He is currently a hotel preacher, according to Wikipedia m.youtube.com/watch?v=me2H7J…

Jeff & I just remembered the Farting Preacher

2015: I want to keep playing, working on the house, and do another epic hike. Either Camino de Santiago or back to where I bailed on the AT

Cy plays the beautiful Tennessee Waltz vine.co/v/OwVJa2tITF2

Happy New Year Ken & Janet! http://t.co/jerKbR5CU4


…terrible thing to say, not to mention confusing b/c at least one woman actually was raped by her Uber driver indianexpress.com/article/india/…

Wishing people on Twitter wouldn’t use the word “rape” when talking about Uber surge pricing

What’s up http://t.co/kHDVLM7G4l


@JimSRush that’s a bigass jandal, dude

@JimSRush you look thrilled about it too! :-)

@JimSRush you’re not allowed outside either, are ya Jim

Is “foreign film” still a term we use? It seems so… ugly American

I want an internet-connected camera in my fridge that I can pull up on my phone when I’m at the store

@CityRaptors @visaforviolet @obrag Peregrino is the Spanish word for pilgrim, also came from Latin

I have an appt next week with a sports doc, re: my probably-arthritic left knee. Hope to get squirted with fluids & sent back to the trail

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