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  • Just got home from jury duty; I have to go back tomorrow. Hoping they’ll excuse me then, for being so obviously unfit. God bless America! #
  • Therapists to media: LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!! #
  • So I’m in a guitar shop standing next to Taj Mahal, who hears my whole electric-nylon story and suggests I get a Crafter. How could I argue? #
  • OMG I just ordered my guitar. Not the Crafter… a Fender CDN240SCE, a nylon-string acoustic-electric. Hope I made the right choice! :-o #

Me and Will Clinger

Me and Will ClingerMe and Will Clinger, the host of Wild Chicago, one of the greatest shows ever.  We were at the Chopin Theatre attending a performance of Sketchbook 5; Eric (who took this picture) directed one of the sketches.  If you go to the performance on Monday (the 20th) you’ll get to not only see that play, but also see Eric play some of his own music between sketches!  I’m pissed I won’t be able to go myself, but oh well.

My blog can’t keep up with me

I wish I could come up with a better way to get my thoughts up here, it’s so much of a chore.  It needs to be more like a little notepad where I can jot a bunch of things down real quick instead of creating these humongous catching-up posts where I’m trying to summarize a whole week or two.  Bitch bitch bitch!!

Speaking of notepads, have you heard about the latest craze?  The low-tech hipster PDA, just a bunch of index cards held together with a binder clip.  I love that, it really appeals to my love of list-making and my fetish for office supplies.  It also leaves me lusting over fancier things like a Levenger pocket briefcase and a little Moleskine notebook for writing down my song-snippets.  I love using my Treo for contact management — I have so many of those it really is a space-saver, but for note-taking, the Treo doesn’t really work too well for me.  I like to have notes and to-do lists right in front of my face, not hidden away in a program on my phone that I might never open for weeks!

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John C. Reilly, MP3s

Wow!!  I just saw John C. Reilly on the Conan O’Brien show.  He seemed so nice!  This is the guy that I met back in April when I played in Los Angeles… he was in the movie Boogie Nights and has a new one coming out with Jennifer Aniston, that’s why he was on Conan.  I didn’t have enough time back in April to blog the whole story… but it went a little something like this.

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PVC show, Audrey Rose

Weird… I’ve gotten a couple of spams today that had my OWN address as the "sender".  Both were ads for Viagra… no attachments, so I don’t think this has anything to do with the Klez worm.  One of them seemed to originate from Korea, and the other from AOL, but they both had the same x-mailer in the header: "The Bat! (v1.52f) Business".  Strange!!  If I get any more I’ll run ’em through Spamcop.  Haul those headers in for questioning, as they say.

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Hey!! We’re in L.A.

Hey!!  We’re in L.A.  I re-read what I wrote before and I can’t believe I admitted I’m an Audiogalaxy addict!!!  I have a big fucking mouth.

Tour’s going great, except I caught a cold.  Seems like I never get sick when I’m at home, just on tour.  The guys are telling me I’m snoring like a buzzsaw and coughing and sputtering all night… they all have earplugs but I still feel guilty for being the loud one every night.

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