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Making wontons

At U-Lee on Hyde & Jackson in San Francisco

  • @teapotgirl: Based on what you’ve eaten today, I really think you should apply to be @abmatic’s snacktician! #
  • Yummy breakfast @ Polker’s, and 10 tins of snus waiting for me when I got home. Happy weekend! (Your Monday is my Saturday.) #
  • @Slice: I like the word “burrizza” better #

Crab Coleslaw Medley

OMG, the Mountain View Edith Frost makes the papers again! I wonder if she can sing? I sure don’t cook. I mean, I could but I don’t.

This salad gets its pleasant crunch from ramen noodles, almonds and sesame seeds. “It’s my most asked-for recipe,” says Edith Frost from Mountain View, California. “An adaptable main dish, it works well with chicken or turkey, too.”


  • I got another donation and again the tag-cloud widget didn’t work; the table was blank in PHPMyAdmin. Reinstalled plugin, hope it’s fixed. #
  • I just had my first In-N-Out burger! YUM. #
  • Now I’m reading Metamorphosis by the REAL Kafka. Seems a lot easier to read than it did last time — but I was only like 12 years old! Heh. #
  • The Kindle Cake (via The Book of Kindle)
  • echochrome demo for PSP
  • @Phineas: Go Threadless! #
  • Crockpottin’ it up! One cut-up chicken and a pile of veggies. I’ve never done this before, I hope I don’t burn the house down. #
  • ROCKSTAR!! One of the developers of the Google Talk chatback gadget thingy just stopped in to say hi. Checking in with the early adopters. #
  • FYI I’m in the middle of “Kafka on the Shore” by Haruki Murakami, and loving it. Always a pleasure to read his stuff. #
  • Wil took me out for MEXICAN food. MMMMMmmmm. #
  • I’m stealing Pajo’s shopping cart like a thief in the night! He won’t care, he stole it from Drag City anyway. And it’s for the Common Good. #
  • GAAKKK!! I swallowed a hair in my food and just about hurled. Don’t know if it was *my* hair. Don’t want to know. #
  • My “E-Store” is live! It’s a little ugly, I need nicer icons. But it works. Buy some stuff! #
  • Adamo – Aerialists Andrew Adams & Erika Gilfether
  • Eeeeee!!! Some people w/ Dec. 13th Kindle orders (like me) are seeing their status change today to “shipping soon”. Refreshing like mad… #
  • Why do I always have to “killall Dock”? #
  • I just got a potato chip in the shape of Illinois. Oops, I ate it… no selling it on eBay! #
  • Dad: “Oh, don’t worry about it. They may ship but then again they may run out. I don’t know why you can’t just show the patience I did.” HA! #
  • Eating Thai and watching TiVo’ed Amazing Race. It’s not the same without the family of goths. #
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