@KathleenD the menswear clerk pretty much treated Jeff like the model & me like the buyer / chief clothing officer. Heheh

Jeff & I successfully shopped for clothes, it’s madness. Each came home with one nice outfit. Thank god it’s over!

Torrents of rain = I can put off washing my car awhile longer

@Bill_Neubauer p.s. How d’ya like my hair. Good times huh

@Bill_Neubauer Ha! It’s brand new to me. New Leaf. Supposed to be even more fun than older iterations

@HMSJeffBair Drive safe!

@brandondurham Manuals & misc pdf’s for me

Now featuring a bit less hopping around when going fom chord to chord youtu.be/-3yn9tCIaM0?a

I’m a bad, bad influence #ACNL http://t.co/teIGHBzEAJ


@rosebrier None I can think of

Who’s gettin’ physical? http://t.co/1LSucMct64


Jeez I hope all my Bay Area tweeps are OK. :-(

February 1987 http://t.co/orYG1o38RA


@rosebrier I like that you think it!!

@rosebrier You do? Wait, what?

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