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Customizable Typing Shortcut Utility Saves Time!

  • Woke up @ 4AM and couldn’t get back to sleep, all ‘cuz I’m STILL mad at Pitchf**k for screwing me over on the last album?! I know… stupid. #
  • Brrrr!! I just got fan mail from the North Pole. #
  • They’re only giving us 33% off to upgrade LifeBalance? And they haven’t updated the app in *how* long? No thanks, I’m not even gonna try it. #
  • I can hear my neighbors *belching*. That’s too close. I’m from Texas! #
  • OMG I resurrected the iBook! All-day voodoo dance and chanting. Possibly got a bad ATA controller, but in low power mode it’s now working. #
  • @gruber: muchisimas gracias for the link to the MacUpdate sale on TaskPaper. I just got mine, 30 minutes before end of the sale. #

David Allen – Getting Things Done

Getting Things DoneThis is a great book on productivity, if you like that sort of thing.  Ironically, the frickin’ thing took me at least a month to read, and another month or two to blog about.  But to give myself a little credit, I did use that time well — I read the book, heard the audiobook version, and heard the audiobook of the sequel Ready For Anything.  Am I actually getting more done though?  Eh.  Maybe… I am getting a lot better at writing things down at any rate, in a quest to achieve that elusive "mind like water".  And it’s cleared away any guilt over certain fetishes I’ve had for years, like my infatuation with office supplies, and my love of BAGS of all shapes and sizes.  It’s also gotten me into various GTD-related blogs like the excellent 43 Folders and Lifehacker.  That can’t hurt.  But I’m still looking for the perfect organizational method for all my lists and notes.  Should I use a Circa system?  Stick with Palm Desktop and sync it up with my Treo, or find yet another software solution?  Or go the other direction and keep a Hipster PDA and/or a DIY PlannerBigass text file?  Argh.  It’s all so much fun, just pure pornography for a gal like me, a compulsive system-tweaker who’d much rather play around with paper and software than actually do anything in Real Life, y’know.  Seems like a lot of us GTD converts are prone to that.

43 Things

I just joined 43 Things, a website that’ll help me keep track of my goals and share them with others, kind of like I’m doing on Flickr with my photos.  I think anybody who knows me at all would agree that I’m one of the least motivated, least goal-oriented people on earth.  It’s something I really ought to work on, so if this is something that could possibly help, I should try it, right?  My first goal is quite modest: "Try out 43 Things", which is a goal that 1093 other people currently share with me.  Hopefully I’ll reach that goal soon, add 43 more and reach those as well, and so on.

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My blog can’t keep up with me

I wish I could come up with a better way to get my thoughts up here, it’s so much of a chore.  It needs to be more like a little notepad where I can jot a bunch of things down real quick instead of creating these humongous catching-up posts where I’m trying to summarize a whole week or two.  Bitch bitch bitch!!

Speaking of notepads, have you heard about the latest craze?  The low-tech hipster PDA, just a bunch of index cards held together with a binder clip.  I love that, it really appeals to my love of list-making and my fetish for office supplies.  It also leaves me lusting over fancier things like a Levenger pocket briefcase and a little Moleskine notebook for writing down my song-snippets.  I love using my Treo for contact management — I have so many of those it really is a space-saver, but for note-taking, the Treo doesn’t really work too well for me.  I like to have notes and to-do lists right in front of my face, not hidden away in a program on my phone that I might never open for weeks!

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I need a file locker

Note: This is a journal entry — it was written on paper or on my computer, then transferred to my website, maybe years later.

Everybody was expecting something bad to happen right about now (i.e. more terror attacks) but I don’t know, I guess nothing did.  Seemed like a pretty normal Halloween to me, except for all the talk of anthrax etc.

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