@pkmonaghan @beecave ohhh okay never mind :-)

@beecave @pkmonaghan LOL all I remember is that it’s Rush Limbaugh’s favorite high

An hour ago I was getting sunburned, now it’s pouring sideways vine.co/v/Mg2wvTEF2nA

@pkmonaghan (throws phone down and sighs) (picks it back up) ok maybe I’ll call DollyMed

@pkmonaghan :-(

@pkmonaghan Shit!!! Ugh!!! Owwww. Are you in a cast or what. That sucks

@pkmonaghan Oh no is that you?! What happened?

@colinpeden I feel horrible for laffing

@pkmonaghan Yep. I wonder if Dollywood gives x-rays?

@smartyboots For me it’s a hard job getting & staying warm & dry once it starts raining & gets windy. Even wearing techy synthetics / wool

Ankle is f’in PISSED that I had the audacity to try to use it today. Never had this prob as a skater. Just blisters! http://t.co/2XSZz34QrV


This would go over great on the trail. (If cotton didn’t kill) http://t.co/Y1qaAzuJL4


Man! Even when I’m completely disabled & hobbling, I walk twice as fast as the tourists around here

@rosebrier LOL! I’m sorry

Jeez I guess this is a good time to take a break from hiking http://t.co/guS2D5d5pR


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