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  • Holy crap, the Chicago Reader got bought out and my friend Sheila Sachs is getting the boot after TWENTY-TWO YEARS as art director! UUUGGGH. #
  • Dang, my NPR puzzle answer was wrong! Or, not exactly wrong, just too obscure. Naturally, my idea of “famous” is very different from theirs! #
  • This week’s puzzle is TOO EASY! And, I just saw three lil’ raccoon babies, cute as they could be, staring curiously as mama hustled ’em by. #

Stumpin’ for Gary Schepers

I’m all verklempt about all the support that’s bubbling up in Chicago, all the benefit shows that are coming together to help Gary Schepers defray his horrendous medical bills.  Here’s a list of shows in the Reader.  Here’s a longer profile in the music section, from a few weeks ago.  Here’s an article in today’s Tribune.  Another one in the Sun-Times.  There are dozens of shows happening and more being planned.  I’ve honestly never seen anything like it, but I’m not at all surprised either.  Because we, the music community here in Chicago, do tend to pull together in good times and bad.  So I’m going to make one last plea to you guys, whoever can come out to one of those shows, please do.  The one I’m playing is on Sunday night at the Hideout starting at 8pm… I’m pretty sure it’ll sell out so get your tickets now if that’s the one you want to see.  Frankly I don’t care which one you see, just get yer ass out there!  If you’re out of town and you can help with money, any amount would be very much appreciated.  Bloodshot has helped set up a trust for that purpose; donations can be made payable to the "Gary Schepers Trust", you can take them to any National City Bank branch or send ’em via snail-mail at National City Bank, 1520 N. Damen, Chicago, IL 60622.  I never do this, I don’t beg people to come out to my shows, but this is obviously a time to put all modesty aside and ask for y’all’s help.  I know, this is just one guy and maybe you don’t even know him, and yeah maybe there are a lot of people who need help and aren’t getting this kind of exposure from the local media… but still, that’s neither here nor there.  Let’s do this, let’s help get this guy back on his feet.  Okay, rant over.

I’m a top tenner!!

It’s silly, but I was so excited to find out that Bob Mehr showed me a little love on this year’s top ten for the Chicago Reader.  I had been ego-surfing all the blogs with top ten lists, looking for my name and never seeing it, and thinkin’ "that’s what I get for releasing an album on November 15th!!" Oh of course it has to be a matter of timing, it couldn’t possibly mean they didn’t like my record enough, ha ha!!  Anyway it’s very cool and I can stop obsessing over it now.  :-) Also super SUPER cool that he placed M.O.T.O. at number one!!  Paul Caporino is the hardest working man in show business, and definitely the greatest songwriter I know doing that pop/punk thang.  There’s nobody on earth that deserves that spot more than him, IMHO.  All hail the Masters of the Obvious!!

Me and Eric

Me and Eric Ziegenhagen last night at the Jolie Holland show at Schuba’s.  There’s a nice article about him in this week’s Chicago Reader… it’s in section one, which doesn’t get published online, so you’ll need to grab a hard copy if you want to see it.  Might as well pick it up at his CD release show at 6:30 tomorrow night at the Hideout!  :-)

Chicago Reader interview

photo by Jim NewberryA really nice article by Bob Mehr that appeared in today’s Chicago Reader…

(photo by Jim Newberry)

Quoted in the Reader

My weblog got quoted in this week’s Reader, in an article about the closing of the Rainbo Roller Rink.  They referred to me as "roller skating enthusiast Edith Frost"… kinda pathetic that I’m better-known as a skater than I am as a singer.  Hmmmph.  Anyway, I couldn’t find it online or I’d link to it.

Glenn Kotche in the Reader

Glenn Kotche, my old pal who played drums on Wonder Wonder, got featured in the Chicago Reader music section this week.  Attaboy Glenn!!  He’s a superstar, no doubt about it.  So, the story explains in detail how I taught him everything he knows, and also touches upon how I introduced him to everyone he’s ever met.  (heeheehee!!)

Chicago Reader review

A review by Peter Margasak that appeared in the Chicago Reader

As interesting as the acidic production by Royal Trux was on Edith Frost’s Telescopic last year, hindsight reveals that simple suits her better.  Frost’s new single Love Is Real (Drag City) was produced by Rian Murphy — who did such a good job on her debut, Calling Over Time — and features some lovely acoustic melancholia laid down by Archer Prewitt, Rick Rizzo, Ryan Hembrey, and Mark Greenberg.

Chicago Reader on Telescopic

A review by Peter Margasak that appeared in the Chicago Reader

On her second album, produced by Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema of Royal Trux, Edith Frost has replaced the acoustic gentility of her previous recordings with electric gentility, her rootsy melancholia with fuzzed-out psychedelia. But her beautifully understated serpentine melodies remain a constant, and the backup — Rian Murphy, Ryan Hembrey, Amy Domingues, Jean Cook, and Jason Quick, on drums, bass, guitar, and a lot of violin — still caresses her siren’s croon rather than shaping it. Although it would be nice to hear her try a tempo other than mid, Frost obviously has that rare desire to transform herself from within and the even rarer ability to pull it off.

Chicago Reader review

A review by Monica Kendrick that appeared in the Chicago Reader

Frost has long been summed up and drowned out as a melancholy, country-inflected club chanteuse with a tendency to drift into the ether. Part of the delight of her earlier recordings was the close listening they required, but on her latest, TELESCOPIC (Drag City), she’s decided to pump up the volume, and in spots she can get downright psychedelic or jarring. Whether she’s more confident about turning up or just sick of being taken for a shy folkie, it’s a nice unexpected turn and makes a good case for her staying power.

Moved to Chicago

Well, I have moved my ass to Chicago, y’all! If you’ve arrived at this page then you know I’ve already switched Internet providers… my new e-mail address is XXX (now invalid).

GUESS WHAT… there’s a big fat feature story about my music in this week’s edition of the Chicago Reader. This is the first time I’ve done a real interview for a real newspaper with a real photographer and all. whoah…

I played my first gig in Chicago at the Empty Bottle on Friday night, it went great! I got to open for Rebecca Gates, the singer from the Spinanes, who I dig a lot. You know, she played a cool cover of the Pretenders’ "Talk Of The Town", and I was sick because I had come *this* close to playing an old country tune called "I’m The Talk Of The Town," a totally different song — it would’ve been perfect!! Maybe we oughta do it up as a split single, eh?

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Chicago Reader feature

An article that appeared in the Chicago Reader in Peter Margasak’s Post No Bills column…

Gentle Frost

After sending unsolicited demo tapes to a handful of record labels a couple of years ago, Edith Frost found herself in a strange situation. A novice songwriter, she attracted the attention of two respected labels that couldn’t have been more different: Austin’s forward-looking roots-rock Dejadisc imprint and Chicago’s indie-rock experimentalist outlet Drag City. On a gut instinct she chose the latter, but openly wonders about what might have transpired with the former. "I don’t know how it would’ve turned out," Frost says, "but I’m sure the recordings would’ve been slicker and I probably would’ve moved home to Austin instead of to Chicago." Between her eponymous four-song debut, which Drag City released this summer, and her full album, already recorded and due next April, it’s clear Frost would have done well either way: the shy 30-year-old Texan might be the most distinctive and gifted singer-songwriter to surface in the last year or two.

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Chicago Reader pics

photo by Katrina Wittkampphoto by Katrina WittkampPhotos by Katrina Wittkamp for the Chicago Reader