Yeah I’m glad this didn’t make it to jury. Almost did! There were 70 of us in the hall waiting to go in……


I’m free! It was gonna be a weeks-long murder trial too. But the pressure of the jury’s presence made them decide on a plea deal. Good.

I’ve been called in a group of 70. Just in time for lunch. This is all a distraction from my horse_ grieving process

So they’ve called a million people’s names but not mine. @bobblyjo wanted hourly updates. :-)

BLAH jury duty

@rosebrier I get my anagram every three years at the Women’s Pavilion

@hombredetacos Somebody I happened to meet when I was out in the country


@hombredetacos Are you old enough to remember Sambo’s restaurants? When I lived in Guadalajara they still had one there for the longest time

@hombredetacos So it’s not just me then

@rosebrier I think there might be an age-gap thing. It was a super controversial children’s book, a very old one

Am I just overreacting when my soul feels crushed upon finding out a nice fluffy black puppy has been given the name Sambo? I mean c’mon TX

My music teacher @JamesDering has an ebook coming out called Better Blues Progressions… gonna be epic!

I am my own band

So everything’s shifted around a bit since I last posted here. I did a ton of work for Distant Correspondent, but I need to focus on doing my own thing again. So I’m to be retroactively reclassified as a “special guest” in that band, if you don’t mind. :-) Just forget whatever I said before, I’m a guest! That’s right. A special guest that wrote some stuff, and sang and played some stuff all over the debut self-titled Distant Correspondent album that’ll be coming out on October 22nd on Hot Congress / Old Flame Records. And later this month the song “Shatter” (my very best contribution to the band IMO) will appear on a UK-only limited-edition 7" on Static Caravan. I believe a video is happening for that as well. I also sang on the b-side “Badlands”, which is streaming over here. (The reviewer doesn’t appear to be a huge fan of mine, eh…? Oh well…)

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