back to IE as my main browser.  Turns out that Mozilla’s bookmarks feature its riddled with bugs right now, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to do anything about it for awhile.  Bookmarks are fairly important to my surfing habits and Mozilla has already tried to trash them three times.  Not the whole bookmarks file, but it has erased whole folders inside it, which is a pretty major bug if you ask me.  Wish I could just figure out a way to avoid whatever it is I’m doing to trigger the erasures. Grrrrr.  Well that’s what I get for trying to live on the bleeding edge…!!

Deborah’s b-day ruined

Yakked on the phone today with my Holler Sister Deborah Moore.  She’s the best.  She lives in Brooklyn and her birthday is September 11th…!!!  We were talking about that… it’s sort of like your birthday falling on Christmas or Halloween, only sadder.  :-( I told her she should just change it; I’m sure everyone would understand!  Send out an e-card to all her friends.  She joked that she would change it to December 7th (Pearl Harbor day), that would be a lot less of a pain in the ass.  "To whom it may concern:…" Heheh.

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Edith Frost, comedy writer

This is pretty tripped out… using your eyes instead of a mouse.  It doesn’t sound like any more than a concept right now but I can totally get into it.  The thing tracks the movements of your eyeballs, so I assume you’d have to move your eyes to make the mouse move.  Glance off to the far left to "go back".  Glance to the right to "go forward".  You could select something by blinking on it, and then double-blink to launch?  Wink your left eye bring up the file menu, and your right eye to get the right-click popup menu.  Wowww.

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Organize like Martha

Anyone else notice something funny ’bout Apple’s iPhoto webpage?  "Shoot like Ansel.  Organize like Martha." How long do you think it’ll take ‘em to change that second name to "Heloise"?

Terminal geek

I just opened OS X’s for the first time.  What a pleasure… everything seems to work exactly as it did back in the old days when I was using Linux real heavily.  It’s just like riding a bicycle!  I still remember a lot of the commands so I can crawl around and do things quicker than I can in a GUI interface.  What are all these weird hidden directories everywhere?  Finder never showed me all those before.

Maxine interview posted

I’m testing a little doohickey called BlogApp.

In the new-content department, I slapped up an old 1999 interview from a zine called Maxine which I think is now defunct.  I have tons of press stuff that I never got around to archiving on my site.

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