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  • Illegal fireworks over Albany CA! The people are screaming WOOOO. #

Inside Al’s

Inside Al'sInside Al’s Big Burger in Albany CA, looking across the street at the Albany Bowl


SharonBest waitress at the Sunny Side Cafe in Albany, CA.

Albany, CA, coincidentally.

From the blog of Lucio Menegon, Kingtone Music…

Albany, CA is a sleepy little city that is part of the East Bay just north of Berkeley. A mostly ‘middle class’ (for the SF Bay Area) kinda place where people raise kids without the fears of many modern urban dwellers. It has a conservative 1950s feel to it, and from what I hear the cops there like it that way. Strangely enough, it is home to some amazing talent and subversiveness. Maybe that is not strange at all.

Here’s some examples I have experienced.

This past weekend I played on a session with Drag City artist, Edith Frost. It was a nice song titled, My Euphorbia and was recorded for a possible future DC comp that apparently has something to do with the tracks being performed live. Those in attendance were Edith, Wil Hendricks on standup bass, myself on guitar, Val Esway and Heather Davidson on backup vocals. Edith and Wil (via Chicago) live in Albany. […]


The back shelf

The back shelf

At Jodie’s Restaurant in Albany CA

Looking up over breakfast


Great show, casual vibe. Sad that you can’t see this stuff every night here like you can in… oh, I won’t say it. But it’s a little sad.


  • Motorboarded about six miles this evening up and down the Ohlone Greenway. It’s a blast. And a little more exercise than you’d think! #
  • Review: Morning Recordings – The Welcome Kinetic:

    … ‘Songs From A Hotel Bar’ sung by Edith Frost is a lovelorn, understated number backed up with a suitably subtle, glistening backing. ’We Loved The City Years’ is like a dream; some blissful harmonies wash over late night soul …
  • Demo-ing a new tune. Believe it… or not! #
  • Big power failure. Alarms going off @ the El Cerrito Plaza #
  • Power’s back. I went out to rubberneck & tripped on a curb. Bashed up my knee & hand pretty good. Smooth move, E-style… #
  • The bully husband next door is screaming at his whole family, with doors & windows open. WTF, it’s Christmas, can’t he give it rest? Asshole #
  • Bought the el cheapo dryer sheets & now the stink is creeping its way all over. Hazmat squad on the way, must protect the Bay Area wildlife. #
  • We didn’t want to fight the parking lots so we walked all over town. It was fun! Wil has some secret fancy drinks he wants to make tomorrow. #
  • Just wrote to a really good old friend that I haven’t talked to in forever. Hope I have the right addy & she writes back! I miss her a lot. #
  • Ever since I moved to WP, my content’s been getting splogged like a mofo. Wonder what scraper they’re using? Maybe I could htaccess ’em out. #
  • @McChris: Great idea, I forgot you could do that. I wonder if you can buy a gift card using a gift card? #
  • Terraminds twitter search (via Biz)
  • Angsuman’s Feed Copyrighter Plugin: a WordPress plugin to automatically add copyright message to your RSS / ATOM feeds
  • Kindle books now wish-listable on Amazon! Although, for now the button only appears if you visit the book’s customer reviews page. #
  • Wil is a prolific movie reviewer on his F’book Flixster. Super smart &/or funny. I.e. for Vanilla Sky: “I personally prefer chocolate rain.” #
  • 5 stars for Pootie Tang! “it’s a baddy daddy lamatai tebby chai. That’s a canapan, all the way down. wa-da-tah.” I concur. #
  • Got a little something for Mama after all. It’s not going TO her exactly, but I think she’s gonna like it anyway. :-) #
  • Ohhhh my bank… my aching bank… #
  • The people down the street who like to build bonfires in their backyard just got a visit from the Albany FD. Swear I didn’t call! #
  • Ohhh… somebody at Kindle Korner is saying that although you can add Kindle books to your wishlist, nobody can actually buy them. Psych! #
  • @Ihnatko: I’m afraid of that too! I never blog on my blog anymore, but here I can’t shut up. You’re hands down my favorite tech writer btw. #
  • Honest Gift Tags
  • Saw a neighbor kid at the Plaza, said hi, he looked freaked. “I’m your next-door neighbor?” “OK…” Jeez, do I really look like a kidnapper? #
  • Woke up @ 4AM and couldn’t get back to sleep, all ‘cuz I’m STILL mad at Pitchf**k for screwing me over on the last album?! I know… stupid. #
  • Brrrr!! I just got fan mail from the North Pole. #
  • They’re only giving us 33% off to upgrade LifeBalance? And they haven’t updated the app in *how* long? No thanks, I’m not even gonna try it. #
  • I can hear my neighbors *belching*. That’s too close. I’m from Texas! #
  • OMG I resurrected the iBook! All-day voodoo dance and chanting. Possibly got a bad ATA controller, but in low power mode it’s now working. #
  • Notes -> Gmail IMAP -> iPhone, and vice versa. Sweet! #
  • There was an earthquake? I didn’t feel anything here in Albany… #
  • It’s so foggy you can’t even see the top of Albany Hill. Kinda spooky. #
  • Giving my local susheria one more chance not to give me a stomach ache #
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