Wow wow wow





Oh ho ho!!!

Ben’s house is about to be moved

Yay!! @JamesDering & I are working on another Xmas song for @comedyminusone ‘s radio marathon. Fun song. I’m not telling yet, it’s a secret!

Fuck you, whoever’s using my debit card # in Delaware & Maryland. Get a fucking job

@ChrisWB_Film if the song u wanna use is the studio version you’d need to ask Drag City. But if it’s the demo, that’s totally fine w/ credit

Taking another whack at it

Patrick’s behind me in this vid with the black shirt holding a shaker & with some kinda tag over his face. Freak… :-)…

@solarflightowl you can say that again. One of a kind

R.I.P. to a good old pal, Pat Flaherty :-( This isn’t the greatest pic but it’s what I found… circa 2002 in Chicago


I’m playing Alien Isolation. Wandering around a spaceport, not sure what I’m supposed to be doing other than exiting the game & going to bed

Lifting its head. Nobody proofreads the squirrel calendars anymore


I get irritated by TV ads involving easily-offended disembodied hands or marionette-people. Lay your guilt-trip on someone else, fake-ass

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