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SXSW showcase review in The Monitor (McAllen, TX)

A review by Stephanie Holmes that appeared in today’s Monitor…

A lovefest at this year’s South by Southwest

(…) Two of my favorite showcases Saturday were by homegrown Texans, Edith Frost and this year’s SXSW superstar Daniel Johnston. (…) With her ponytail and simple clothing, Frost, a traveling singer based in Chicago, comes off as a quiet country girl with a voice for duets. Her older duets with Jason Molina (Songs:Ohia) and Mark Kozelek’s solo work are my favorite.* (…) When she is on stage playing songs from her three Drag City records and others she’s collected along the way, she takes command, searing through songs and burning holes in your heart. (…) The oddest thing about these two fabulous Saturday shows is that both venues were packed but neither had long lines. (…) I have no idea why people did not turn out in droves for Frost, but I know that Johnston had so many showcases that there were ample opportunities to catch him. (…)

* I’ve never sang with Mark Kozelek. Never even met the guy.

Mystery Song 019

…is now posted. Last week’s mystery song was "Horns Or Halo" by Sweet Eva Lena Chenault.  I ripped that off an old LP that Jason Molina gave me.

Songs:Ohia: Axxess and Ace

Songs:Ohia - Axxess and AceSongs:Ohia: AXXESS AND ACE
©1999, Secretly Canadian #SC24 (CD & LP)
More Info * Purchase at Amazon

I did backup vocals on the songs "Love Leaves Its Abusers,"
"Captain Badass" and "Come Back To Your Man"

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