A snack that is both semi-good for me and reeeeally not something I will ever pig out on. So the bag actually lasts a week. DRIED FIGS

@LaurenWK hottness!!

40 different tamale vendors…!? LOL only in SA facebook.com/events/1842863…

@wagz2it sk8 pr0n

@Coffinessence @michaelschaub Nobody would ever say Boo-da, they’d be shot

@Coffinessence @michaelschaub Let’s not go there LOL

@Coffinessence @michaelschaub I wanna start saying Miller just to f w/ ppl

@rosebrier she puts us all to shame

Today when Lucie called she sez whatcha doin’. I said “I’m prayin’!” (pause) “I mean playin’!!” And then we can’t stop laffing

@michaelschaub Huh that’s a new one on me

@michaelschaub What the… I grew up in Austin & I always said myoo-ler. How else…?

Lucie calls our mom every single morning just to check in. And for the past few mos also calls me! Weekdays only. So sweet & mother-henney

Last First Friday 2013!

Oh sigh… youtube.com/watch?v=JY0Vha…

Today’s the day I get to work on a little audio treat for @comedyminusone‘s holiday spectacular :-)

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