I got super good at the walking bass exercise but teacher switched up the pattern & I’m terrible again. Jeez! 1-2-3-5 get it together Frosty

@blindherschel It was a frozen margarita thing in a GLASS :-)

@baseballpajamas No! It’s because I’m immortal

Carded for liquor! Born in 1964 y’all

Can’t wait for #muertitosfest2013! Put on by @SAYSi_SA, an extremely awesome free arts program for high-school-agers saysi.org/muertitos-fest/

@harper You could be Horror Parade

@harper Is it “harper”?

…JD didn’t like that ear-training tool I was using before, it was using wack inversions and not helping me. Has me using Tenuto now to drill

@crashcollage It’s funny when you imagine the cat saying that, though

Had a great lesson today, played my walking bass exercise like a champ. He gave me some more patterns to tackle & we worked on ear training

@SarahDavies74 My LEFT hand is totally dainty & ladylike

@SarahDavies74 I had to get sized for it & I told the lady it was gonna be huge, turned out to be freakin 9-1/2. She didn’t say “man-hands”

@SarahDavies74 Oh I love that!! Very cool

@SarahDavies74 Thank you for admiring btw. I wanted to show it off, it’s so pretty! It forced me to put lotion on too, like a real lady

@SarahDavies74 I don’t think so, it’s supposed to look like ocean waves

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