Summit premiere on Monday

Monday, March 11th is the premiere of the Distant Correspondent “Summit” music video on Noisey. I saw a rough edit and it’s looking super cool. You can get a taste of it on our Tumblr but I can’t wait for you to see the real thing!

New MP3 on Aquarium Drunkard!


OhMyRockness profile

NYC music site OhMyRockness says “sparse, well-crafted dream-ish pop that slowly taps and swirls it’s way toward melodies of the haunting sublime…”

GimmeTinnitus interview & MP3

If you’d like to download a copy of “Merge” and read a little interview we did, maybe see a bunch of cool videos by people we like? Head over to GimmeTinnitus! MP3 will be posted for the next 3 days, I believe.

We have a Tumblr

I have another bit of news I forgot to share earlier. My band Distant Correspondent is working with Heather Crank on a music video for the song “Summit.” Which you haven’t heard yet, but you will as soon as the video is complete & gets posted to the internets. In the meantime, check out the Tumblr action at All about the making of this video. Lots of cool pics of us filming out on Sandstone Ranch in Longmont, CO. Even some pics from the show we played at Left Hand Brewing Co.


I know. I’m just overflowing with excitement and good news to share! How can I possibly contain myself?

Distant Correspondent debut MP3 posted

Hey again! Long time no post, again! So… it’s been what, six years since I came out with an official recording? EIGHT years? That can’t be true. Anyway, you might be aware I joined a band called Distant Correspondent and we’ve been working like mad on new music. We’ve got more than an album’s worth of material which no one has heard because we’re still looking for a label. But you can hear a taste now if you want! Please to be seeing this great article on Maura Magazine!

Show in Longmont

So there was going to be a secret show, but now it’s no longer a secret. I’m playing a show with Distant Correspondent!! It’s on Jan. 15th at Left Hand Brewing Co. in Longmont, Colorado (just north of Boulder). It’ll just be me and David Obuchowski playing as a duo. I know it’s not exactly a major market but we want to keep it low-key this time. A few friends will come see us, it’ll be nice and cozy and that’s the idea for our first show! I can’t wait. I’m practicing like crazy. Haven’t played live in about 25 years, but the pipes & hands still seem to be working. :-)

David earns endorsement deal with Fernandes Guitars

ROCK GOD!! David Obuchowski, my music partner in Distant Correspondent, just snapped up an endorsement deal with Fernandes Guitars. Super cool! Check it out.

RokRiot interview

The very first Distant Correspondent interview is now posted at RokRiot! David was serious; I was quite silly. Turned out great, like chocolate & peanut butter! Have a read.

HEY COOL, I joined a BAND!!!!!

So yeah, my website’s still totally borked-up? The Twitter-sucker-inner anyway. But I have huge news!! Best news ever!! I joined, or rather barged into a band called Distant Correspondent. We’re working fast & furious on some crazy-cool songs, some written by me & the rest written by our GLORIOUS LEADER, one David Obuchowski (GAWD I STILL have to double-check that name EVERY time!). He has a band called Goes Cube and this is his — I mean OUR new project, which is not to imply anything about other projects but OH HELL I just know this is the real shit. So WATCH THIS SPACE! I MEAN NO!! Follow me on Twitter @edithfrost until I can get this site back in order. And of course follow Distant Correspondent @distantcorr for FRESH HOT FROST!! Sooner we can get it cooked up and served out to all of you, the better IMO. YAY? YAY? YAY!!!!!


My stupid Twitter slurper plugin is broken & I’ve been too lazy to fix it. Please, if your finger’s not tired of clicking around, go here.

  • @smartyboots @RachaelHerron I freakin’ love dispatchers!! Kinda like a little boy loves trucks. #
  • @RachaelHerron @smartyboots OH RIGHT I remember you now! Somebody hipped me to you like a year ago. B/c I’m a dispatching fan & I also knit. #
  • I have a special weakness for 2 Broke Girls. It’s supposed to be Williamsburg, ha. They actually gave a lesson in hair-flipping in this ep!! #
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