@joannalovesyou Wow I thought I was an ol’ internet fogey. I think mine was ’98, at least on my own domain rather than Tripod or whatever

@pkmonaghan @beecave @tombihn They also use dyneema so everything more or less matches

@pkmonaghan @beecave @tombihn Me too, been rockin’ all-Tom for years apart from actual backpacking-backpacks. For those I love ULA Equipment

@pkmonaghan @beecave No, my blue Birkin isn’t waterproof. J/k I don’t have one. It’s a @tombihn Side Effect made of finest cordura & dyneema

@pkmonaghan @beecave A teeny little bag for in-town. Holds passport & credenciál, wallet & phone, sunglass-clip, pocketknife & maybe a map

@edithfrost Seems. F’in autocorrect

@beecave @pkmonaghan I promise if I see something like that I’ll cover my mouth to stifle my screams, and only vomit into my purse

@beecave @pkmonaghan Grody

@beecave @pkmonaghan OH MY GAHHHH that is horrifying!! Did they… STUFF HER FACE or what? No no no

Jeff & I are both on a diet starting today. Doing the @snapkitchen 21-day thing. Just had a pretty yummy chili & eggs breakfast

@andy38063437 Let’s do lunch! After my 21-day diet’s over heh

Reading @Arngrim‘s awesome bio about playing Nellie Oleson on Little House. Her mom was the voice of Gumby!!! :-o amazon.com/Confessions-Pr…

Chris Hayes just said “crisis-eeees”

@andy38063437 Welcome!! Hey I live in Hyde Park again. Knees & feet got a pummeling on the trail yeah, but mostly healed or healing now.

Reims is pronounced kinda like “wrawnce” but Rennes is “wren”. A bientot

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