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  • Ugh. htaccess and mod_rewrite are straining my brain something awful. I need to get better at regex, I shoulda had that down cold years ago. #
  • It may be dawning on me that the Twitter plugin I’m using is generating funky dates. Need to roll my own, but that’s a huge can’o’worms. #
  • I just blew my occasional allowance for luxuriousness. It’s a Levenger Circa Zip Folio, size compact, in eggplant. Yay! Can’t wait for UPS. #
  • F’book says (with a broken-heart icon) that a friend went from being "in a relationship" to "single". Am I to post condolences on his wall? #
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  • Nice. I just performed some monkey business on .htaccess, to redirect my crufty ol’ URLs to the proper new pages. And I didn’t bork it up. #
  • Well then! I guess I’ve just dispensed with the www in my url. .htaccess is truly truly outrageous! #
  • Huh. iPhone is no longer offering to delete a video after I’ve watched it. I liked that feature, I want it back. #
  • I am almost incapable of typing the word "edit" without an h on the end. Even "edition" sometime comes out as "edithion". #
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Spot the bot

I’m going to use this post to keep an ever-changing list of the various robots and browsers that I see crawling through my site. A lot of them are benign, but many have strange names that I’m not likely to remember the next time I look at my server logs. If you’re interested in such things, I highly recommend the forums at WebmasterWorld to learn more. One discussion that really takes the cake is this: A Close to perfect .htaccess ban list.

Note that there are zillions of robots out there and it would be pointless to try to catalog all of them. So I’m just going to list some of the ones I’ve actually seen traversing my pages. Also, I KNOW I’ve included some mistakes and misconceptions on my list. Please pipe up if you beg to differ on anything I’ve said.

Update: I’ve removed the ‘good guys / bad guys’ designations since so many of my decisions are personal ones, i.e. search engines which might be ‘good’ but don’t bring me any traffic. Hopefully my notes might give you an idea whether you want to investigate something further or not.

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