@blindherschel Eh, I don’t think I switched it up very much on that vid, just got faster & faster until I crashed & burned

I wrote a vocal part for this, sang it & played @audanika SoundPrism bigtakeover.com/news/video-pre…

Rootless voicings: youtu.be/u-KymKRT850?a via @YouTube

@blindherschel I’m making you a video, imma show you what I can do now! With the rootless stuff. It’s so fun

@blindherschel I would not take a bass player’s job if one were handy. I’d just use rootless voicings & let bassist do the walkin’

@rosebrier youtube.com/watch?v=AW3l5U…

@onyellowpaper I just found some live footage! Lip-synced, but still! I’ve covered this tune (it’s by Ernest Tubb) youtube.com/watch?v=l87JGk…


@smartyboots By “he” I am referring to the monster who’s making me do all this, I mean the teacher’s who’s showing me how to do all this

@smartyboots He adds that hippity-hop thing — ba-dum 2 3 4 — like an anticipation of the downbeat, it drives me insane. I’m not fast enuf

I’m learning to do walking basslines — I’m sure this’ll be the thing that finally kills me

@rosebrier On @hotcongress website I guess? hotcongress.com (I don’t have any or I’d send ya one!)

Piano piano piano. These lessons are straining & stretching my brainz further & further every week. Exhausting but so much fun!!

@_SimplySadie_ I mean… THANK YOU! But I can’t stop laffing heheheh

@_SimplySadie_ Maybe it’s asking to be washed

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