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Stumpin’ for Gary Schepers

I’m all verklempt about all the support that’s bubbling up in Chicago, all the benefit shows that are coming together to help Gary Schepers defray his horrendous medical bills.  Here’s a list of shows in the Reader.  Here’s a longer profile in the music section, from a few weeks ago.  Here’s an article in today’s Tribune.  Another one in the Sun-Times.  There are dozens of shows happening and more being planned.  I’ve honestly never seen anything like it, but I’m not at all surprised either.  Because we, the music community here in Chicago, do tend to pull together in good times and bad.  So I’m going to make one last plea to you guys, whoever can come out to one of those shows, please do.  The one I’m playing is on Sunday night at the Hideout starting at 8pm… I’m pretty sure it’ll sell out so get your tickets now if that’s the one you want to see.  Frankly I don’t care which one you see, just get yer ass out there!  If you’re out of town and you can help with money, any amount would be very much appreciated.  Bloodshot has helped set up a trust for that purpose; donations can be made payable to the "Gary Schepers Trust", you can take them to any National City Bank branch or send ’em via snail-mail at National City Bank, 1520 N. Damen, Chicago, IL 60622.  I never do this, I don’t beg people to come out to my shows, but this is obviously a time to put all modesty aside and ask for y’all’s help.  I know, this is just one guy and maybe you don’t even know him, and yeah maybe there are a lot of people who need help and aren’t getting this kind of exposure from the local media… but still, that’s neither here nor there.  Let’s do this, let’s help get this guy back on his feet.  Okay, rant over.

Chicago Tribune article

Full-page article in today’s Trib.  (bugmenot) They quoted both Riyans!  No glaring errors, and very complimentary of the new record, which I so appreciate.  Half of me wants to go out and shake everybody’s hand — I’m a genius!! — and the other half wants to crawl under a rock because it gets so personal.  Arrrrgh!  I’ll try to explain…

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Chicago Tribune interview

An article by Lauren Viera that appeared in today’s Tribune / Metromix…

Tribune interview by Kevin

Edith Frost’s songs taking on new topics, moods
A quieter, more confessional Edith Frost comes out on her latest disc "Wonder Wonder."
By Kevin McKeough
Special to the Chicago Tribune

Edith Frost recently heard from her high school sweetheart for the first time in years, congratulating the Chicago singer on fulfilling her lifelong dream of making music. "He said, it’s really cool to see you do this, because you wanted to do it when we were going out," the now 37-year-old Frost reports.

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Tribune review by Greg Kot

A review by Greg Kot of my second album TELESCOPIC that appeared in the Chicago Tribune



Fleshing out her delicate folk-pop with hints of electronic atmosphere, Frost is Chicago’s answer to Beth Orton and Lida Husik.  She sings carefully chosen words about broken relationships in a dreamy voice, leaving clean incisions that may require stitches weeks after they’re first heard.

Chicago Tribune review

A review by Rick Reger that appeared in the Chicago Tribune

Edith Frost’s fine debut record unveiled a folksy singer/songwriter whose introspective music deftly waltzed along the country- pop borderline, but her new effort, Telescopic, tentatively explores the art-sploitation ethos of Chicago’s Wicker Park underground. A mix of clean C&W hickory and piquant avant-rock fuzz, Telescopic is an engaging, if less immediate, record that suffers only from its static mood and pacing.

Tribune interview by Josh

An interview by Josh Noel that appeared in the Chicago Tribune "Reverb" section…

A multicolored Frost
Drag City songstress plays Empty Bottle and Goose Fest

Whether you interviewed Edith Frost for a half-hour, two hours or even 10 hours, you’d come away with few notes. Most people don’t take notes when talking to their friends, and Frost is so easygoing and candid and so immediately familiar that scribing most of what she says would seem a violation of friendship. Then you remember there is no friendship — you’re working here — so you’d best start writing something.

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