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  • Crazy vivid nap-dreams… kept thinking I was awake & getting out of bed & doing all kinds of things, but NO! The opposite of a lucid dream? #
  • Dreamed I was at a hotel and found a huge pile of wadded-up bills, Euros I think. Filled both pockets & a makeup bag. If only it were true! #
  • Aimee Mann – Wise Up (thanks freak)
  • OK I guess Twitter’s back. Today’s been a little more eventful than I bargained for, but it all worked out. Just had Jodie’s patti-melts. #
  • Last night we saw an ep. of Inspector Lynley feat. Jenny Agutter, star of Logan’s Run (a fave of mine). She’s come a long way since Lastday! #
  • Today’s nap, I “got up” like five times before I really woke up! Thought I had sheets wrapped around my head and there was a cat in the room #
  • I worry too much. Such a worrier. #
  • Got woken up way too early by a buzzsnort. Not my own but it very well could have been! I do that AND talk in my sleep so I’m the lucky one. #
  • Amazon Filler Item Finder (via Metafilter)
  • Bad Behavior antispam plugin for WordPress et al
  • Jesus, I just installed the Bad Behavior plugin for WP like five minutes ago and it’s already blocked 6 access attempts. :-o #
  • When I get the sleep-paralysis thing where I think I’m getting up, I can “stretch” my “leg” into the air and actually feel the burn. Freaky. #
  • The TV was on (IRL) and I could “see” it… but when I put my hand up to cover that view, IT WAS INVISIBLE. Everybody look at your hands! #
  • Earlier I’d caught a young woman who’d broken into the house. Shrank her down to 3 inches and held her squirming while I called the cops. #
  • @gruber was there!?! I told him I’d just shrunken the last intruder and he’s like “heh… in your dream!” and I’m all… “well, yeah!” #
  • Gotta very wily spammer trying to post pharmaceutical links in my Scintillating Scotoma group after I told him nicely to STFU. GRRRR!!! Ban. #
  • Louisiana Fried Chicken forgot to give me my dirty rice, so I walked back. They made it right AND gave me free 7-Up cake. Customer service! #
  • HappyWil and HappyWil and Happy last night at Armadillo Pizza
  • Why is it that whenever I have a plane-crash dream, I’m always in the cockpit getting the worst possible view? #
  • If there’s no food or drink allowed on BART, how are you supposed to shop for groceries outside your home turf? I’m overthinking this, yes. #
  • I want a Kindle! Even though it’s way overpriced, and buglier than a Mattel electronic-football game from 1977… #
  • 452 characters per minute, with 87 correct words and no wrong words. Hot tamale! http://speedtest.10-fast-fi… #
  • The sock has been found. No thanks to you people! #
  • I soo wanna insinuate myself onto someone’s roundtable tech podcast, so I can bitch about Macs/gadgets/webstuff. Role model: @ambermacarthur #
  • So ashamed I could only name 35 HTML elements! Wasted a full minute not realizing the clock had already started. #
  • EMI to Cut RIAA Funding; Death of RIAA Near? (from Mashable’s lips to God’s ears!)
  • Is Twitter Down?
  • Blogger / Blogspot Help – Report a spam blog
  • Sleep paralysis! Nature’s way of saying “Heyyy what’s the rush? You love naps! You may think you’re getting up but check it out… pillow!” #
  • Our local franchise of Louisiana Fried Chicken is NO JOKE. They got the greens, dirty rice, hot-water cornbread and 7-Up Cake… ohh my god. #
  • Last thing I remember from my dream is seeing one of those LOLcat pictures, a walrus variation that said “BUCKY BUCKY BUCKY”. Dunno… #
  • Deleted my old Orkut account. Never used it. #
  • Geotagging some Flickr pics I took @ the San Francisco Bathhouse in Wellington #
  • Wil’s birthday present has arrived! Don’t tell him! #
  • Turning off trackbacks on my blog, maybe forever. Fookin spammers. #

The farmer falconer

poster by Clinton RenoI dreamed I was a farmer’s wife, and the farmer had a gorgeous pet falcon.  He decided over the course of time that he was going to fly away with the falcon.  I loved them both so much and I wanted them to stay.  So I stood out in the field and waved my arms and threw out corn or something to attract the falcon and make it come over to me.  It did, and eventually the farmer followed it over to me and I flung my arms around him, sobbing and begging him "please don’t leave me!  I love you, you can’t go away!" Then as I was embracing him I realized that under the overalls, the farmer was made out of balloons.  So he was already gone, he was no longer flesh and blood like me.  :-(

Poster by Clinton Reno at… it’s for a show I’m playing in Columbus.

Chatting it up with Ed Koch

I dreamed I was staying as a guest in somebody’s grand mansion, waiting for a conference to start.  I went to the conference and there were long lines of people waiting to check in and get their badges.  I walked past a looooong line of attendees and straight to one of the guests-of-honor VIP lines.  I stood behind and began talking to the old NYC mayor Ed Koch.  We were ruefully trading stories about waiting in lines at other conferences.  "You know when you get there on Wednesday but you don’t have time to actually register and get your badge until Thursday or Friday? And sometimes you know one of the guys who works the booth, and he spots you before you’ve registered and you have to tell him in a stage whisper, ‘I’M NOT HERE…’"

I stole a giraffe

I dreamed that I dreamed I was helping a giraffe get out of a bad situation.  When I woke up (in the dream) I realized I hadn’t really "helped" the giraffe, I’d simply taken it away from its home at the zoo.  I knew I’d done a bad thing but I didn’t know how to make it right without getting in big trouble with the police and the zoo people.  So there I was, on the lam with this awesome young giraffe.  I had him on one of those long retractable leashes — he wasn’t much taller than I was, and was quite friendly, docile and intelligent.  I loved him.

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I dreamed I was listening to an old vinyl LP called "Music for Vacuuming" as it was being played over the public address system in a stately old apartment building.  Four or five vacuums ran in the hallway, magically guided by unseen hands.  They were following each other in a circle in the common area by the elevators, sucking up some special cleaning dust that had been sprinkled onto the carpet.

Almost lost in the woods

I dreamed I was in a dorm room with another girl as my roommate.  It was in some other city and I was packing my suitcase to get ready to go home to Chicago.  As I was discussing this with the roommate though, I realized I wasn’t completely finished with my schooling and would need to complete my studies at a school that wasn’t in Chicago.  I asked the roommate where the school was, and she pointed it out on a map; it was in St. Louis.  "Well that’s not *too* far from Chicago," I thought, but I was still really disappointed that I couldn’t go home right away.

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Robbie died again

I dreamed I was in a big loft-space apartment, it was mine (but not one I recognized) and there were some other people around including a boyfriend (who didn’t "match up" with any boyfriend I’ve had in real life).  I was getting annoyed because the place was so full of clutter; there were piles of big rolled-up posters on the bed and shit all over the coffee table.  I was looking for a cassette of John Lee Hooker’s Jealous so I could play it; I knew it was on the table but there was so much junk on there I couldn’t locate it.  Then I got a phone call from an old friend (who I pictured in my mind but don’t recognize in real life).  He told me my old pal Robbie Jacks had died — I got all confused because I knew he’d already died in 2001.  But apparently he died again. The friend explained that they weren’t sure how it happened, but that there were some weird rumors floating around about it, and if I heard them, I shouldn’t believe ’em.  I hung up and started crying and feeling the same shock and grief I’d felt before.  I looked up and Jolie Holland was sitting on a chair in front of the couch, talking to some of her friends who were sitting next to me.  I apologized for crying about my friend dying, she said not to worry about it.  She told me about another friend of hers she’d just seen who’d also been crying ‘cuz his mom had just died like a week earlier.  She said the friend had said "just ignore me!" And I said… "Yeah… ignore me too." Jolie: "Don’t worry about it!" Me: "Okay… ::sob::"

(I dreamed about Robbie a few years back too; betcha a million bucks I’m not the only one who keeps having dreams about that guy!!)

Living in a castle, wandering thru restaurants

So I dreamed I was living in a great big castle, whoo-hoo!  ha ha.  Complete with handome English chaps galloping on horseback in the mist-covered fields outside.  And ONE of y’all (I will decline to say who) lived in the castle across the street (LOL). We were totally about to get it on at one point but I found him to be Too Young For Me so we just stayed friends.  tee hee.  (It’s times like these that it’s so great that I don’t have a boyfriend ‘cuz I’d never recount this stuff if I did!!)

Also, I was strolling around downtown in some city, and went into a bar/restaurant just to see what it was all about. I was informed that the eatery was formerly owned by an old gangster — not Al Capone but somebody else with the initials RR?  The matchbooks had RR printed on ’em.  The door to the place was just a hole built into the ceiling and I had to make friends with a sassy waitress before she’d let me know how to get out. (You had to climb onto a counter and stand on a certain table, reach up, and pull yourself out.) I walked off and then had to go through yet another restaurant, I think that one was Earl Abel’s in San Antonio. But there was a mariachi band in the foyer, which would never happen at the real place.

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