Somebody donated

Hey guess what, somebody actually used my PayPal tip-jar button!!!  They left me ten bucks just because they like my music.  God bless America!!!!!!

I’m sort of teaching John’s mom how to run her own website.  John’s parents have a business and they’re paying a web-boutique type place to do their site for them.  I always told her she was being robbed and she should learn to do it herself, and I bugged her so much about it that she finally relented!  She’s pretty smart with computers so it’s not hard to show her new things.  And she’s real excited about learning HTML… it’s always fun to teach somebody who really really wants to learn.  (smile)

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Wow, I am stylin’

Wow, I am stylin’.  I went to Office Depot — I love those places!! — and got me a new mouse.  It’s nice enough; I don’t need anything special, just something that points and clicks.  I also got a little thumb-mouse that I can use with the iBook, since I’m not too crazy about that trackpad.  It’s shaped like an egg with a hole in it, with trigger-clicking action and a trackball on top.  After taking it home and trying it, it seems like it might turn out to be one of those things that’s very nice in theory but in reality, you don’t use because it’s just one extra object.  Oh well, it was pretty cheap, and it’s always nice to have a tiny trackball around in case you wanna play Centipede or something.  I’ll probably get used to the trackpad eventually… this is the first one I’ve had; all my other laptops have been Toshibas with the little rubber pointer-sticks.

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Now we are blog

My poor mouse on my desktop computer has totally lost its clickum due to excessive flogging, blogging and browsing.  I know how to clean mouse balls (LOL!!) but how do you pry apart the clicker-thingy?  And jeez, this mouse is less than a year old — they sure don’t make ’em like they used to!!  Well, I wanted to get one of those newfangled optical ones anyway, so this is my excuse.

Changed the name of this page from "What’s New" to simply "blog".  I give up on trying to convince everybody that it’s a grody-sounding word.  At least it’s easy to type.

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Testing Bloggar

Testing Bloggar, a little Windows app that lets you post to Blogger without going to their homepage.  The cookies at Blogger’s website never work for me.  It’s a royal pain to have to log in every two minutes.

Please work…

Please work…

No comment

Trying to get comments working… please stand by

For All Mankind

John and I watched the space movie "For All Mankind" tonight.  It’s a NASA documentary type thing, with music by Brian Eno and commentary from various Apollo astronauts.  It was totally awesome, in the truest sense of the word.  I’d seen this film before, but I can never get enough of that stuff.

My sleep-schedule is totally wacked, for no particular reason… sleeping four or five hours, staying awake 20-22 I reckon.  I just can’t get sleepy, or stay in bed once I’m there.  I’ve got too much shit to take care of, too much info to process!  12-packs of Big Red to guzzle!!  Well, hopefully this weekend I can get in a good long slumber sans interruptus, I really need it.

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TWO break-in dreams

I had TWO bad dreams in a row about my house being broken into.  Shit, that thing yesterday must have really fscked with my head.  I guess I’ve been broken into too many times in my life… including my vehicles, I guess it’s happened ummm… six or eight times, maybe more.  I can’t even begin to remember all the stuff that’s been stolen from me over the years.

So in the first dream I had, I was in the apartment we’re living in now.  I walked into the kitchen and saw the back door ajar.  I saw some people going up the back stairs and said hi to them, but promptly freaked out when I realized the door shouldn’t have been open.  John comes in the room and I’m in a panic trying to tell him about it.  No sound will come out of my mouth (god, I hate it when that happens) so I have to yell-whisper it to him… "THE DOOR WAS AJAR!!" We go out the door to examine the lock, and I see a woman coming down the stairs from above.  I’m crying, and she’s trying to get out of there, but I stop her to ask if she’d seen the people who did this, or even if she remembered seeing the door open earlier.  She doesn’t know.

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Neighbors burglarized

Got a knock on the door this evening from a member of Chicago’s finest.  Having always been a stoner-punk leftist tree-hugger peacenik, I am naturally a little bit wary of any authority figure — I don’t know exactly why since I’ve never had a single bad encounter with a cop, other than getting pulled over for speeding or whatever!  But I could tell by the look on his face that THIS was a nice cop… he looked just like Agent Doggett from the X-Files.  (smile)

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Spy radio and my feet

Blogger has been down for awhile due to some sort of upgrade to their system.  (It wasn’t a bug, it was a feature!) Seems to be working again, but if you only knew the shit I’d written out and deleted between the last post and this one!  I went on this one rant about how I LOVE BAGS.  And another one about my enormous feet.  My feet, by the way, have NOT been cramping up on me so much since I started taking Flintstones and drinking calcium-enriched OJ every morning.  But aren’t you glad I just left it at that?  tee hee.  I remember once on my old web-diary (1998 was it?) I did a diatribe about my bigass feet, and my small collection of cowboy boots.  And some foot fetishist wrote to me asking me to tell him more about my feet.  I thought it was pretty funny because he seemed like a nice fellow, and harmless enough.  I wrote him back and said "well I’m more into the boots than the feet, myself" and gave him a bunch of URLs for different websites that had pictures of feet, hosiery, shoes etc.  He wrote me back and said "you have a lot of sole".  LOL!!!

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Elsa Whitney

photo by Edith Frost

Which iBook

Do you ever wake up in the morning and go, "what the hell have I done?!?" Why did I take all that time to beautify the site when the content’s exactly the same?  Content not cosmetics!!!

Anyway, whatever.  Somebody wrote to me asking me which iBook I purchased.  Yeah, somebody read about it here, which means I have a reader!!  Tee hee.  Anyway, let me present to you, my lovely new pearl of a laptop…

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Stole the template

So I stole the Blogger template for my entire site!  It wasn’t too hard, I just saved the background image on my server and stuck the style info in with my sitewide CSS stuff.  Nice, huh?  And I can change it again anytime I want.  I’m still fiddling with font-sizes and colors and stuff.  But every day and in every way, my site is getting better and better.  :-)

Isn’t she lovely

Isn’t this page lovely?  You see that banner up there?  I stuck that in there using a snippet of Server-Side Includes in the template.  Isn’t that special?  I want to figure out how to steal the template for the rest of my site, but I don’t have time right now.  I don’t know too much about using embedded styles in my HTML — that’s why this page looks so fancy, because the template uses a lot of complicated style tags to format the text and layout.  I just never got around to learning much about CSS, but hey!  Who needs actual knowledge when they make it so easy to grab a free template and fill it in with your own info?

Blogging –> Flogging –> Beating you over the head with mindless drivel.

Blogging a dead horse

I’m playing around with the Blogger template, trying to get the archive working.  Boy, I need to come up with a better name and description for this page!!  And, why couldn’t they have coined a better word than "blogging"?  In the olden days of two weeks ago, we called it anything but that.  A diary, a journal, a daily diatribe or whatever.  Blog.  Blog.  Blog.  Doesn’t it start to sound funny after you say it a few times?  For some reason I’m not liking that word at all here.  It calls to mind ugly things.  Logs –> turds –> mental diarrhea.

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