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Fake movie poster at a bus stop at Polk & Union. It’s really an ad for McAfee virus protection software; there’s even a fake-movie website for it. Kinda lame if you ask me.


Enable extra repositories, full desktop mode and codecs

  • Feedbooks Downloading Guide for the Kindle
  • Wow. This Kindle hacker found an undocumented picture viewer, Minesweeper, keyboard shortcuts & misc. easter eggs: #
  • Photo by Barry Phipps - Paul from MOTO Paul Caporino from M.O.T.O. (via Barry Phipps’ Flickr)
  • Reading the internet speculation about Donnie Darko, which we saw last night. I sure do dig the freaky sci-fi flicks. #
  • Ultrasound was no biggie at all. Results later, but if there’s anything majorly wrong, the radiologist deserves an Academy Award for acting. #
  • Today’s mail brought this year’s holiday CD from the Greenbergs: Ann-Marie, Mark, Georgia, August and now Frankie too! Excited to hear it. #
  • Explaining my ugly-ass WordPress widget-title-image hack to a stranger who needs to know. Somebody please write us a proper plugin! PLEASE?? #
  • Kindle phone support dude offers a wild guesstimate that I’ll get mine in mid-to-late January. Will I curl up and die before then? Maybe… #
  • Also asked on behalf of Daddy (ordered 12/1). He thinks it’ll be more or less the same, that they’d be coming from the same batch. Poor dad! #
  • OMG you can get your est. shipping date using your PHONE. Mine says Jan 11th-25th. THANK YOU Amazon forum tricksters!! Writing to Daddy now. #
  • Clarification: using the browser on your cellphone, go to Amazon and log in and check it that way. No idea why this works. #
  • Kindle‘s been hacked! Well, sort of. Not all the way, but you can get MobiPocket files on there now at least. #
  • DADDY’S GETTING ME A KINDLE FOR XMAS!! I mean Santa. YAYYYY!!!! How did he KNOW? ;-) ::jumping up and down:: #
  • Finally at the back of the line for a Kindle. :-) They haven’t given me a date yet. I’m assuming the wait will be not unlike waterboarding. #

Hacking WordPress

  • Kinda glad I never unlocked or jailbrunked my iPhone. Had a few ringtones erased w/ the last update, but otherwise I’m 100% clean, yes sir! #