Oh now what. Um. I uh… I joined Sierra Club? Am I an old hippie? Is this like, a prerequisite for my golden ticket to AARP or what

ii-V-I in 12 keys +10bpm x 20 youtu.be/2QcaZXpIsRg?a

Tito’s reflections http://t.co/iPmCJMvfpG


@michaelljones2 Yeah same here, I got my ID uploaded & the whole initial form submitted pending the ID check… maybe gettin’ somewhere :-)

@michaelljones2 Did you ever figure it out? b/c I’m having the same problem. I get the alert but there’s no link & no apparent mailbox :-(

New ep of Better Piano Podcast! @JamesDering talks about the new blues ebook & runs thru a bunch of the charts – FUN! betterpiano.com/BPP012

@smartyboots So far it’s exactly the same in that you don’t get insurance. Difference is I have hope it might work eventually :-)

@robertloerzel It’s a huge collection of every different error message they could think of

Healthcare.gov is just a comedy of error messages. I DID make an acct but haven’t made it through the ID verification gauntlet. Bleh

Pretty skies http://t.co/ag0z5krgyJ



@gloriousnoise That sounds awesome, I’m totally jealous!!

I’m with Wendy! Join me and support @WendyDavisTexas for the next Governor of TX! wendydavistexas.com #TXGov #TeamWendy

@tegulic I’ve never read about this, it’s nuts. Goes way beyond anything I ever experienced w/ migraines

@RSB3 LOL WTF were Webelos anyway, I forget. Bluebirds were baby Campfire Girls, which is YWCA I think. I was in it for like 5 minutes

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