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Is tobacco safer than electronic cigarettes?

Not if you smoke it! And no, e-cigs won’t cause cancer…

“The e-cigarette cartridges tested by the FDA can hold between 0.5 and 1 ml of liquid. The FDA testing found 1% DEG in one of the cartridges. It would take 100 of the 1 ml cartridges or 200 of the 0.5 ml cartridges to yield 1 ml of DEG. Therefore a 150-pound user would have to consume between 6800 and 13600 cartridges in a single day to take in a toxic level of DEG. On average, an e-cigarette user consumes one cartridge per day.”


Another opinion on YouTube

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  • Electronic Cigarette Association president Matt Salmon’s response to the FDA: #

BigJimW speaks

This guy’s hilarious, and right: What the FDA does not want you to know from their e-cig test

FDA and e-cigs

You may have already heard more than enough from me about e-cigs, but here I go again. The FDA put out a press release the other day, saying that carcinogens were found in one e-cig cartridge they tested — one out of only eighteen cartridges tested, and those from only two out of the hundreds if not thousands of companies selling e-cigs. Carcinogens are bad news. But the good news they didn’t exactly highlight is that the carcinogens were only detectable to the level of parts-per-billion, whereas those same carcinogens are measured in “analog” cigs in parts per million. So there may be a quality control issue with one company — a company known to e-cig users for hawking one of the highest-priced and worst-performing brands on the market — but even so, that “tainted” brand is still about a thousand times safer than a normal cigarette, right? Why didn’t they compare e-cigs to regular cigs? And why are they only testing products from the same two companies that are currently suing them in federal court? Things that make you go “hmmmm.”

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  • More bad news: My favorite semi-local e-cig vendor had a shipment seized by the FDA and are “taking some time off”… :-( #
  • Obama has signed the FDA tobacco-regulation bill. If you’re a smoker, the bullseye is squarely on you, as usual. :-( #
  • Set up a Stonewalls trade with somebody on ECF – sent my package but the dude seems to have disappeared. Didn’t lose much but still bummed. #
  • Burr amendment protecting e-cigs & other harm-reduction options for smokers has just failed. It’s not law yet, but yeah. We’re screwed. #
  • Squeee!! My friend @jennatar is going hog-wild over e-cigs, partly due to my rants. Acting just like I did in the old days of 3 months ago. #
  • We’re going to lunch, I can’t bear to watch anymore. Believe the ayes have it. Don’t know what that means exactly but it’s not good at all. #
  • Senate is debating tobacco bill now on C-SPAN 2. They’re gonna vote in like 5 minutes. I’m scared, again. #
  • @joliejustus: Thanks Jolie, you’re a doll. Sorry for trying to pull strings, I feel guilty… but not. heh. I’m screaming out to everyone. #
  • @joliejustus: Sen. tobacco bill debate continues. It’ll ban safer alternatives for smokers incl. ecigs, snus & dissolvables. Can you help? #
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