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  • The banner-dragging airplanes are back. WaMu will never get my business, not that they’d want it. #
  • Think I’ve finally got a more or less sensible format for my blog-blatherings. RSS people, I am sooo sorry. Please bear with me! Or not. #
  • Dang, I gotta stop listing my tags on my index page if I’m going to use fifty bazillion of ’em! Just moving around the ugly, but still. #
  • My little sister Lilly (@queenlil09) says they opened a Panera in SAN ANTONIO. WTF? They don’t need that soup, WE need that soup! #
  • I was walking and some guys commented in Spanish that it’s a shame I don’t like men. OJO: Hay gente en este mundo que hablan EspaƱol! #
  • p.s. It’s the hoodie. #
  • Jodi is so sleepyJodi is so sleepy
  • Blue Angels: They’re Here (via SFist)

Mercury Lounge (New York, NY)

photo by Jodi ShapiroPlayed at the Mercury Lounge with Patricia Vonne and The Moonlighters opening

My band: Jim Becker (guitar, violin, keyboards), Ryan Hembrey (electric bass, backing vocals), Adam Vida (drums)

Photo by my pal Jodi Shapiro, who would never get mad at me for stealing this picture! ;-)

Shopping with Amy cures frustration

Note: This is a journal entry — it was written on paper or on my computer, then transferred to my website, maybe years later.

Rian really fucked up.  He failed to book Steve for recording in September, so now if we want to work with him we have to wait until November or December.  Bummer!!  But I’m still excited to record with Steve.  Wait’ll I tell Jodi Shapiro, she’s gonna flip.

Saw more old friends this weekend… Daniel Smith was at Electrical mixing the new Danielson Family record with Albini.  I went over there with John on Saturday to hang out and hear a few of the tunes, it sounded really great.  That’s when I bumped into Rian and we all had the discussion on when/if we should schedule recording at Electrical.  I was so pissed at Rian; I spent the better part of the weekend just seething about it.  Hopefully we’ll get it scheduled ASAP and I’ll be able to rest a little easier.  Rian feels pretty bad about it too, he even apologized to John for pissing me off!!

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