@hombredetacos I’m still healing from all the camping-related chigger & mosquito bites… plus I got freckles on top of freckles on top of…

It’s fall in SA and raining like mad. I’m playing dressup w/ my old outerwear. I miss Chewbacca, my old parka from Chicago army-navy store

@hombredetacos unless it’s a trick

@null_ptr I have to pay 2x market rate now, in state major-risk pool, it’s over 800 a month

I could get the totally blinged-out health insurance plan w/ EVERYTHING paid for and it’d still be like $200 cheaper than my current premium

@nimbiwit Yeah I thought I’d put it back for Halloween… could never do a repeat performance of last year tho! hoo boy

Checked out the REI garage sale. Eh. Wasn’t as much fun as I was expecting… not even a petting zoo. I did get a couple of shirts

@_SimplySadie_ It’s my seasonal twavatar revived from last year to ward off ghosts & goblins & fucking fuckers until Nov 1st or thereabouts

@MeganTReilly I’m gettin’ there! It would be pretty bonkers to make a song outta that, just moving in circle of 5ths… drive ppl nuts heheh

This is exactly how my teacher’s having me do rootless ii-V-I progressions. Fingers & brain both scramblin to keep up youtube.com/watch?v=YZcmH2…

@dagjuhlin A Tumblr :-)

Back to the piano, trying to play that rotating ii-V-I thing, but using rootless voicings. Sounds so cool but so hard to compute on the fly!

@_SimplySadie_ @msanthropic Oooh!! Thanks for the heads-up… here’s a better URL youtube.com/watch?v=Y4UckO…

Jungle “The Heat” (thanks @msanthropic !!) ow.ly/pFBXL

@msanthropic Love it!!! Thanks!!

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