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  • Got all choked up about the All My Children tribute to Myrtle Fargate. Haven’t even seen the show in a few years – where were Palmer & Adam? #


Hello, how are y’all?  Feels like I just posted that show-cancellation notice yesterday, I guess I just slept through that whole time since then.  And whoo-hoo, I’m almost caught up with my backlogged All My Children’s!  Yep.  Productivity.  But yeah, I’ve been a good girl, I’ve stayed very very quiet since the weekend and only left the house a few times (very quietly).  I don’t want to test it out too much but the voice seems a bit better, squeakin’ out about four or five more notes that I had this weekend, so that’s good.  I’ve never gotten too scientific about it but I’m pretty sure my normal range is about 2 good octaves… I’m up to about 1-1/2 octaves now I think (squeaking at least), which isn’t bad considering I sounded like frickin’ Harvey Fierstein one week ago.

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AMC state of the union

At this time I would like to give my formal appraisal of the current state of affairs on the soap opera All My Children.  My history of watching the show is as follows: I watched a little in the late 80s, and stopped.  Watched for about two years in the early nineties, and stopped again.  Started watching again a year and a half ago, and talked about it on my blog at the end of January ’03.  This was after getting TiVo, and I haven’t missed an episode since unless it was pre-empted by war coverage or whatever.

So!  I will try to be brief.  Any show with so many characters and so many plotlines going on at once is bound to have some plots that are more interesting than others, some actors that are more talented than others, dumb characters and meatier roles as well.  I think they do very well on the whole so none of the following should be construed as criticism towards the show… I’m just giving my two cents!

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Where’s Opal?

I used to follow All My Children for a few years in the late 80s / early 90s, and oh dear, now I’m hooked again.  ‘Cuz when we got TiVo, I decided to try watching it for a few days to see if I could possibly understand what was going on.  I set up a season-pass thingy and figured I would delete it soon after.  But I didn’t delete it, I’ve watched every show for a few weeks now and it’s making enough sense that I keep watching.  I am really confused about all these characters though.  There are some characters I remember and lots that I don’t.  Remember back in the nineties when Erica found out that her father was a circus clown?  Heheh.

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