If the ‘pubs want a gov’t shutdown, they should pay for it. Not with taxes but with donations from ppl who agree. (I’m not one of those ppl)

@hickoids Majestic

Woke up & reached to phone & there was an email from a pal, so long & great that my day was already made before I even got up outta bed. :-)

@dalydes They’re just referring us to Healthcare.gov — I think I’m going to try to get the same or similar BC/BS PPO they had me on

@dalydes But you’re paying (by law) double market rate for whatever plan yr getting. The TX program & I guess all state pools are dissolving

@dalydes I was declined for insurance in every state I moved to; but each state had a program to insure those “major risk” uninsurable ppl…

I no longer suck @ starting campfire b/c I now own this badassery… yeah it’s basically a flamethrower. Fuck u, wood youtube.com/watch?v=EEzoUE…

Tomorrow I get to shop for health insurance & no longer need to be in a state major-risk pool b/c I won’t be declined! Thank you Obama <3

I worked a lot this week on dorian mode and a ii-V-I exercise. But it was sounding v poppy. So I made JD come up w/ a jazzier exercise to do

@samorama @cinchel That’s a lotta fun too :-)

@bethanye I like to think about driving Katamari-style

Doña Alicia http://t.co/maCugNRxFa


@davedoughman There oughta be a law against scenarios like that

Every politician & special interest group wants THREE dollars

@lindaray64 sigh… good ol’ days

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