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Marty Stuart, Pitchf**k, and if this smokin’ don’t kill me…

I had a pretty fun weekend.  Sarah comped me a ticket to see Otis Clay open for Marty Stuart last night (=Sunday) at the Old Town… Eric tagged along too, and I finally got to meet Sarah’s friend Mark, he was nice.  The show was soooo goooood.  I knew Otis was going to be awesome but I had no idea about Marty.  I vaguely remembered seeing him talk about older artists on various documentaries, but had never heard his own stuff.  I guess I saw the mullet and didn’t think I needed to… what a mistake that was!  Remind me next time not to judge a mullethead so quickly.  He was totally great.  The real deal, no doubt about it.  An amazing musician (mandolin mostly) and a super-crack band too.  Loved every minute.  There was a group of fucking assholes sitting next to us who couldn’t stop cracking up during the most inappropriate times despite our intense glares, but oh well.  It wasn’t so bad that it ruined the show for me or anything.  You gotta wonder what they were doing there though.  Maybe they were just too drunk to give a shit, who knows.

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My blog can’t keep up with me

I wish I could come up with a better way to get my thoughts up here, it’s so much of a chore.  It needs to be more like a little notepad where I can jot a bunch of things down real quick instead of creating these humongous catching-up posts where I’m trying to summarize a whole week or two.  Bitch bitch bitch!!

Speaking of notepads, have you heard about the latest craze?  The low-tech hipster PDA, just a bunch of index cards held together with a binder clip.  I love that, it really appeals to my love of list-making and my fetish for office supplies.  It also leaves me lusting over fancier things like a Levenger pocket briefcase and a little Moleskine notebook for writing down my song-snippets.  I love using my Treo for contact management — I have so many of those it really is a space-saver, but for note-taking, the Treo doesn’t really work too well for me.  I like to have notes and to-do lists right in front of my face, not hidden away in a program on my phone that I might never open for weeks!

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Preposterous fetishes

Been meaning to draw up a list of sex-fetish sites that crack me up. They don’t turn me on, don’t worry, I just think they’re funny. Warning: some of these may be NSFW… over 18 only please!

The casting fetishists
Roy Orbison in cling-film
The Berlin Wall… her lover and her best friend
Sneaker freakers

The most disturbing one I can think of though, is the one about dolphin sex. But it’s just too grody for me to link to here, you’ll have to google it yourself.  I’m pretty sure it’s a hoax though, it just has to be!

Spy radio and my feet

Blogger has been down for awhile due to some sort of upgrade to their system.  (It wasn’t a bug, it was a feature!) Seems to be working again, but if you only knew the shit I’d written out and deleted between the last post and this one!  I went on this one rant about how I LOVE BAGS.  And another one about my enormous feet.  My feet, by the way, have NOT been cramping up on me so much since I started taking Flintstones and drinking calcium-enriched OJ every morning.  But aren’t you glad I just left it at that?  tee hee.  I remember once on my old web-diary (1998 was it?) I did a diatribe about my bigass feet, and my small collection of cowboy boots.  And some foot fetishist wrote to me asking me to tell him more about my feet.  I thought it was pretty funny because he seemed like a nice fellow, and harmless enough.  I wrote him back and said "well I’m more into the boots than the feet, myself" and gave him a bunch of URLs for different websites that had pictures of feet, hosiery, shoes etc.  He wrote me back and said "you have a lot of sole".  LOL!!!

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