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Songs:Illinois did a post about my new record today… go over there to hear the song "Playmate" with my blessing.  Craig’s a good egg, the kind of blogger who likes to ask permission before posting stuff… I’m not saying everybody’s gonna act that way but I really appreciate the consideration.  So he has the edge… I hooked him up with some giveaways the ordinary joe wouldn’t be able to get his mitts on.  He’s posted my ancient demo version of "Lovin’ You Goodbye", plus a cover-song demo I did with Ryan Hembrey, called "Lula Lee".  It was once part of a country covers album project that never materialized.  Goes along with the two cover songs that appeared at the end of my Demos album, it’s from those same sessions.  Hope you like.  I don’t think he keeps his songs up very long so get over there now while the post is still fresh…

I’ve Changed My Ways

Ive Changed My WaysMy demo version of Walk on the Fire got included on a Mundane Sounds MP3 sampler called I’ve Changed My Ways: The Mundane Sounds New Music Sampler, Volume Four.  The MP3s will be available for a limited time, so download ’em while you can!  My song, however, is the same version that will always be freely downloadable on my Comfort Stand Demos album.

Bellingham Herald show preview

A preview of the Seattle show by Tony Stasiek that appeared in the Bellingham Herald

Not knowing Edith Frost personally, it’s unclear what forces propelled her to trip out the loveably icy roots tinglings of her “Calling Over Time” CD into the mushy, psychedelic fuzz on her subsequent follow-ups. Thankfully, the Chicagoan has returned to form, releasing her trebly, bare-bones early demos as “Demos,” a CD available for full download at Hear them in person with Manishevitz, Sarah Dougher and Graham Travis at 9 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 4, at Graceland, 109 Eastlake Ave. E., (206) 262-0482.

St. Louis Riverfront Times preview

A preview for our 11/26/04 show at the Creepy Crawl that appeared in the St. Louis Riverfront Times. It was written by Christian Schaeffer.

No matter how hard it tries, St. Louis will always suffer from Chronic Little Brother Syndrome, forever in the shadow of its hipper, savvier older bro, Chicago. For St. Louis music fans, this fact is driven home by the number of great bands living and working in Chicago. This Friday finds two of that city’s finer acts sharing the Creepy Crawl stage, as Edith Frost and Manishevitz kick off their fall tour in our humble little town.

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Pitchfork review

Pitchfork Magazine just published a nice review of my free Demos release…

Demos review on Mundane Sounds

Joseph Kyle posted a nice review of my Demos album on Mundane Sounds.  He doesn’t seem quite as pleased with my studio efforts as he is with the demos, but oh well, can’t win ’em all.


Edith Frost DemosEdith Frost: DEMOS
2004 Comfort Stand # csr027 lp
Internet-only, and FREE to download and share
Demo versions of previously released material plus a few surprises.
Tune in, download and enjoy!

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Bluish Bells

This is the original 4-track demo of "Bluish Bells", a song that appeared on my second album Telescopic in 1998.  The demo was recorded on 9/30/1996 at my apartment in Brooklyn.  I did all the vocals and played my red guitar, and added a fuzzed-out part with my blue guitar and a Big Muff.  I hope you like it; it’s very different from the version you’ve (hopefully) heard already.

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Download @