@David_Williams Hee. But what if it was an alien abduction? Maybe they couldn’t figure out the french press

Sometimes I wake up having just dreamed I made coffee already. :-(

I want to buy this and have Mark Greenberg hold on to it for me ebay.com/itm/Martenot-C…

@noisyspoon A spoonphone!

@thorharris666 This could go in a full circle

@thorharris666 HOLY shit are those YOURS? Your dicks? I’m totally cocksmacked

Props to 6pm.com for showing their models as people instead of mannequins http://t.co/PLijBhpt1E


I’m digging Loom, it’s the antisocial network for photos youtube.com/watch?v=KoPalM…

@David_Williams @thorharris666 Better than the junk mail I get now, mostly the former tenant’s… Victoria’s Secret and Neiman Marcus and crap

@hollersister I’m 49, I can’t wait for my card!! And the shoes!!

@RSB3 Thanks! :-) I only know root position chords but my teacher’s using this lick thing to trick me into playing rootless jazz chords. FUN

@revanchiastic I too was just fished in by the backpack offer :-)

Oh now what. Um. I uh… I joined Sierra Club? Am I an old hippie? Is this like, a prerequisite for my golden ticket to AARP or what

ii-V-I in 12 keys +10bpm x 20 youtu.be/2QcaZXpIsRg?a

Tito’s reflections http://t.co/iPmCJMvfpG


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