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  • Another CC-licensed photo of mine used without permission, with no linkback this time. Starting to think maybe CC isn’t for me after all. #
  • The fine print: You can change/revoke a CC license anytime, BUT all previous downloads keep their original licenses. That seems reasonable. #
  • I just uploaded my 1000th photo to Flickr! #
  • My pics from the Du Nord last night came out horrible. I gotta get those camera settings back to where they were before I fuckered ’em up. #
  • There are FOUR airplanes dragging ad banners over Albany right now. I HATE THEM. #
  • Twitter, the new design is nice enough but are you getting the message that people aren’t liking the fonts? They aren’t liking the fonts. #
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  • Unfollowing somebody for being a hater. #
  • Lazy Rock Star? Gibson Creates Self-Tuning Guitar
  • Dunno if I like mixing twitters in with my blog posts. Too awkward-looking. Want to fix that, and also mix in Flickr/Reader/delicious feeds. #
  • Royal Cafe windows Shot after breakfast at the Royal Café
  • Getting ready to go see the Invisible Cities at the Du Nord #
  • Faced with an all-consuming desire to get my paws on that box from Levenger. Should be later this week. #
  • Treasure Island tunnel Bay Bridge tunnel at Yerba Buena Island
  • Sadie and Han Goh and Sadie The Invisible Cities at Café du Nord

Me & Wil

click for larger imageMe and Wil Hendricks at the Café Du Nord on Tuesday.  Photo by Han Wang.

Café Du Nord (San Francisco, CA)

Cafe du Nord posterPart of the Mission Creek Music Festival, with Willard Grant Conspiracy, Spider, Coal Beautiere
At Café du Nord
2170 Market St., San Francisco CA 94114

My band: Wil Hendricks (electric guitar)

  • Just confirmed a show @ CafĂ© Du Nord on Tue 5/15 as part of Mission Creek Music Festival. Willard Grant Conspiracy opens. #
  • Nice interview for New Zealand, at Lumiere…… #