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PVC show, Audrey Rose

Weird… I’ve gotten a couple of spams today that had my OWN address as the "sender".  Both were ads for Viagra… no attachments, so I don’t think this has anything to do with the Klez worm.  One of them seemed to originate from Korea, and the other from AOL, but they both had the same x-mailer in the header: "The Bat! (v1.52f) Business".  Strange!!  If I get any more I’ll run ’em through Spamcop.  Haul those headers in for questioning, as they say.

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PVC @ Folk and Roots Fest

The Pine Valley Cosmonauts at the Old Town School Folk & Roots Festival in Welles Park, Chicago

photo by Edith FrostJon Langford & Diane Izzo

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