@hoganhere UGH what suckitude. Feel better Hogan

@crashcollage a mini-horse? I would not have believed you!

@thebedouin I get nauseously hungry, we need a word for that. Hurlgry?

@thebedouin Wow that’s a great word. I gotta show @TheEdJewCator, he would dig it

Made a temp rough dirty scratch mix for JD to hear, see what he thinks. Eh… I might I have a better take in me of the main melody. Mañana

I whapped out two melody tracks and one where I’m just humming. Now I can really do some major harm heheh

AAAHHH!!! I’m doing the vox now, it’s sounding INSAAAAAAAnely gorgeous. If I do say so myself :-)

@RachaelHerron ((more hugs))

I enlisted @JamesDering as my temp bandmate for @comedyminusone’s Xmas song. :-) He made me a GORGEOUS piano track I can just sing over! AAH

@_SimplySadie_ Oh Sadie! You might have to go read some gushy journaling I did in the early 90s – go search the word jeff on my blog

@KathleenD It occurs to me that Facebook really does make some things easier ha ha

OMG you guys Jeff took me on a date ::swoooooooooon:: I was goofy crushin’ on him in 1992. I shouldn’t be tweeting it but it is too cute

@technivore Eeehhheee hee that was cool — I got the tweet @ the perfect time to show it off to my pal so hey thanks. Took awhile to reply

Barton Creek <3 http://t.co/TuojhouIDA


@pkmonaghan That’s the one Patrick

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