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L’entrepot (Toulouse, France)

Opening for Espers
At L’Entrepot
34 bld de la Méditerranée, 31000 Toulouse, France

Here’s a video from that night, of the song “Bluish Bells”, off my second album Telescopic

La Fleche D’or (Paris, France)

With Lozninger, Espers, Dawn Landes, DJ Stasola
At La Fleche D’or
102 Bis Rue de Bagnolet, Paris 75020, France
P: 01 44 64 01 02 / F: 01 44 64 05 93

POPnews: POPvolume #1

Click for larger image...POPnews: POPvolume #1
©2000, POPnews (France)
Available for mail order
More info

POPnews is a cool French webzine, and this was their first compilation.  My song "Follow" (the original 4-track demo) appears, along with tracks by The Apartments, Ashtray, Brian, Burzinski, Dakota Suite, Idaho, Lenola, Paloma, Saloon, Splinter, Steph Sonotone, Vera Clouzot, Willard Grant Conspiracy, and William Pears.

La Laiterie (Strasbourg, France)

With: Willard Grant Conspiracy, Peter Bruntnell

My band: Peter Linnane (vocals, accordion), Dick Dykman (vocals, mandolin)

CCM John Lennon (Limoges, France)

With: Willard Grant Conspiracy, Peter Bruntnell

My band: Peter Linnane (vocals, accordion), Dick Dykman (vocals, mandolin)

Glaz’Art (Paris, France)

With: Willard Grant Conspiracy, Peter Bruntnell

My band: Peter Linnane (vocals, accordion), Dick Dykman (vocals, mandolin)

photo by Laurent Orseauphoto by Laurent Orseauphoto by Laurent Orseau

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Le Divan Du Monde (Paris, France)

Part of the LES FEMMES S’EN MÊLENT music festival

With: Holden, Swandive, Katell Keineg, DJ Andrea Parker, DJ Ritu

My band: Ryan Hembrey (bass, guitar)

Paris, France

click for larger imageclick for larger imageMe and Ryan Hembrey at the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur. Photos by Emmanuel Plane.

Franced pt 3

Jeezus, it’s gonna take me a month to finish that story, I’m not even halfway through! I spent the day today looking at used vans with Ryan Hembrey and George Langford (the other Jive Council bassist). George knows a lot about cars, and he’s good at haggling, so I’m letting him do all the talking. I guess I’ve decided to ditch the whole idea of trying to a regular job, and concentrate solely on playing out and touring and working on music. I don’t know if or how long I can keep it up, but I figure I’ve got to try doing that sometime, and there’s no time like the present, right?

I talked to Mike Daly on the phone yesterday, that was cool. We shot the shit. He’s back home after touring with Whiskeytown for awhile.

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I’ve been Franced

We got back to Chicago on Sunday, and I was supposed to go back to work today, but I stayed home… there’s a lot of weird shit going on over there right now; it’s turned into a real freakshow over the past few months. I would really like to find another job just as soon as possible. But how can I find one that suits my wayfaring lifestyle? Hmmm. This being-a-24-hour-musician-and-touring-for-a-living stuff is looking more and more tempting by the minute.

So, our trip to France was like the coolest most amazing eye-opening mind-boggling experience ever!! Okay so maybe I’m easily impressed and yes, it was my first trip to Europe but MANOHMANOHMAN I had such a good time. Whoo-hoo!!! How the hell I’m going to type all this, I don’t know.

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Theater d’Arras (Arras, France)

photo by Mathieu DrouetWith: Boxhead Ensemble doing a live soundtrack to the film Dutch Harbor

My band: Michael Krassner (guitar); Julie Pomerleau (violin); Ryan Hembrey (bass); Jim White (drums)

Photo by Mathieu Drouet

Les Inrockuptibles: Un Ete 1997

Les Inrockuptibles: Un Ete 1997Les Inrockuptibles: Un Été 1997
©1997, Les Inrockuptibles

My song "Temporary Loan" (the same version that appeared on Calling Over Time) was included on this compilation put out by the French music magazine Les Inrockuptibles.

Also appearing are tracks by Echo & the Bunnymen, Tindersticks, The Walkabouts, Luna, The Wannadies, Rialto, Lauren Hoffman, The Folk Implosion, Broadcast, Tricky, Supermalprodelica, Locust, David Byrne, Belle and Sebastian, OP8, Elliott Smith and Jim White.

Les Inrockuptibles review

An review of Calling Over Time by Bruno Juffin, from the French music magazine Les Inrockuptibles. Read on for a really hilarious "translation".

Si la musique d’Edith Frost reste chaste comme chez le plus austère John Cale, le chant se charge de caresser les sens.
Edith crée son

EDITH FROST Calling over time (Drag City/Pias)

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