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  • Totally in the groove of Continental knitting. Looser results but already WAY faster. Check my Flickr (photos/edith), I’m neglecting blog. #
  • Feedbooks Downloading Guide for the Kindle
  • Wow. This Kindle hacker found an undocumented picture viewer, Minesweeper, keyboard shortcuts & misc. easter eggs: #
  • Photo by Barry Phipps - Paul from MOTO Paul Caporino from M.O.T.O. (via Barry Phipps’ Flickr)
  • Reading the internet speculation about Donnie Darko, which we saw last night. I sure do dig the freaky sci-fi flicks. #
  • Ultrasound was no biggie at all. Results later, but if there’s anything majorly wrong, the radiologist deserves an Academy Award for acting. #
  • Today’s mail brought this year’s holiday CD from the Greenbergs: Ann-Marie, Mark, Georgia, August and now Frankie too! Excited to hear it. #
  • Got woken up way too early by a buzzsnort. Not my own but it very well could have been! I do that AND talk in my sleep so I’m the lucky one. #
  • Amazon Filler Item Finder (via Metafilter)
  • Bad Behavior antispam plugin for WordPress et al
  • Jesus, I just installed the Bad Behavior plugin for WP like five minutes ago and it’s already blocked 6 access attempts. :-o #
  • When I get the sleep-paralysis thing where I think I’m getting up, I can “stretch” my “leg” into the air and actually feel the burn. Freaky. #
  • The TV was on (IRL) and I could “see” it… but when I put my hand up to cover that view, IT WAS INVISIBLE. Everybody look at your hands! #
  • Earlier I’d caught a young woman who’d broken into the house. Shrank her down to 3 inches and held her squirming while I called the cops. #
  • @gruber was there!?! I told him I’d just shrunken the last intruder and he’s like “heh… in your dream!” and I’m all… “well, yeah!” #
  • Gotta very wily spammer trying to post pharmaceutical links in my Scintillating Scotoma group after I told him nicely to STFU. GRRRR!!! Ban. #
  • Louisiana Fried Chicken forgot to give me my dirty rice, so I walked back. They made it right AND gave me free 7-Up cake. Customer service! #
  • HappyWil and HappyWil and Happy last night at Armadillo Pizza
  • Another CC-licensed photo of mine used without permission, with no linkback this time. Starting to think maybe CC isn’t for me after all. #
  • The fine print: You can change/revoke a CC license anytime, BUT all previous downloads keep their original licenses. That seems reasonable. #
  • I just uploaded my 1000th photo to Flickr! #
  • My pics from the Du Nord last night came out horrible. I gotta get those camera settings back to where they were before I fuckered ’em up. #
  • There are FOUR airplanes dragging ad banners over Albany right now. I HATE THEM. #
  • Twitter, the new design is nice enough but are you getting the message that people aren’t liking the fonts? They aren’t liking the fonts. #
  • Handbags of Horror (via Metafilter)
  • Think pink and do some good (via Flickr Blog)
  • Last thing I remember from my dream is seeing one of those LOLcat pictures, a walrus variation that said “BUCKY BUCKY BUCKY”. Dunno… #
  • Deleted my old Orkut account. Never used it. #
  • Geotagging some Flickr pics I took @ the San Francisco Bathhouse in Wellington #
  • Wil’s birthday present has arrived! Don’t tell him! #
  • Turning off trackbacks on my blog, maybe forever. Fookin spammers. #
  • Friends are posting pics of the flooding in Chicago — it’s making me very very homesick, but at the same time glad I’m not there right now! #
  • Nice when nice people write nice notes asking to use my pics, which are CC-licensed anyhow. News is not nice tho. #
  • I f’in hate showing my receipt at the door, and showing ID when I use my card. Considering polite noncompliance. #
  • Googling “chronic earworm”. Got one that’s bugged me for at least 25 years if not more, a 4- or 8-bar loop I call the Default Song. It sucks #
  • Argh!! What would Leo do? #
  • Fixin’ to upload some pics I took whilst touring the USS Hornet yesterday #
  • Listening to the thing I did with Sonny Smith for his ONE-ACT PLAYS dealie-bobber. No brag: it’s cool, I did some high-ass shit on that one. #
  • Belatedly putting FRUITVALE by Sonny Smith on my discography page #
  • NO WAY, I actually posted something on my blog! Sorry if this is spamming… #
  • Twitterific sometimes swallows my remarks. Acting like Pam on The Office, holding off calls for the boss. I often do better the second time. #
  • Added a Flickr badge to my front page, and tweaked the search box a little. I’m gettin’ there. #
  • Saw a guy at the Berkeley BART pushing his Segway in front of him like a lawnmower… #
  • One of my photos got used (uncredited) in the Danielson movie! Love those kids. Reminds me I still want a copy of the stuff I sang on. #
  • Uploading tour pics to Flickr. All the dates are wrong, which sux. Cameras oughta have built-in GPS and automagically set local time. :-) #
  • Flickring #
  • Going to Jodie’s! Yay! #
  • Omigod. This American Life at the Golden Apple!!! #

June vacation(s)

This’ll be a busy month for me traveling-wise.  I’m going out to California for a little visit, that’s coming up real soon here, then later in the month I’m going to Yellowstone!  With my dad and his wife, and one of my nephews, who’s 11 years old.  I’m so excited.  The Cali trip is all about the chillin’ and hanging out with friends, and the Yellowstone trip is about spending time with family, and taking pictures of nature-y things.  I’m such a city gal, it’s pretty crazy to imagine myself out in the middle of all that… just miles and miles of dirt and cactus and stuff.  Hee!!  I have no idea what it’s like, I’ve never done nothin’ like that.  So I’m very psyched.  And rumor has it I’ll have at least some internet access for my laptop.  And another cool thing is that my dad’s gonna loan me his spare digital camera for that trip.  It’s a way WAY better camera than the one I’ve got, and you know I’m a gadget freak so I’m going to want to fiddle with that thing as much as I can.  So you can definitely expect lots of action on my Flickr this summer!

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Pictures from the tour(s)

I’ve finished consolidating a bunch of my tour pictures on a Flickr set, and will gradually be adding them here on the blog as well.  It’s stuff I took with my crappy digital camera and my (even crappier) cellphone camera.  Try viewing it as a slideshow!

My pics from Montreal


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