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  • I had a martini, a Cosmopolitan and a margarita in that order. Mighty risky! #


Kelly at the Mel-O-DeeBest bartender at the Mel-O-Dee Lounge in El Cerrito, CA.

Drinking and driving

Choose Your Own Carl (via Jenn)

  • @meimaimaggio: I bet @SantaClaus has a computer built right into the dasher-board. ;-) Merry Christmas / happy holidays everyone! #
  • Wil got me a Brookstone charging station for my geegaws! It’s soo pretty. Satisfies many lusts: gadgets. organization pr0n. and wood things. #
  • (It can now be revealed that I got Wil an Expression Pedal to go with his Line6. He needed it for his pedalboard. & it was a real surprise!) #
  • Wil's pedalboard
  • Wil got me tipsy with a champagne cocktail. We’re going for a nice Xmas dinner later; he won’t say where! Says it’ll be more FUN than fancy. #
  • (p.s. we’re taking BART, don’t worry!) #
  • Oh I almost forgot! Go get your annual copy of me sing-humming “Silent Night” over on John’s music page! #
  • Made a master tags list for my site. This is gonna be a huge rathole for me. #
  • ‘Bout to buy Wil a martini at the Mel-O-Dee Lounge in El Cerrito #
  • Wil is experimenting, mixing vodka and Big Red. Wow? ::coughsyrup:: #

My new year’s resolution

Guess what, I just got drunk-dialed!!  Ha ha!!  By a very sweet very good friend who says he or she has been thinkin’ about me and cares a lot and just wanted to, like, reaffirm that good longstanding friendship.  AWWWW!!!!  My heart is full.  That absolutely made my day.  And I don’t even think he or she had seen that blog post I did earlier.  Good timing eh?

Sorry ’bout that last one, really.  I think I said it best myself: friendship can be a very hard thing for some people.  It is for me, and for that person who wasn’t havin’ it, and for my old drunk friend, for lots of people.  It takes a willingness to jump out there and talk to people, talking for its own sake, not with any hidden agenda.  I think human interaction is both an art and a craft, or rather it’s something you can be talented at, or maybe not, maybe you have to work at it a little more than other people to whom it comes naturally.  Bad grammar?

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O I will regret this tomorrow

HELLO!!  I am drunk right now.  Eric and his housemates had a MIX TAPE PARTY and I got drunk and now I’m gonna blog about it.  HA!!!  yes.  and I’m not going to hit the backspace key to correct my errors, because this is GOOD BLOGGING.  heheheheheh.  So the rule was: everybody who comes has to bring 2 copies of a mix CD.  And all the mix CDs get put in to a central location (in this case it was a backpack) and when you leave you grab 2 out of the bag, hopefully they’re not yours.  So what I did — I kinda broke the rules a little but it was good anyway — I made a DVD mix tape of all 80s hip-hop videos.  I will post the tracklist if I can, we’ll see.  But the POINT is, I had a lot of fun and I did drink a whole lotta wine (for me, like 3 or 4 plastic cups worth), and now I’m fuckin’ high as a kite.  I almost wrote a note to GOOGLE to tell them how much I love them, don’t ever change Goodog!  I LOVE YOU!!!  I llove all of y’all SO SO Much.  Yessss.

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Silvie’s Lounge

Silvies LoungePics I took last Thursday at a show by Shelley Short and Eric Ziegenhagen at Silvie’s Lounge in Chicago…

SilviesEric ZiegenhagenEric in greenShelley ShortGeoff BuesingGeoff holding umbrellaSilvie of Silvies LoungeSilvies Lounge front roomSilvie writes

A good day for soup

I wish I could write like Darling Nikki!!  She’s writin’ frickin’ Neuromancer over there and I’m all "I like to take BATHS!" ::sigh::  I guess I yam what I yam.  But I wish I could write like Darling Nikki.

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Jolie Holland is my queen

Okay guys and gals.  I feel bad for everybody who missed that show, ‘cuz it was incredible. To you, and you, and you, and you and you and you and you and you, and all of y’all (y’all know who you are), I am sorry y’all couldn’t go but now I’m kinda glad I didn’t take you.  Because I wasn’t there to chit-chat or to make time with anybody, I had no agenda but to sit there and hear every single note with no distractions.  I didn’t know a soul and nobody knew me — except Bruce, the owner of the Empty Bottle who sponsored the show, and this one nice kid who said hi.  But as it turned out it was a real good thing I went by myself ‘cuz I had ‘er all to myself, heheh.  Well, me and about I’d say maybe 100, 150 other people at most.  They didn’t sell out, it was comfortable. Nobody talked, everybody listened, it was a beautiful thing.

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Made up with the Court and Spark

Last night was fun.  I wanted to go see Brother Danielson ‘cuz he’s my friend, but I couldn’t face the clusterfuck at the Bottle so I went to the Court & Spark / Manishevitz show instead.  Got all dolled up for it too, just for the hell of it… wore a dress and did my hair different, I looked hot.  Oo-wee baby!!  See, I don’t usually make the effort unless there’s just nothing better to do, heheh. Doing it to impress somebody would be pointless since I’d never be able to keep up the charade more than 24 hours.

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I’m so relieved

Note: This is a journal entry — it was written on paper or on my computer, then transferred to my website, maybe years later.

The show went great!!!!  I was feeling really really jumpy beforehand.  Ryan and I hadn’t played together in about six months, unless you count Ryan’s birthday party show we did in July, where I did mostly cover tunes anyway.  Tonight we played in one of the university’s auditoriums, or maybe it was the only one, I’m not sure.  It’s an old chapel that got converted into an auditorium about four years ago, they told me… not too big and not too little.  I guess there were around 150 or 200 people.  The acoustics were really really great.  I could hear everything perfectly and didn’t have to ask the soundman to adjust a thing.  All the seats were full and people were standing in back and on the sides.  The audience was so nice.  I was talking mostly in Spanish wherever I could, and I even did a song in Spanish for one of the encores, an old Lydia Mendoza cover called "No Es Culpa Mia".  I GOT TWO ENCORES!!!!  I’m totally stoked.  :-)

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At the Underworld

photo by Edith FrostJames Walbourne, who sang and played guitar with Peter Bruntnell

At the Halfmoon

photo by Edith FrostDrunk but enthusiastic crowd at the Halfmoon, under the Cork City Opera House in Cork City, Ireland.

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