@Coffinessence Blah I guess it doesn’t exist in NY the way it used to. Never found that flavor anywhere else on earth vanishingnewyork.blogspot.com/2012/02/chino-…

@Coffinessence Well, I’d kill for some Chino Latino

@whet Maybe put ‘er in the tub and give ‘er a tube of like, salad dressing to play with. LOL

I had such a good lunch w/ Daddy & John, went to La Gloria — Mexican street-food tapas. OMG. I had to sleep it off & now I’m way too awake

@solarflightowl Heh awesome

Yayyyyyyyyy!! I get to have lunch with my dad & little brother soon. I mean, today soon

I made a complete fool of myself with somebody, I’m really a disgrace and I sure hope it worked

@_SimplySadie_ In our local free weekly, called “Current”

Awesome way to keep rocks, dirt & chiggers outta your shoes dirtygirlgaiters.com http://t.co/SF9GpdzeeZ


@cinchel I meant phat beats

@cinchel Maybe you could grow some beats

@cinchel Oh trust me it’s a huge pain to deal with

Why don’t you write about growing your beard #NaNoWriMovember

@_SimplySadie_ I didn’t even notice the “ASSanantonio” URL

@pkmonaghan but I want the aquamarine special…

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