iTools / .Mac petition

If you’d like to add to the 31,000+ voices who respectfully disagree with Apple’s "e-mail for life" bait and switch tactics, then sign here.  I did.  Not because I’m a cheapskate, but because I really think the complainers have a point.  iTools was indeed bundled with my computer, and advertised as being part of the system.  E-mail for life is what they said.  iTools logo printed right on the box.  So it kinda seems like I’ve already paid for the iTools features, even if I don’t deserve the new goodies .Mac has to offer.

There’s a lawsuit going on all about this, in a British small claims court.  I’m really interested to see what happens with that.

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Comments are imported

Finally finished ramming the old comments into the new system.  Thank GOD.  I never ever want to do that again, not ever again in my whole entire life. That shit’s for the birds.

If y’all notice any double postings left, or anything else that’s weird, please do let me know. I also might have lost a thread or two in the process, but oh well.  There were a few messages I noticed that I could have sworn people had commented on, but maybe I’m just trippin’.

Isn’t it hilarious how I’m constantly updating y’all on backend issues you shouldn’t give a shit about?  I could indeed have a whole website that goes into great detail about how I have a website.

Soren’s blogging!

Soren Davis, the lead singer of Family Haircut has a new blog.  Isn’t that special!  He’s obviously a natural at the blogging.  The rest of the site might be a little too complicated for my poor browser to handle; I can’t even see the graphics.  Can you say… Weblint?  Heheh.

Spam rant showcase

I made a new subcategory last night just for my spam tirades.  I haven’t marked all the spam-related posts for this page yet, but a lot of the good ones are there now.  When you see it all in one place, it’s pretty hilarious.  Watch me go completely ballistic, over and over and over again.  No one is spared from my fury.  Do NOT get me started, ‘cuz dude!  This is what happens when you get me started.

Elvis’ 25th deathiversary

The day Elvis Presley died, I was having an early birthday party around the pool at a friend’s house.  (My birthday’s the 18th, he died on the 16th.) I’ve always thought this was my 12th birthday but doing the math, I guess I was turning 13.  We had the radio playing while we swam, and the DJ announced that Elvis had died.  All of us looked at each other and said… "So what?  Some fat Vegas guy died."

It didn’t take me too long to start appreciating what he did and who he was.  Remember the whole "Elvis Lives" thing?  I was a total believer!  I think we were all fished in by that one for a least a little while.

Crunching comments

What the…?!?  Did I totally forget to make a post for August 15?  No… fucking… way.  I missed a day.  Bad blogger!!  Well, if makes you happy, I’ll tell you that I worked real hard on site stuff today.  For YOU.  I was working extremely hard on getting the old 200-plus comments smooshed into a format that MT can swallow.  If I were a programmer this would be a 5-minute job, but I’m not, so it’s taking me fucking HOURS.  Serves me right for using a groovy specialized homegrown comments system (Blogkomm, which is actually pretty sweet) instead of something a little more commonly-used like YACCS or YACCs or whatever it’s called.  People have already written scripts that’ll format those comments into the Movable Type style, but I had to do mine the hard way.  I’m glad I’m finally getting it done though… I should have them up by morning if all goes smoothly.  The old comments were and are important to me — the dialogue is half the fun here, so it really feels lopsided without them.

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Timezone testing

My posts are showing up as being posted an hour before they really were.  I just changed the setting in MT, hope it works now.

Site validation

I’m trying everything I can do to get my blog pages to validate to current web standards.  They’re riddled with errors, and it’s causing problems for people with older browsers.  The main problem is that I’m using a combination of old HTML tags and new XHTML and CSS-specific tags.  The new language (or whatever you call it) is much stricter than the old one.  Old tags break pages.  It sucks, because the whole point of moving to this more advanced format is that it SHOULD work a whole lot better with older browsers (and text-readers etc.) than the old pages did.  I just need to clean up lots of stuff now, things that I used to depend on for layout and prettification.

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BCC or public flogging

John’s drummer Tim Ford added me to his mailing list for show announcements. I don’t mind that so much even though I don’t actually remember joining the list.  That’s a little no-no, but the real problem is that he doesn’t seem to know about the BCC field.  His e-mails have long lists of addresses in the TO: or CC: fields, and everyone gets to see everyone else’s address.  People… this is the kind of bad habit that triggers the onslaught of spam.  Use the BCC field!!!

Tim is a very smart, cool guy, and a great friend to have.  But maybe he doesn’t understand or even know about BCC.  That’s okay!  Everyone has to learn at some point.

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Future is now!

Movable Type is the best thing that ever happened to me as a webmistress.  The new pages are just lovely, don’t you agree?  And have you seen all the cool new features this thing lets me use?  I’m tweaking it every day.  My blog posts now have multiple categories, so you can see a list of all my bad dreams in one place, or all the site updates, or all the cool links I’ve posted.  You can view a simple list of all archived posts. You can now syndicate my site, or any of my sub-categories via XML… but I really don’t know what this is all about.  Somebody please let me know if I’m missing some code that would let you do this.  I’m pinging with every new post, and I don’t know why!

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Mystery Song 002

The second weekly Mystery Song is ready for consumption, and will disappear on the 21st.  Last week’s Mystery Song was "It’s A Gas" by Alfred E. Neuman.  It’s the unofficial theme song to my "Incredibly Strange Music" group on Audiogalaxy.  (Which is unfortunately dead in the water since we can’t trade songs anymore.)

Here’s my password. Not!

Somebody’s been trying to get into my cgi-bin.  I wonder why?  It came up as a search string in my website stats… they tried "cgi-bin", "index of /cgi-bin/" "index of /cgi-bin" etc.  Wonder if it was a person or a robot?

If you wanna know you can always ask!  Right now the only thing in there other than the Movable Type stuff is a search engine script. I haven’t tweaked the layout so I haven’t linked it properly into my site yet.  It works, but it’s UGLY so don’t blame me if you try it and end up displeased by the yucky plain pages.

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Junebug, last year

photo by Edith FrostFunny that I only ever got around to posting one picture of June in my photo gallery.  I’ve got a million of ‘em!

Goodbye to Junebug :-(

I took Juney to the vet today, and… we ended up putting her to sleep.  :-( Her chest was full of fluid and her lungs were almost collapsed because of that.  Hence the breathing problems.  The doctor wasn’t sure which of the 4 or 5 scenarios might have caused the fluid to build up, but no matter what the reason was, the prognosis wasn’t good at all.  X-rays showed a big lump near her stomach, which could have been a tumor, or maybe something else.  It wasn’t good whatever it was.  So, there were things we could have tried, but every option seemed kind of ridiculous to even consider, in light of her very very advanced age, current poor health etc.  Her life has been deteriorating steadily for the past year.  So I decided on the best thing to do, and that was to stop her suffering… she really was, too.  It was… the best thing I could do.  It was gentle and she died peacefully and without pain, so… there ya go.  Junebug is dead.  Long live Junebug!!!!  The best, most loving, smartest, most patient and sweetest cat on earth.  A real movie star.  I’m going to miss her very very much.  :-(

Coding together

John and I sat here and worked side by side on our websites for HOURS today.  He’s been scanning a bunch of pictures for his site, and posting them to Tripod, while I work on cleaning up the wreck I made after moving to Movable Type.  We had a night in with the guys, too… Soren and Patrick came over and we all ate chili in front of the TV.  John played Pat the current versions of the songs they’re working on too. This was Pat’s first time hearing the full mixes, with guitars and background vocals etc.  He dug it, but then one can usually laugh at one’s own jokes.  Luckily Soren thought it was good too.  :-)

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