@onyellowpaper mine too. It will do all of us good

I like the music writers w/ journalistic chops, they don’t just cut’n’paste whatever’s on the PR sheet columbusalive.com/content/storie…

@onyellowpaper I think I should be the one in the corner!

@cinchel I’m good, no worse off than this time last year I s’pose

Enjoying another ambient masterpiece by my buddy @cinchel cinchel.bandcamp.com/album/quiet-ni…

I picked out a lil voice recorder after reading an article (paywalled, sorry). It’s blue! I will have a blue recorder backpackinglight.com/cgi-bin/backpa…

@onyellowpaper I was/am working on working up a setlist on keyboard & guitar – I don’t have enough new songs to make an album at the moment

@_SimplySadie_ @poptartsd I hung out with the stoners in HS. WoW is about a dude I dated who dumped me. And Mama’s @ susanfrost.org

@onyellowpaper What new record? Tho I worked rather hard on the @distantcorr one that came out yesterday

@poptartsd Ask Me Anything like on Reddit

@poptartsd I didn’t mean on Twitter! LOL. But over email it’s AMA

Awkward is my specialty & my stars are all lined up right now for full-on painful awareness. So if you want unbroachable topics I’m yer lady

Got an email that was awkward for the person to have to write, and awkward for me to reply to. But ‘tis far better having said it than not

@rosebrier I haven’t yet but maybe they’ll send one if they feel like it

@rosebrier You’re gonna have it before I do :-

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