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  • Unfollowing somebody for being a hater. #
  • Lazy Rock Star? Gibson Creates Self-Tuning Guitar
  • Dunno if I like mixing twitters in with my blog posts. Too awkward-looking. Want to fix that, and also mix in Flickr/Reader/delicious feeds. #
  • Royal Cafe windows Shot after breakfast at the Royal Café
  • Getting ready to go see the Invisible Cities at the Du Nord #
  • Faced with an all-consuming desire to get my paws on that box from Levenger. Should be later this week. #
  • Treasure Island tunnel Bay Bridge tunnel at Yerba Buena Island
  • Sadie and Han Goh and Sadie The Invisible Cities at Café du Nord
  • It’s Daddy’s birthday today, just talked to him on the phone. Off to the Stroll now #
  • At the annual Solano Stroll in Albany CA…
    Goofy robot dancersMore goofy robot dancingKid musiciansYoung guitarist
  • Wil just Craigslisted himself a gorgeous blue Crafter acoustic, and I am so very jealous. I’m the one with the blue guitars in this house!! #

New (old) amp

my princetonHerschel got me the nicest early Christmas present!  A new (old) amp.  I love it.  It’s a ~1975 silverface Princeton Reverb, modded up somewhat… it’s got a 12" speaker instead of 10", and they got rid of the vibrato tube, so the speed and intensity knobs now control presence and master volume instead.  It sounds sooo tasty with my 335… all I have to do is turn every single knob up to 10 except the last one, master volume.  I plug in and start to play and the thing just jams, like it wants to jump up and hug me!  I think it makes you play a lot better when the amp isn’t just sitting there staring at you, looking bored.  My old amp (which I still have) is like that, just too much amp for me I guess.  Too loud and too many knobs, I can never get the same sound twice.  The Princeton gives me just 2 or 3 great sounds that are super easy for me to find… you got the clean sound, the reverbed one, the chimey one with presence turned up, the slightly dirty overdriven one.  Also it’s about 3/4 or 4/5 the size of the Hotrod, so it’s a whole lot lighter and easier for me to carry.

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Guitars and other stringed things

Today (=yesterday) was my day to admire, think about and attend to many beautiful stringed instruments, some that I own and many that I don’t.  I usually take my instruments for granted so it’s about time I put some thought into it.  I have lots of instruments all over the house, all in various stages of disrepair. Most are at least in playable condition but two are not — a nice fiddle that a friend gave me, and my grandmother’s Hawaiian ukelele.  The fiddle seems to be in reasonably good shape, it only needs a new bridge.  The uke is a more beautiful instrument but is in much worse shape… it needs its bridge reattached, and new tuning pegs… also there’s a crack in the body on the front, and the back of the body is starting to separate from the binding, which is not good at all.  I’m not sure if that can be fixed without spending more money than the thing is worth, but we’ll see.  It does have great sentimental value so I’ll do whatever I can to save it.

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Abrams Report, blah blah

I really like the Abrams Report.  They just had a story about how they’re trying to decriminalize marijuana in Nevada.  I think that’s great btw!  It’s high time.  (nyuk nyuk) I wish the Supreme Court would feel the same… didn’t they just strike down the medical marijuana initiative a few months ago?  They really don’t get it.

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