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Me and my Kindle

You probably know this about me already, but I am a gadget person. And I recently got my hands on a few shiny things I’d been lusting after for awhile. I thought, now that I’ve lived with them for some time, I should do a little writeup on how they’re working out for me. My preciouses are: the Amazon Kindle electronic reader; the Roth Motorboard electric scooter, and the Eee PC mini-laptop. I’ll start with the Kindle and then maybe write about the others in another post. Or not, who cares? Google is your friend. And they’re all great products, I recommend them all. :-)

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Hack Your Kindle: 100+ Tips…

…Resources, and Tutorials to Get More Out of the Amazon Kindle

Link (via KindleKorner)

  • Some spammer is using my e-mail addy as their ‘from’ and ‘reply-to’. Getting shitloads of bounced undeliverables from all over the world. #
  • My browser cache is going haywire. The Amazon Kindle page says Kindles are *in stock*…!! I gotta reboot. #
  • Now I’m reading Metamorphosis by the REAL Kafka. Seems a lot easier to read than it did last time — but I was only like 12 years old! Heh. #
  • The Kindle Cake (via The Book of Kindle)
  • Worked again. It went better than last time, but I’m still too slow, asking too many frickin’ questions. I wanted to hit the ground running! #
  • Argh! Mac is a computer made by Apple. MAC stands for media access control: every networked computer has a MAC address. Yup. You’re welcome. #
  • Just finished “Kafka on the Shore” by Haruki Murakami. Oh my god. Wonderful. Can’t recommend it highly enough. I’m all choked up about it! #
  • @pallbear: I hope you’ll love it too…it’s not a difficult read like the real Kafka! BTW the Kindle version is spotless. Not even one typo. #
  • Get the link to your Google Talk chatback (via Harper)
  • Got a membership to LibraryThing. Getting as much as I can onto the Kindle (& selling the paper versions) so I need something to keep track. #
  • はろ #
  • Twitter is allowing me to randomly log in as random people whenever I hit “Sign Out” TWITTER FREAKOUT!!! FIX ME!! #
  • Twitter needs to fix this random session bug! I’m not this person.. if you need help to fix it contact me at #
  • JEEZ Twitter!! WTH?! (from the real edith) #
  • Sending Amazon a big list of broken links in a Kindle book I’m reading. They’re not paying me… it’s just annoying and I’m anal like that. #
  • Some unknown caller has called our landline **13** times in the last two days without leaving a message. Ringer’s off. Suck it! #
  • Twitter is buggin’ out on me. I got no “Actions” section so nobody can DM or nudge me. Pretty sure “d edithfrost blah blah” works though. #
  • I finally finished reading Musicophilia! Whew. Good enough book, just hard to get through all those clinical tales. #
  • Skeptical about Amazon Daily. Thinks it’s the new Bloglines or GReader, but with Amazon-knows-best subscription choices. #
  • Just finished another Kindle book, “After the Quake” by Haruki Murakami. Also: it’s been pouring rain for like a month now. Is that normal? #
  • My Kindle is out for delivery! #
  • My Kindle’s here! It’s so spiffy. First purchase was ‘The Diamond Age’ by Neal Stephenson. Got tons of other (free) stuff to read later too. #
  • Got my 2nd copy of Musicophilia, heheh. JJ gave me the hardcover for Xmas but I’m only halfway through and wanna continue! So, of course… #

Ebooks and bags

  • @meimaimaggio: That is so cool! Haven’t seen it yet. I almost missed your twit… that other Edith must be pretty confused right now. :-) #
  • Comment posted to Amazon Kindle discussion ‘Where do you live, when did you order, and when did it arrive?':
    – Ordered Dec. 13th, paid for one-day shipping
    – Originally estimated for delivery Jan. 14-28
    – Status changed to “shipping soon” on Wed. 1/16
    – Status changed to “shipped” on Fri. 1/18
    – Estimated for Tue. 1/22 UPS delivery to Albany CA (Bay Area)
  • Kindle Technical Specifications
  • MobiPerl
  • Messed up my right index finger somehow, hurts to put any pressure on it. Shouldn’t be typing. Oh and I gotta sore toe as well. Bad digits! #
  • @Ihnatko: That’s what she said! ;-) Very cool bumping into you yesterday (not that you’d remember). #
  • MacBook Air display at Macworld ’08
    MacBook Air display MacBook Air display MacBook Air display table
  • My Kindle has shipped! Supposed to be here Tuesday. This is going to be a very long weekend. #
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