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Benefit for Gary Schepers @ Hideout (Chicago, IL)

photo by Edith FrostGary Schepers is an old-school Chicago soundman and musician who’s been hospitalized due to complications from diabetes.  I’ll be playing at one of MANY benefits for him, on a bill with Califone and Chris Mills at the Hideout.  Doors are at 8pm and tickets are $20 — all proceeds go directly to Gary and boy howdy, he really needs it now.  There’s more info about him and all the benefits that are coming together over here.  Please come out to one of them and show your love… whether you know him or not, this is a person who’s helped a great many of us Chicago musicians get to where we are today.

My band: Nathaniel Braddock (guitar); Ryan Hembrey (bass); Jason Toth (drums)

Stumpin’ for Gary Schepers

I’m all verklempt about all the support that’s bubbling up in Chicago, all the benefit shows that are coming together to help Gary Schepers defray his horrendous medical bills.  Here’s a list of shows in the Reader.  Here’s a longer profile in the music section, from a few weeks ago.  Here’s an article in today’s Tribune.  Another one in the Sun-Times.  There are dozens of shows happening and more being planned.  I’ve honestly never seen anything like it, but I’m not at all surprised either.  Because we, the music community here in Chicago, do tend to pull together in good times and bad.  So I’m going to make one last plea to you guys, whoever can come out to one of those shows, please do.  The one I’m playing is on Sunday night at the Hideout starting at 8pm… I’m pretty sure it’ll sell out so get your tickets now if that’s the one you want to see.  Frankly I don’t care which one you see, just get yer ass out there!  If you’re out of town and you can help with money, any amount would be very much appreciated.  Bloodshot has helped set up a trust for that purpose; donations can be made payable to the "Gary Schepers Trust", you can take them to any National City Bank branch or send ’em via snail-mail at National City Bank, 1520 N. Damen, Chicago, IL 60622.  I never do this, I don’t beg people to come out to my shows, but this is obviously a time to put all modesty aside and ask for y’all’s help.  I know, this is just one guy and maybe you don’t even know him, and yeah maybe there are a lot of people who need help and aren’t getting this kind of exposure from the local media… but still, that’s neither here nor there.  Let’s do this, let’s help get this guy back on his feet.  Okay, rant over.

Me and the Ditty Bops

Me and the Ditty BopsEZ grabbed my camera for a shot with me and the Ditty Bops last night at the Hideout.  They put on a great show (again!).

Lazy weekend

Me and Sarah D. went skating last night — finally!  ‘cuz we’d been putting it off for awhile.  Eric came along too.  Yes, he can skate!  Or more importantly, he will skate.  So that was lots of fun.  Other than that my weekend was pretty lazy.  We stayed up real late on Friday at the Hideout and went to the Hollywood afterwards with Nell and Geoff and Sarah G.  Saturday we lollygagged around for a long time and then had lunch/dinner at Chipotle.  I’m not much of a burrito gal but that was really good so I’ll make an exception for that place.  Sunday, skating.  And now back to work!

Me and Eric

Me and Eric Ziegenhagen last night at the Jolie Holland show at Schuba’s.  There’s a nice article about him in this week’s Chicago Reader… it’s in section one, which doesn’t get published online, so you’ll need to grab a hard copy if you want to see it.  Might as well pick it up at his CD release show at 6:30 tomorrow night at the Hideout!  :-)

Dr. Sax

Dr. Sax (a subset of the band Judah Johnson) at the Hideout in Chicago, IL

Hideout (Chicago, IL)

Solo "warm up" show from 9:30 – 10 pm at the Hideout, opening for DR SAX (AKA Judah Johnson) and Health & Beauty.  This blog post will be the only advertisement for my set, so if you’re reading this, consider yourself "in the know" and definitely invited.  :-)

Manishevitz @ the Hideout

ManishevitzAdam and JasmineSheila Sachs

L-R: Manishevitz; Adam Busch & Jasmine Chapman; Sheila Sachs

The Hideout (Chicago, IL)

Played at the Hideout with Central Falls and Perio opening

My band: Jim Becker (guitar, violin, keyboards), Amy Domingues (cello, keyboards), Ryan Hembrey (electric bass, backing vocals), Adam Vida (drums)

The Hideout (Chicago, IL)

Opened for Archer Prewitt at the Hideout

My band: Archer Prewitt (drums, backing vocals), Ryan Hembrey (electric bass), Mark Greenberg (keyboards)

No Depression show review

Excerpted from a show review by Linda Ray that appeared in No Depression #20 (March-April 1999). It’s reviewing a HONKY TONK LIVING ROOM showcase at The Hideout (Chicago, IL) that happened on December 17, 1998.

<…> Frost’s solo acoustic set applied her signature drawling, bass-heavy strumming and cliff-dangling vocals to covers of songs recorded mostly by country women: Janis Martin, Patsy Cline, Kitty Wells, the Maddox Brothers & Rose, and Patsy Montana.  Amid the inevitably informal setting that included a six-foot stuffed blue marlin as the backdrop, an ancient red replica of a persian rug as the dance floor, and the owners’ golden retriever cruising for pats on the head, Frost decorated her occasional goof-ups with the sort of giggles common among family and friends.  <…>

San Diego interview

An interview by Jeff Niesel that appeared in the San Diego Union-Tribune

When FROST melts, she writes about it

It’s not hard to get singer-guitarist Edith Frost to talk about her personal life.  She freely discusses the divorce and the short-lived relationship that made her life so difficult that she moved from New York to Chicago.

On her self-designed Web site, she actually had to discontinue her diary entries because she was including too many details from her everyday life, writing explicitly about her friends and her dreams in order to create a "virtual Edith."

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