@cinchel Nooo I wasn’t walking, just hitting the roots. Which is uh… about 40% ha ha

I’m about 40% of the way towards walking bass achievement. Or in other words I can’t even half do it. Some of the time I hit the right note!

@hombredetacos Heheh… on the “GO”

@null_ptr Naw, I just wanna be an excellent camper! But it never hurts to prepare for zombies as well

@hombredetacos Yes but there’s an adaptor so a lady can purify while standing upright!

I survived my zombie preparedness training session. Dude sold me on a water filtration system, but I needed that anyway for camping :-)

There are ppl here who look like they reeeeally believe in zombies

@cinchel No!!! It’s SECRET, Cinchel. But if/when I come up with somethin’ more resembling a song I’ll send it to u, with haste!

OMG this thing has a voice changer…!!! I’m Decepticon http://t.co/wN77ZtaxyO


My new voice recorder arrived, it’s super cute. And very blue! Gonna use it exclusively for song snippets & secret babbling. So hands off!!!

@andydowning33 LOL @ DCGG but thanks, you’re extremely nice & I deeply appreciate yr niceness

@pkmonaghan @REI I’ll use my dividend

@pkmonaghan @REI I hope it’s not a trap set up by zombies

I’m taking another free class @REI tonight, called Zombie Preparedness – Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

@onyellowpaper mine too. It will do all of us good

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